Amomabeware and avoid!


Amoma is a terrible scam, under no circumstances don't use them!
I booked a hotel stay and after I paid I even received a confirmation message.
Several days later I decided to order some extra special service to my room and called the hotel. I was shocked when the hotel manager said that there was no reservation under my name! I explained that I made my reservation via Amoma website and he replied that in that case he wasn't surprised. Hotel manager said that I wasn't the first one who got scammed by Amoma.
I can't believe that this kind of site is allowed to do business. Is there really nothing we can do to shut them down?
Beware and avoid!


  • J
      May 29, 2017

    Have you tried to contact Amoma to ask for a confirmation of your booking or did you just leave it to the hotel's fate?

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