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First of all i am a collections rep for asc out bound collections... and first let me tell everyone do you know what asc is... its a NON-PRIME Loan servicer for everyone who doesn't know what that means it services bad credit loans, wait let me rephrase that horrible credit loans, and it makes me laugh when i am talking to you and your there talking about how perfect your credit is and i see when i am calling you and i see your true double digit credit scores... Also your payments are due on the 1st not the 16th people who have bad credit seem to find this confusing thinking the 16th is your due date because thats when you get your late fee... also have you ever wondered why you get stuff from wells fargo with your mort. payment stuff , because asc is affiliated with wells fargo but wells fargo just doesn't want to be labeled the company with all the bad credit loans... how does asc end up with your loans... companies suck as freemont, countrywide, emc... etc companies originate loans the, prime loans (excellent credit) sub-prime (mediocre credit) and non-prime (bad credit)... the originating company keep your loan for 2 months if your lucky, then thats where the fun starts the prime loans get sold to a company the non prime loans get sold to a company and then asc get all the non-prime loans get sold to asc... so i hope all this info answers your questions to why you have this horrible company servicing your loan... all because you all have horrible credit no one to blame but yourself!!!

Oh yeah i know asc is a screwed up company but i also find it funny when i hear people talking about sewing asc... and winning... yeah right when you walk in the court room with your bootleg lawyer and then asc/wells fargo comes in with its all-star team of lawyers who get paid more in 1 day then your lawyer will make in a year... do you really think your going to win your lawsuit.


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    Beth Kimball Aug 25, 2016
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    Without authorization from me they paid my balance due on my taxes on a piece of property that isn't included in my mortgage. Now they are trying to claim the additional land that I own separate from my house as part of my house! After giving their legal department copies of the deed(s) and tax information from my town that I indeed pay my own taxes and that I own 5 parcels of land that aren't included with the mortgage they still are trying to "claim" my land. Now I have to pay an attorney and fight them to keep what is mine and has been mine free and clear for over 20 years! My best advise is to stay away from America's Servicing Company!

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    Fatima Madrigal Aug 25, 2016
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    I am writing today because this is the 3rd time I have problems with this loan company. My original Loan Company was bought out by Americas Servicing Co. and this is when the problems begun. Not to mention the other problems I've had with this Loan company, I just received a call 10 minutes ago stating they have not yet received my January monthly loan payment. btw- ASLC's representative who called me was completely rood. Anyway, I just checked my bank account and of course it shows that the checks have been cleared??? What is wrong with this company? They're making me send them copies of the cleared checks. I am a full time working mother of 2, I DON'T HAVE TIME to do this AGAIN! They need to get their #[email protected]% together! Sorry just a little ticked off. Really do not recommend this loan company to anyone.

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    Naresh Lagadapati Aug 25, 2016
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    We fell behind on our mortgage and they kept saying that will modify the loan terms after 12 months but meanwhile kept me on payment arrangement plan for many hundreds of dollars more per month and in the end when it came to loan modification they said that, I am not qualified to get the loan modified and now they want to foreclose my home and sent me foreclosure notice.

    I have 4 children here living in this primary family home and they do not want to work with me at all.

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  • Mo
    Monique Aug 25, 2016

    I have been reading all of the complaints for America's Servicing Company, and as I (unfortunately) have wasted many a hour stressing over my mortgage through them, I REFUSE to pay them another red cent let alone continue to waste my valuable time typing. Those ### need to be put into their places!!!
    Enough is enough!!

    We all need to join together to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST ASC!!!

    Who's game??!!

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    Richard Crouch Aug 25, 2016
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    I had complained already about this so called company... I just finished writing a letter to the Attorney General of Missouri... Ive experienced all of what i have been reading on here for 3 years and enough is enough already... they have taken everything they can from us already but our home which they tried... I am asking that all who have the same complaints against this place to please email or call the attorney general for starters... if he gets enough complaints it will surely start to open up some eyes i would think... sure have nothing to loose so please..we have to start somewhere... I want away from these people! If you are in Missouri or even if not... look him up... Jay Nixon the Attorney General in Jefferson City Missouri... and send an email like i did... I am tired of stressing over this every month... people who pay and do what they are supposed to shouldn't have to worry about what else is going to go wrong this month from this place... its crazy! Thank so much and good luck to us all who is with this company.

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    giventherunaround Aug 25, 2016
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    My boyfriend has a home loan through this company. We have called for the past two years to find out whether he would qualify for a remodification. Finally this Dec. they led him to believe that he may qualify. He would fill out paperwork, they would tell him what more they needed. This happened at least 8 times. The rep that he was assigned has an answering machine that always says it's full. One rep tells him to sign something one way, then weeks later, he is told he has to sign it in another place and resend. Absolute run-around. If you have the sense to check into a company, heed this warning and stay away from this company. He had to call them to find out after all this time and work that he wasn't approved. Then the rep had the audacity to ask him if he wanted to make a payment.

