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I started Planning my wedding in March 2019. My wedding was originally set to be at Dreams Dominicus La Romana in the DR. Due to the many "mysterious" deaths we decided to switch locations Which was a headache in itself. I knew It wasn't going to be easy or convenient for me, my guest, or Kelsey, but seeing that this is what I wanted In order to feel safe. After transferring resorts I had More problems because I now Had to get my money back from Dreams Dominicus La Romana so that I could Pay Dreams Los Cabo. I originally paid Dreams Dominicus La Romana a $500 deposit and sent $3000 for the Dreams Ultimate Wedding Package. Since we were staying in another Dreams Resort they said we would get full refund. They sent the $500 refund but it is now 10/3/19 and we have yet to receive the $3000 refund. I've been going back and fourth with my bank and the merchant (Dreams Dominicus La Romana) for over 3 months now. My bank has no proof of them ever returning the $3000 but they insist that they have returned it. I've sent them my bank statements and all other sorts of documentation from my bank and there is no trace of the money going to my account. My bank is telling me that it is probably stuck somewhere between the merchant and their bank so it's nothing they can do about it.

The communication between both resorts have been a nightmare. Since I switched over to Dreams Los Cabo, I have had 3 different coordinators. My wedding is set for 10/27/19, we are only a few weeks out and I have NOTHING planned. I've been in complete stress for the last 6 months. An experience that is suppose to be the most happiest of my life has turned into a living nightmare. I refuse to give Destify or Dreams another dime of my money so we are forced to go with the Complimentary Package that is offered if you meet certain criteria. And since we have 14 rooms booked with a total of 53 room nights we qualify for the complimentary wedding. I've asked about switching my wedding over to the complimentary wedding several times but the Ultimate package is steady forced on me and neither Destify nor Dreams have helped me with this matter. Neither seem to care about the stress that this experience has caused me. Neither have offered me any sorts of perks or discounts. I now see that this was all a scam to get you to book with them. They get your money and then you are trapped. So here we are a few weeks away from my wedding and I have not had one positive experience since the start of planning. If I could do it all again, I would not book through Destify travel agency or Dreams Resort.

Kendra A. Johnson

Oct 03, 2019

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