Americas Best Value Inn & Suiteshygiene and poor management

L Jun 26, 2019 Review updated:

I can only afford this motel and its only one close to where I work.. Ive asked several times to have the room cleaned better or carpets shampooed but neither has happened the lady was rude told me to find another place to stay ive spent over $654 total and swithed rooms several times and ive also had my girlfriend come stay with me and the jacuzzi tub didn't work... They still charged full price and said oh well nothing they could do and no refunds im still having to stay here... And im finding bugs this morning in my room and they wont do nothin about it amd they dont clean base boards or walls at all!!!
Below is pic of wet towel I wiped carpet witb

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites
Americas Best Value Inn & Suites

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    i wan a refund and extra free night im forced to stay here


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      Jun 26, 2019


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      Aug 13, 2019

    I suffered also from the poor management at the Loudon TN location. They banned me for writing a truthful and accurate review then called me a racist and ridiculed my last name. Just read what the maintenance man Mike EV wrote. Employees can't write reviews and he deserves to be fired for it. I am a former hotel employee so I know the policies. Please fire Mike EV for his lies and slander. This should not be allowed and you corporate leaders need to wake up and get rid of an employee thats a bully and a liar. If reviews make them mad then get ready for infinite reviews. I will start a campaighn and I will never rest until this is solved. You can't slander and ban customers for trying to help your business through honest reviews

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  •   Aug 13, 2019

    @Yourdownfall For the last mother fvking time..
    Mike EV is a poster on this site and he lives in mother fvking GERMANY!!!

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