Americas Best Value Inn & Suitesstolen item by staff

J Jun 27, 2019 Review updated:

June 9, 2019
After checking out, I noticed I left my expensive sweater in my room. When I called, the guy did not care and said they had no lost and found and to call back the next day and speak to housekeeping. I asked if there was a lost and found and they said no which was strange. Housekeeping denied they took it, but they did. When I called the next day, the guy said he just looked and nothing was there and that no one stayed in there after me. The housekeepers were the only ones to go in there after me. It was a huge brand new red sweater so they took it and denied taking it. There are no repercussions for stealing my item. This is stolen property. I asked to speak to the manager the first day and he wasn't there. The second day I went in to the motel and the manager wasn't there and I left him a note with my number and said to call me ASAP. He never called, so I called them and asked to speak to the manager again and he didn't want to talk to me, so then I said he can't refuse to speak to me and then he finally got on the phone. I told him I will file a police report and he said go ahead. I need to be reimbursed at minimum because someone who worked at the motel stole my item.


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