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  • St
    stephen m baczynsky Jun 06, 2016
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    HI all,

    I'm in North Carolina and I would like to put together a Class Action Lawsuit against this company. I need North Carolina residents and residents from other states to come together...everybody's complaining but the beast is still devouring. We need to join forces to take this monster down. Please email me @ [email protected] ASC is in my opinion a phantom operation and it's strong possibility(20% chance) that if your original mortgage was with another company that ASC doesn't have a legal right to collect mortgage payments from you because they don't have Title on your property. Anything in the name that says "Servicing Company" is extremely suspect.

    I'm not an attorney but I would like to be able to nail down one for a class action lawsuit.

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  • Mi
    miss3me Jun 06, 2016

    You are not the only one that has happened to. It has gotten so bad with me that I have a foreclosure sale date and my loan is in review for modification at the same time. All because they didn't want to take my payment because it was too late. And like you, if I call 4 times in one day, I'll get 4 different answers.

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    Cindy Jun 06, 2016
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    I could not agree with you more. I am 47 years old, have had several mortgages and debt with many more mortgage companies. When our loan was transferred to this group - we too received threatening phone calls about being late when the transfer was not even complete, and when I called back, they could not even find us yet. It took several phone calls, and seeking "someone" who was not "reading from a script" to "find us" and then let us know by law they could not harass us for something like 45 days after a transfer. Now, each month, I have endured paying the $15.00 pay by phone fee because it remains a mystery as to why it takes over 3+ weeks for a payment, made via regular mail, to ever hit the system. I can't afford to have the "late fee" all the time, so I have had to do it this way - I honestly don't think anyone really works "there" - they are random, unprofessional and behave like loan sharks - I wish someone local had our mortgage(s) so that I could just drive the payment over each month, rather than dealing with this unorganized bunch!

    Yes, I would be interested in whatever actions could be taken - I live in fear of falling behind due to the current economy and having these guys on the other end of my phone call

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  • Jo
    Joseph Silver Jun 06, 2016

    I have tried my best to meet my mortgage payment. The customer service representative gave me specific instructions to send money by Western Union and that ASC will accept the payment and apply that amount to my mortgage. Sent the exact amount and on the same day I was informed by ASC that they will no longer accept and apply the payment because it was too late. Every time I call I get a variety of answers. ASC has a very unusual way of computing your income. The extra two paychecks you receive in a year if you get a bi-weekly paycheck, that amount is divided into 12 and added to your monthly income. This makes it appear that you have more money that you actually have in a month and therefore they can say you have more than enough money that they can increase your monthly payments from $200 to $500 monthly. The company state it does not want your house but they apply such incredible attorney fees, appraisal fees etc. I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this issue. Please express your concerns regarding this company so maybe they will take a better approach to their lending practices and educate most of their customer service reps.

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  • To
    toniapugliano May 19, 2016

    America’s Servicing Company aka ASC affiliate of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A, and Deutsche Bank ~
    ~ HAMP & Proprietary Fixed Rate Modifications plus countless fraudulent processes ~
    ASC, is a NON-PRIME Loan servicer, backed by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., and Deutsche Bank who refuses to list themselves as the primary lender and show that they carry mortgages that are low risk to high risk. These companies have well over 7000 employees worldwide, working in office locations as well as virtual roles. Each team and/or department within DO NOT know all the rules and regulations for each state they provide mortgage loans within, nor do they know each other’s internal loan processes. You can and will be told very many different requirements, you will not be provided with accurate information, you will be sent an absorbent amount of paperwork should you fall behind (which will definitely confuse the mortgage holder), you will receive repetitive calls that border harassment, you will have fees assessed that no one can explain, you also will be advised that your terms and conditions have changed and therefore you are no longer eligible for certain items, or that you do not meet the requirements, and that they do not have to advise you of those terms and condition changes. You will have an appraisal via a drive by and sent the documentation without knowledge, fees assessed because of and the value of your house significantly less than actual value because of failure to perform the proper appraisal. You will be forced to go thru processes that are not necessary, team leads and/or management will not return your calls, and if they do they will not take the time to review and/or explain nor back what information being provided for NO ONE within will be held accountable, requests on your end will not be met, your credit score will be adversely impacted, and you will not be able to make a mortgage payment for 6 months or greater once you begin their process unless you agree to absorb all the unexplained fees assessments, etc.
    These affiliates have been sued via Class Action Lawsuits, and still perform day to day operations in the same manner they were sued for repeatedly. Millions of individuals have lost their homes for false documentation, very poor customer service representation, over accessed fees, falsified processes and information, certified documentation that is NOT legit.
    These companies will foreclose your home and file a claim with their insurance companies to receive their ROI on the loan you had, so they have NO out of pocket LOSS for your property that you should have never lost.
    BIG BANKS, BIG INSURANCE Companies are being allowed to perform FRAUDULENT activities that fall under steep criminal fraud charges.
    The Attorney’s contracted by these banks are paid BIG dollars to represent their fraudulent activities daily, while knowing said acts being performed can fall under step criminal charges and/or guidelines. A license of said Attorney’s practicing and condoning these criminal acts should be revoked, and they should be charged with criminal conspiracy and fined or imprisoned.
    Analyst Warns Deutsche Bank's Problems May Now Be "Insurmountable...tens of billions in legal settlements and charges its most criminal bank and they are Wells Fargo and ASC's affiliate bank. **REPORTED 05/17/2016**
    How can any bank and/or its affiliates continue to operate in this manner, and commit many forms of fraudulent acts against MILLIONS of consumers every day. When are these banks going to be held accountable, when do the hard working taxpayers have a say, who will stand up and stop this?
    These types of actions are ruining the US Economy daily and we continue to allow companies like this to perform in the said manner they are.
    If you are losing your home or have lost your home and your mortgage is and/or was with ASC, PLEASE file a complaint with your Attorney General, Federal Trade Commission, CFPB (Consumer Finance), the CAG, and your Political Representatives.
    THIS TYPE of BAD PRACTICE must be STOPPED, we as Consumers and Tax Payers do have rights! STAND UP for yourselves and FIGHT...

