Amolatina.comtaking money from my account unauthorized

Took 900 credits from a jewel and 2000 credits by changing the 20 credits I had used all along and saw the 2000 credits were charged, that was my customers prepaid money for supply's please return immediately or my legal team will contact you
I have used this site for three years have been a good customer, and have also been billed for credits I didnt approve, other than these, I have met a lovely woman I'm going to ask her to marry me, this part of the site has been great, so please please return the money stated so I can pay for my customers goods so they can get the items that they had paid for and that was wrongly taken from my account, checked my purchasing habits, I never buy any credits more than 160 and normally buy 20 credits at a time, please rectify this immediately so no legal action has to take place Regards.Also I have called and emailed 5x with zero response!

Oct 04, 2019

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