Amoma.comhotel booked and money was taken out of my credit card instantly

I booked two room with on 11 September 2019 and my credit card was charged instantly - EUR440 in total.
On 14 Sep I received a notification that Amoma had ceased trading and that I should contact the hotel (Villa Bellagio in Amboise, France) about my hotel rooms. I did ring Villa Bellagio who confirmed they have my bookings for 2 rooms.
On 17 Sep Hotelbeds sent an email to Villa Bellagio, Amboise that my rooms were cancelled but I was not informed.
On 30 Sep upon arrival at Villa Bellagio, I was told my bookings for the 2 rooms were cancelled. Villa Bellagio printed out the email from Hotelbeds dated 17 Sep (contact details obscured) that our rooms were cancelled which I was not notified via email by Amoma nor Hotelbeds. Despite the two rooms were paid, we have to pay again in order to get the rooms as Villa Bellagio did not receive any payment from Amoma.
The email from Hotelbeds dated 17 Sep stated that 'Concerning non-refundable bookings, due to the extenuating circumstances of the bankruptcy, we now need to work together with their hotel partners, to minimize the impact of the cessation of activities by Amoma. In this context we will not be treating these reservations as non-refundable. In the event any customer may wish to file a complaint, please refer them to Amoma'.
With Amoma gone bankrupt and the company ceased trading, there is no way I could get in touch with anyone in Amoma. The only way to pursue the matter further is with Hotelbeds.

Oct 11, 2019

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