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  • Sa
    sandi s from pa Oct 15, 2011

    Wow Eric, better hope the company ASC, that you work for doesnt see all these very unproffessional comments that you posted. Yes, very customer service oriented you are. NOT!!! on the other hand, the company probably knows that you are a jerk. thats all they seem to hire. You are probably a 25 year old little boy, still living under mommy and daddys roof. Your smart phone bill is probably the only bill you have to pay!!! wait till you grow up and have REAL problems, than you will see these people that come across hard times are not the losers you (and your company) make them out to be. You and so called CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS like you, are the problem. The attitude in your comments are the same attitude we get from you people when you answer the phone. If you dont like your job, QUIT. because when the well being of peoples lives are at stake, and they have to depend on a LOSER like you...we as Americans are all doomed. I hope if you ever get sick, or have a house built, or need someone to save one of your loved ones lives get the same attitude, disrespect and service that you have been giving out...karma is a ###

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  • Sm
    SMTM Jun 15, 2011

    Funny that someone mentioned that they "only services bad credit loans", because my credit score is over 840!!!

    The automated system was out, and after 5 attempts, they promptly handled the payment over the phone, after the system transferred my info...I was charged the norma $15.00 fee, instead of $20, AND they aknowledged the downed system...

    So far, they have been EXCELLENT at resolving problems, at least with my account!

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  • Je
    Jeri Maisson May 20, 2011

    Eric, we should say it's typical of people too lazy to learn how to spell that they would claim a cash flow problem and unavailable classes as why it took them a few extra years to graduate. Take responsibility for your own mistakes and actions, you lazy-butt [email protected]! (Just trying out labels you used on others. Usually I'm not so crass.)

    And if there's one thing I've learned about graduates in the social sciences--therapists included--there are some real sickos among them.

    For the rest of us, just know that those same social sciences have determined that 1 in 25 everyday friends-and-neighbors-type people is a conscienceless sociopath, unable to empathize and utterly devoid of compassion, no matter how they appear on the outside. In fact, because they have no inner conflicts regarding morality, they appear serene, confident, and as having a clear conscience (which they do, since there;s no self-doubt or questioning of their own actions or beliefs and no sympathy that would cause them to regret hurting others).

    The minority are major legal offenders. Only a tiny fractions are serial killers, because the majority simply don't have the desire---nothing else would hold them back, though.

    They do include child-porn makers, animal abusers, but also ruthless business people, viciously back-stabbing/exceptionally manipulative coworkers, "f*ck'em and leave 'em" liars who con people into bed for one night, abusive doctors, rogue cops, con artists, and old Bernie the Ponzi-scammer...and narcissists like Eric.

    That's who Eric is. You can argue with him til the cows come home: He is incapable of imagining what empathy feels like, as he was born without it and will die without it. It's a handicap that really requires separation from society--or euthanasia, because therapy cannot change them. Really.

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  • Jo
    joberg Mar 04, 2010

    You only work there to obviously make yourself feel better by putting everyone down. My credit was very good until I signed the paperwork and then the bank loaned my deed of trust to get more money to lend out up to 9 times. Do you even know what wealth is? I hate to even respond because you sound like just a plain jerk. It will come around. I would never want to pride myself working for a company that has so many complaints, even jails try to hold a better rep than what you do with your employer to us, your customer. Where do you think you got your paycheck from. Look it up, really take some classes for about 4, you might take 6. You can't even understand what your job is!!!

