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I booked a room in a hotel via Amoma website. I paid for the room. When I arrived at the hotel I was told that they did not have a reservation for me. I immediately contacted Amoma customer support. Their rep said that he need to contact a 3rd party supplier first in order to resolve the problem. Later I received a call from them and was told that there was nothing they could do, so I had to find another place to stay. Amoma rep promised that they would refund me as soon as possible. But in the end they never gave my money back and even stopped replying to my messages! I later did some research and found that I was not the only one scammed by this horrible company!


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    Bella7117 Mar 04, 2017

    In short, I had a family health emergency where I had to cancel over 24 hours advance. Called there customer service line for current reservations and after 2xs on hold for 15 min first time and 10 min second time...I gave up. Called New Reservation line and got through...get your money, but not support after they already got my $441. The hotel said 24 hr cancellation is one night + penalty...which is very fair. But they refused and kept my money for 3 nights...of which only 1 night goes to the hotel and they pocket the rest of my money. They went through some broker called Miki Travel that refused to work something out. I have been traveling for over 20 years and this is the first experience like this. I WILL NEVER go through a company like this. I trusted them because I found it through KAYAK link.
    Sometimes emergencies happen and my company even supports the "family first" but obviously they prefer money first. So BUYER BEWARE.

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