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  • Be
    Bethanne Feb 26, 2010

    My husband and I have great credit and bought a home where the loan was sold to ASC. We have a fixed rate loan and make all of our payments before the 16th of each month when it becomes late. Not because we can't make the payment, but because every other bill we receive is due on the first of the month and ASC gives us until the 16th before it's considered late (hence the fee). So in our budget we pay all the other monthly bills on the first and then on the 16th we only have to pay ASC our mortgage payment. It doesn't mean we are losers (Eric!) or subprime. We both have credit scores of over 700 and did when we purchased the home. We are not bad credit risks or subprime loan holders. Eric just happened to work in the collections dept. where of course all he sees is bad faith credit holders - hence the "collections dept". He wasn't calling us because we're never late paying the mortgage, so he doesn't know that we exist holding a fixed rate loan with ASC. I don't even know this Eric, but it's obvious that he is inmature and too young without any life experience except what he found out working in the collections department of a loan holding co. And who cares if he put himself through college working there - I don't care. It means nothing. Many of us put ourselves through college doing whatever we had to as well to get by. And now those of us who did that are loan holders with great credit and no problems with our loans through the company he works for. I bet if he ventured out of his cubicle where he sits and calls people all day long who automatically pop up on his computer and dial the phone # for him, he might see that in other departments of his company that people are actually servicing fixed rate good credit holder loans for other people whom he has never heard of. Maybe he should take the elevator to the next floor and see what people with college degrees do for a living, cuz they are NOT working in the collections dept! What an idiot he is, and his lack of knowledge is laughable. I'm laughing at him right now! Hehe.

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  • No
    nolongercsr Jan 18, 2010

    well i think the comments left by the person who is a rep w. asc is a perfect example of the people who work there. incompetent arrogant people who have no business being in the field of dealing w. customers. i am a customer service rep who can actually sympathize and show some compassion for people. not everyone has bad credit due to no fault of there own but everyone's situation is different. some people get sick, divorced. widowed, lose there job, were not all low lives who don't pay our bills. alot .of us our hard working people who get a bad break . the attitude of that rep is why this company is the way they are. they could care less about the customer. i have spoken too many good people who have gone through the same thing w.this company, i have actually had people mail there mortgage payment to me because when they googled asc my address came up. i am only a customer. well no longer thank god, but i actually overnight mailed this woman's payment to asc for her and she still lost her house. i am sooo glad i am no longer w. this company and now have a reputable mortgage lender and yes i have good credit. funny the only negative marks on my credit report were from asc. i hate them and only wish they would go under and hopefully this rep will lose her job and miss a few payments and get ### credit and gets treated as bad as she treats her customers. makes me sick

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  • Re
    realtyray Jan 08, 2010

    I think National Association. A subsidiary is a company owned by another company. DBA means doing business as. Most companies do business under more than one name. I think you will find that Wells Fargo is owned by US Bank.
    ASC is a total rip-off. They will tell you to go screw yourself in not so many words. GOOD LUCK.

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  • Ar
    ARichard Jan 08, 2010

    On one site I fgound that ASC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank, NA.

    What does N.A. stand for?
    What is a subsidiary? A DBA?

    [email protected]

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  • Ja
    jaimes Dec 15, 2009

    Ya know what is funny, all the defensive people usually are the ones with bad credit. They are bitter because they are being harassed themselves because they can't pay their bills. I hope all you insensitive ###s never have to experience having to choose paying for your child's surgery, medication or hospital stay for a month over your mortgage payment. By the sounds of it you would probably let you child suffer rather than lose a couple of points on your credit score. I was a collection agent for 4 years and found it to be the worst most degrading job ever. I feel sorry for the people who have to do it everyday. I would rather be jobless than work that job again!

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  • Er
    ERic silly Nov 18, 2009

    Well - to Eric and all the other little loan servicing reps who probably only make $20 an hour. At best. If YOU lost your job for a full year how well would you do? If you were so ill you could not work for eight months would you keep your home? I hardly think with your measly pitty little job that you are going to be able to save up two years of expenses. Doubtful, who are you kidding? Anyone in the loan servicing department has been a total and complete idiot that I have dealt with. I have worked with the loan modification dept. and some of them do have their ### together. I work on short sales and loan mods. and have completed many of them for my customers. You just need to know their tricks and their soft underbelly to get it done. You are a machine out of control and in your own way. You are talking to people who have built their own businesses, who had great positions, who had great health and have had circumstances get in their way. Not people who are deadbeats and purposely took loans out to default. Have you noticed we are in a depression ###s? Most of these 'people' are young kids fresh out of college still wet behind their ears. If any of them are over 30 it's amazing. Anything at all pops out of their mouths and most of it is pretty stupid nonsense. Once in a while I talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. If I get one of ASC's idiots I just say I am recording the conversation and they hang up. It gets rid of them without putting me in a spot. tee hee!

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  • Nm
    nmaisano Oct 20, 2009

    Eric you are a worthless piece of ###!

    My husband and I have have perfect credit scores, our loan just happened to be sold to ASC, this company is a FRAUD, no 2 ways about it.

    Get a friking brain transplant !

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  • Cr
    Credit Repair Services Oct 15, 2009


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  • Bl
    bluesnowman01 Oct 06, 2009

    I am sorry to everyone who has to deal with ASC. We have been renting our home for a year now and then one 9/9/09 my landlord cashed my rent check and then the next day (my birthday) sends us a letter tellling us that ASC has raised the mortgage and they can't afford the house any longer.

    Today I find out that they (my landlord) have known that the house has been in foreclosure two months prior to notify me in September. Thankfully I didn't pay October's rent. I was appalled by them cashing my check and not returning my rent to me. Now we have been forced to "hurry up" and find other housing and have very little money to do it with.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and for Eric-TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER

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  • Re
    realtyray Sep 01, 2009

    You are maybe the biggest part of the problem pal. If snakes like you would get some morals and a backbone once in a while and call a theif a theif whether you work for them or not. You must be as the person writing before myself stated, illiterate. I'd rather have the troubles I have with ASC than have to be you and look at a weak, spineless, idiot in the mirror every morning and be reminded of what a pittiful example of a human being you are!!!

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  • Ca
    callbob4 Aug 10, 2009

    The answer from them I liked (re: property values plummeting where I live) was that "if these irresponsible people hadn't "applied" for these loans, we wouldn't be in this situation". Excuse me? I can apply for a loan for the top of the line Mercedes, but if I don't qualify, guess what? THEY DON'T GIVE ME THE KEYS! My home has gone from a market high of $265, 00 to a market price of 60-65K. Not true you say? I am and have been a REALTOR for 10 years. I sell homes in this area. I have done the comps. I have offered ASC a compromise on their offer of 4.75% interest for 30 years fixed on 192K mortgage. My offer was 100K at 5% fixesd for thirty. Their answer? "We do not do counteroffers or compromise". I guess Duestche Bank feels 50-60K at auction is a better deal than 100K + interest @ 30 years. (roughly 126K).
    That's ok, I just finished up new comps to forward them. Oh, and by the way, copies to the Ariz. Attorney General and my attorney. Keep records, dates, names and times along w/ a brief synopsis of the convo. I believe there will be a huge class action suit involving these companies soon. Gov. bailout money went where? callbob4

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  • Re
    Rev. Charles Aug 07, 2009

    Several things come to mind as I read this response. First of all this kid should have paid more attention in school. Eric, it’s sue not sew, so it then becomes suing not sewing. Where were you during English class?

    Next is the arrogant attitude that some of these ‘customer service agents’ adopt. It leads me to believe that they think sympathy is a large group of musicians in a concert hall, understanding is what you are when there is some one above you, and tact is what you do to hold the carpet down. Customer service and contact is delicate balance between understanding, sympathy and tact. It requires excellent listening skills, not verbose rhetoric and an ability to read a script. It should be taught before they allow under-educated children like Eric on the phones ASC should also educate these agents in corporate policies that clearly state that “all written communication to the public must be cleared through the corporate communications department to avoid embarrassments like Eric’s response. I hope Eric received a stern reprimand for his actions, along with some tuition assistance to learn English, proper sentence construction, and punctuation.

    I admit that there are borrowers that should be placed with companies like this and for good reason. However, many of us have hit hard times or have extenuating circumstances that caused the problem in the first place. “Seek to understand before being understood.” How can you truly service a client without knowing the situation? Eric’s response is Olympic Level Conclusion Jumping.

    Dumping us off to the ‘landfill of mortgage servicers’ is no justification for poor treatment. Why not make an attempt to help the borrower instead of disposing of them? Treating me like trash will cause me to treat you in kind. It would be better business to treat us with some respect in an attempt to help us get back on track rather than using intimidation and threats in attempt to make us agree to inane and impossible arrangements for repayment.

    ASC / Wells Fargo is in a unique position and has a golden opportunity to turn these ‘bad loans’ around by providing services rather than foreclosures. Why not try to help people keep their homes rather than devaluing an entire market segment with foreclosures and bank owned sales? Our economy would fare better if we looked at helping each other survive not feeding on the .

    If the goal of this company is to beat us into submission with these tactics, then so be it. My own personal experience with ASC indicates their intention is not service to the borrower, but means to guarantee a permanent customer. Did you know that while you are in a ‘loan repayment agreement’ they continue to report you late on your payments? That’s right! What mortgage lender would refinance a loan that shows several months with late payments? ASC is guaranteeing their customer base. You will NEVER emerge from this indentured servitude!

    I refuse to take my self worth from some pimple faced low grade ### whose only hope for income is a call center service agent for ASC. I do not mean to degrade call center agent in general, but this is the only possible position for a pusillanimistic maladroit like Eric can manage. What’s the matter Eric can’t seem to master “Do you want fries with that…?”

    I hope that Eric and his cronies are spared the indignity and insult of dealing with their own kind. Walk a mile in my moccasin before you criticize me Eric.

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  • La
    LadyDragon Aug 02, 2009

    After reading several of these replies to the rather "wonderful" Eric, I would like to clear things up with him a little...(If I may) If you would like to check my credit score you will find that I have a very high score. Also as far as NON-PRIME? HHhmmmm Well, I would rather not be with ASC as anyone I have ever spoken too seems a little on the simple side. And Eric you seem to represent them very well. My Bank sold my mortgage to one company after a few months. They sold it on to ASC and I have NEVER missed a payment or been late. I am so sorry for all the people who are out there and in a bad situation as far as work and hard times are concerned. As a single parent, I know where you are coming from. But Eric, Seriously?? ASC doesn't get the bad credit people and "Why should we bother with your sorry lives if you don't" attitude doesn't do you any favors. Now the web site is not easy to navigate. The phone system is even worse and trying to get a simple answer from a simple question is just about non-existant. My local tax office called me to say I was late with my mortgage taxes. I called ASC because they were supposed to pay them and I was finally put in touch with a man who was totally honest. "Oh I am sorry, here they are on this desk in a FEDEX envelope waiting to be sent" Meanwhile, sir, my name is going in the paper for non-payment of taxes when the mortgage company hire people who sit on thier bottoms all day giggling like school girls. So no...I disagree with your theory as to why people are sent to the company you work for. And the only reason I can't change is because I have a joint mortgage and the co-borrower is a simple minded twit like you...Hey, maybe you are related.

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  • Re
    realtyray Jun 25, 2009

    ASC are the biggest crooks in the housing industry. They are also the least visual aspect of the industry. If you want action here is what i am going to do and you must do. By pass ASC, that's right, do not talk to them again. Send all your payments by certified registered mail signature needed so you have a record of them accepting them before the due date. Then go directly to Wells Fargo themselves. They are very visible and unlike ASC, have a image that they do not want tarnished. I am a Realtor in Oregon. The first thing I am going to do is send an e-mail to all the real estate agents in the state asking them to go to this site and review the complaints against ASC and against Wells Fargo since they are the parent company and remind them that if their clients take out a lown because of the agents recomendations or even on their own accord, the clients rath may reach the agent in the form of no referals and no repeat business. This I will also send to Wells Fargo so as to make sure they know that their image is being tarnished. Next, I am going to spend at least 4-6 hours a week in front of various Wells Fargo banking locations talking to their customers and asking them to review this website. Let's see how the rats will react when someone actually turns the light on them.

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  • Ds
    D. Smith May 22, 2009

    I have had my times with ASC, also. I lost my job a year ago Feb. Since that time I have started a business that is going o.k. But, in the meantime, things got rough, so I called ASC and told them I was having trouble making my payment and they did a loan modification for me. When it was all said and done, my "modification" that is, my payment was over $200.00 more a month than it was before they modified it. Now, I'm in more trouble than I was to start with. So, again, I call them and ask for help. Yesterday, I sent them a certified check for $1903.00. That is my payment for the next 5 months. This is from the $870.00 monthly payment I had to begin with. So, I ask ASC, if you really want the house back, just tell me, you can have it. It seems they do, as they are doing everything they can to make sure I can't keep it.Wells Fargo, ( ASC ) got BILLIONS from the U.S. Government to bail them out from their GREED, but they used NONE of it for it's intended porpose. And then THEIR REPRESENTATIVE, ERIC LOPEZ, tells us what the managers of Wells Fargo and ASC think of their clients but won't say publicly.It's time for a class action suit against this conpany. Sh_t, we'll all lose our money because we can't hire a reputable lawyer.Well, anyway, I'm done venting. By the way, I do own a MANSION. It's a Gift from GOD. Let's see ASC try to take that. Thanks for listning. D. Smith

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  • Jg
    JGAR May 02, 2009

    So, here's my input. Not that it much matters, but here it is.

    To Eric:
    Number one: Write a friggen resignation letter. You're a piece of ### who shouldn't be blessed with the opportunity to work with the public. You probably skated your way through high school, drank your way through college (I'm willing to say you didn't even make it there) and then found a neat little ad in the newspaper 'WORK FROM HOME'. You DON'T know what it's like. If you did, you wouldn't be bashing the people who DO support your paycheck. Without people defaulting or being late, your job would be obsolete. I got no-doc that makes me a bad person (with a 760+ credit score, ###), I got married and it fell through (wow I'm such a horrible person), I'm a single mom working full time and going to school full time while managing to somehow work out of the mess that I am in (DAMN! My faults are just CONTINUING to mount up). I maintain OVER AND ABOVE the required homeowner's insurance on my home required by my loan documents, yet I receive a letter from the oh-so-wonderful ASC telling me I have failed to maintain homeowner's insurance so they're going to do me the WONDERFUL favor of providing it for me? Um...NO! I didn't sign on for that. I even responded to the first letter with all of the required documents stating that I DO IN FACT CARRY THE REQUIRED AND THEN SOME INSURANCE. So, who's manning the fax lines at your company?? Maybe they can answer me why I'm still paying for insurance that apparently I don't have according to your know-it-all company.

    You have no idea what people are going through. You sit in your little cush office with an automated dialing system and a cup of Starbucks thinking you're better than God Himself. You're out of your freakin mind! I'd like you to step out of your box for a hot second and live in my world. YOU try living in a 10% unemployment rate and being "overqualified" to make a lil extra cash with a second job. I MAKE ### HAPPEN, you just cut the throats of us who are trying to do so. Take your pompous attitude and sit-n-spin. Just because my credit score sucks today doesn't mean I can't get a good lawyer and sue (not 'sew') the hell out of your company and're dick move with the lil comments on here are enough to sink the company's reputation (as poor as it already is).


    To All ASC Victims:
    Number 1: This guy should have BEEN lost his job. Does his attitude piss me off, hell yes it does! Do I agree with every one of your comments? HELL YES, I DO! Whatever happened to the American dream we have all been raised to believe in? It went swirling down the toilet with the rest of the country. Don't stress too much. These ###s will get theirs. And just because your credit score sucks doesn't mean you're bad you have all said, we all have our troubles, many by no fault of our own. A little education and taking the high road might lower your blood pressures. Screw this monkey and get on. He's no better than a murdering criminal.

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  • Au
    autoprt Apr 01, 2009

    nice article.
    bad credit loans can be found at

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  • Yo
    Your Mom Mar 26, 2009

    Hey Eric Lopez,

    So you answer phones for ASC and want to come on here talking crap? LOL. You ###. You make minimum wage or close to it. Just answer your phone, go through your script for you and the other non educated dumbies that work for ASC, and then pass on the message to the real person that makes decisions.

    signed, your Mom

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  • Ms
    msjar Mar 25, 2009

    Nice to know that people working for ASC can't spell! Dont you mean Suing not Sewing. And you have the nerve to talk down to others. Shows what kind of people ASC hires. Great, our credit is being handled by a bunch of 2nd graders!

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  • Ms
    msjar Mar 25, 2009

    Nice to know that people working for ASC can't spell!! Sewing??? Don't you mean suing! I am so happy our government is bailing out these incompetent people and letting those of us trying to make ends meet live on the street. Or as this great employee of ASC would write it: streat. HAHA you ###!

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  • To the jerk who seems to think ASc is a great company. Yeh, because they are paying your salary. I don't have bad credit thank you and had a mortage broker from your company lie and tell me we were in a fixed rate. 2 years later to my surprise, my mortgage adjusted. We I contacted your wonderful company they proceed to tell me that in fact that indiviual had done that to serveral customer and had since been let go. They said that they would be able to help me out and do a fixed rate loan but would cost me over $6000. I don't think that a company knowing what a employee on the payroll is doing should put it on a customer . They were aware of this problem. Another thing, if the payment is due on the 1st of the month and people pay it on the 16th, it's called a grace period jerk. If it was late, then they could charge you a late fee. I guess you think that your perfect. Life happens and no one wants to late or not pay on time. You should be happy that with a screwed up company like ASC who doesn't seem to know what the other hand is doing, get different information everytime you call,
    that you still have a job. I hope to god you never have to use a grace period because that would make you just as bad as the rest of America. At least we pay are bills. Maybe not one the first every month, but at least I pay my bills. God knows if I didn't you would have a job.

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  • Pe
    petal Feb 16, 2009

    I agree. I don't know what state your in but i am in georgia and have reached the end of my rope with these people . They are nothing but a bunch of liars and thiefs. I am willing to do anything it takes to bring down these people. lets do it.

    [email protected]

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  • Dr
    Dreamer Dec 29, 2008

    What a F_cken joke! BAD CREDIT! Not everyone with your crooked ### company had bad credit! My credit WAS OUTSTANDING, NOT ONE DAY LATE, EVER in being a homeowner of twenty five years! The brokers that you a..hole's are working with stole my identity, forged my name, stole the equity from my home of 20 years! The loan docs are all doctored by some clever thief, that plotted a perfect scam to steal my home and leave me destitue!

    All of this could have not happened without the help of underwritters, notory's, brokers, Escrow company's etc., don't worry... the boot leg lawyer (Attorney General) will be informed of all of the laughter that your thieving ### has aided and participated in with the horiffic plague.

    These scheming brokers switched out my documents, thinking that I wouldn't catch the scam! Not only that, the docs that have been filed with the recorders are B_llSh_t! You greedy F_cks have ruined my life, credit and stole my life savings!

    My monthly payments were only $2k a month, how did they go up to $7K? How is it that I was an affluent retired professional one day, wake up and everything was gone? Pretty good inside job, if you ask me.

    It may take some time to figure out all of the participating [censored]s, but you will be found. A theif always leaves something behind. Crooked people work for crooked companies because they have nothing to loose and everything to gain when they plot to steal from those whom have.

    Everyday more cases of FRAUD are being filed in the SUPERIOR COURTS because there has been some foul play with the mortgage companies. My Loan was with INDYMAC for years, automatic withdraw, never late, 5% interest rate, excellent credit etc., turns out that the broker was running my credit consistantly along with other deceptive plans to lower the credit score. IT WORKED!

    Then they started selling off my loan to ### companies like yours, I knew for sure something was definitely wrong now. They set it up from the inside by stating that they owned my property in the beginning because I owe someone money! WHAT? Another lie! I never owed anyone money! The paperwork is absolutely crazy and deceiving...

    It took me years to figure out the scam but now everyone is pointing the fingers at each other pleading they don't want to go to jail, because they have families. What about mine!

    For those people that are having problems, my heart goes out to you. I pray for the return of your homes and the people that caused you the pain and suffering are locked up life. No body deserves this nightmare... as for the cocky pr__ that wrote this horrible comment, I hope you experience my situation for eternity. Your stress will not allow you to sleep at nights, to eat or live a normal life because of someone elses greed.

    As for your grade A Lawyers??? Can you think of some names that describe your Grade A Liars...??? I hope your face is one of the people that had your hands in the pie of stealing...

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  • Wh
    whatrourrights Dec 27, 2008

    Eric is likely a burned out, sad, bored, harassing person who needs to find his entertainment in upsetting good people. Try not to take the likes of him too seriously. He's just egging you all on. It is irritating, give him that much credit. But he's obviously learned that the only attention in life he can get is negative attention. Well, to some, that's better than none. So give him none, I say. End of that drama.
    ASC does have a website to follow your loan to some extent. It's quite similar to Wells Fargo. For today, the site is at
    It may change by noon, but for now, that's it.
    My loan did not originate with them either. It was sold to them. Not because of us having poor credit. It was just sold.
    I started out paying through my online bank. But as others have stated, the payments were delayed or lost. So I just decided to pay via ASC website and pay their fee just to be sure it was posted on time each month and hopefully not have to worry about it. It's worked fine so far, but yes, costs me that fee to do so.
    HOWEVER, as others have stated on here, even one day late from the due date, and the phone starts ringing.
    They even call regardless of the fact that a payment has been set up on THEIR website to authorize them to withdraw from my bank on a given date, etc!
    Finally after being harassed by them twice yesterday, I spoke to a "supervisor" who said my account showed no call activity on it for the day! So "Solomon" apparently failed to document is harassing call to me. I demanded a Cease & Desist for further calls to him, the next rep, and the supervisor yesterday. I must follow up in writing, it is the law. I am preparing said letter today to mail certified on Monday.
    But guess what? I got another call this morning! When I told the woman "Sylvia" that I had demanded the C&D yesterday, she went to hang up, but I demanded her name, at which point she refused to tell me, but did ask me to verify my address, to which returned the demand of her name since SHE called me! She told me "Sylvia".
    For the record, she never did state the minimiranda required by law: "This is an attempt to collect a debt, any information obtained shall be used for that purpose."
    This statement must be said to you upon identification of you when you are called about a debt being collected. She failed to do so with me at any time in our conversation. I have this documented, but I highly doubt ASC does. After obtaining her suppposed name, I politely terminated the call.
    Then began my far... 2 hours of documentation of what I have for the last 2 days...which is NOTHING in comparison to every month. But yesterday was the last straw, hence, the C&D request.
    I have been a debt collector. I'm pretty clear on alot of the FDCPA rules and others. However, where I have worked, we were REPRIMANDED if not outright fired for even borderline appearances of being harassing! Lawsuits, for one, are very expensive. But more importantly, people deserve respect. As has been mentioned on here over and over, things happen that put good people in terrible predicaments that can wipe out everything they had saved up. Nest eggs gone in an instant.
    As a collector, I can tell you, it's not a bad job. It's the person doing the job that makes it bad. I get way more "thank you's" than I ever get of anything rude or negative. Yes, there are those folks that are just outright jerks on the phone to a collector. But even those calls can be handled in a manner that leaves no room for abuse or harassment, and the call can be terminated quickly to avoid the aforementioned.
    Anyway, I'm not sure how far I will get, but I do plan to continue my documentation, talk to my attorney about my options, mail my C&D letter on Monday, and just do my best to follow up with seeing how to stop these people from continually harassing me.
    Research your rights. And follow up the best you can with your rights.
    Just because I've been a debt collector, it doesn't mean I don't get illegal harassment calls myself. And I'm current or early on all my credit accounts. It's just this particular company that seems to want to do this to me. And I won't stand for it if I have a legal way to make it stop.
    Best of luck to you all!

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  • Ta
    tammy Dec 22, 2008

    This guy probably still lives at home with his mommy. Or he started out with some rich family that paid for him to go to school. Do you even have a family and know what it is like?? in the real world!! Plenty of people work REALLY hard for everything they have and some time bad things happen to good people.

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