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America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasseswas this really an eye exam?

Review updated:

This is not a total complaint — yet. I am giving this a chance, but am prepared to have to fight.

Went to America's Best today to pick up my daughter's other pair of glasses. Have to say — great deal, couldn't beat it! However, she got her eyes tested elsewhere.

Had my exam today. It took all of 3 minutes — if that. I go 2 choices on each eye. Which one is more clear. I was shocked when that was it.

She didn't even have me read up close, even though I mentioned I was having trouble.

I am not at all confident in the prescription I was given.


  • Ju
    Justlaura Sep 18, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know this is an old thread but I can't find anything about this anywhere. I got some glasses from AB about 3 years ago, the "special 2 pairs" and ended up paying over $400 because I got Transitions, which seemed a little excessive but I paid it. I noticed after a few weeks that my vision wasn't any better, but decided to just give it some time. Eventually, due to being homeless and not having money for new glasses, I just stopped wearing them. Today I went and got my eyes checkedat a different place and gave them my old pair to get the prescription off them. She asked where I got them. I said Americas Best. She said there was no prescription on them. I paid over $400 for glasses, and at least one pair (the main paor I had been wearing for over a year) had no prescription. I went back to AB and asked for my prescription, which they gave me, even thought it was 'expired', so I know I had a prescription, why else would they sell me the damn glasses? My husband and I are contacting a lawyer to figure out what our options are, because its not about me getting over $400 back. Its about how many other people have been scammed like this.

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  • Be
    Beckums70 Feb 11, 2017

    My 10 year old son has been complaining with headaches for a few weeks now, so I decided to get his vision checked. He told me before we went to AB that he was having trouble seeing the board in class, and that sometimes when he's tired, words on a page look shadowy. I made an appointment at AB and took him for an exam, thinking that with this being his first pair of glasses (and his vision not being too terrible at this point) we would be able to scoot by with the free exam and 2 pair of single vision lens glasses. WRONG!

    The "doctor" did his exam and said that he does "barely need a prescription" and then followed that up by telling me that she was prescribing bifocals for him even though he is nearsighted because his distance vision is making his eyes fatigued. At the time I was sleep deprived from having been up for nearly 32 hours with my daughter who had just given birth, so it didn't quite click in my brain what she was saying.

    We went out to the lobby and picked out a pair of glasses he liked. They were a 59.99 pair, and when the sales associate approached us, she actually had already inferred that we would only be purchasing one pair of glasses. I knew at that point that we would not be able to get the 2 pair for 69.99 deal, but I was completely floored when she gave me the total for his glasses, a whopping 198.00. I paid the bill and left, not feeling quite right about it. When I got home I posted my experience on FB and a ton of people responded that I had been scammed! A few moms who have kids with severe vision problems messaged me that a child with a mild prescription for nearsightedness should NEVER be prescribed bifocals and everyone advised that I get my money back and take my son elsewhere.

    So the next day I went back to AB to speak with the doctor and cancel the order for his glasses. The receptionist told me that if I arrived at 2:00 the doctor would be available to speak with me about prescribing single vision lenses, rather than bifocals for my son; however when I arrived I was told that the doctor was at lunch. The manager took nearly 15 minutes rummaging through charts trying to find my son's, before I finally pulled out my receipt and gave it to her so she could understand what I was saying. She eventually found his chart and excused herself to the back to speak with the doctor (which was odd, since she told me the doctor wasn't there...). When she came back she said the doctor wanted her to check pricing on anti-fatigue lenses. I waited another 15 minutes while she answered phone calls and made appointments for other customers instead of waiting on me, then she looked up the pricing and informed me that for 200 more I could get anti-fatigue lenses instead of bifocals. I told her absolutely no. I just want my money back. Then she said, "We could just do a pair of readers for him."

    Wait...He is NEARSIGHTED, why would he need reading glasses?? When I asked her that question she looked at me like a cow looks at a new fence. "Well, it would be best if you ask the doctor, " she responded, "but she's not in, so..."

    "I'll just take the refund and get a second opinion elsewhere." I told her.

    While I was waiting another 20 minutes for her to fiddle with the computer and figure out how to refund my money to my debit card, I heard a former coworker next to me, purchasing glasses for her 10 year old son. She volunteered that she had just paid 400.00 for a pair of glasses for him and guess what??? He "needed" bifocals too!! My former coworker gave me the same explanation the doctor had given me for this phenomenon of 10 year old boys with barely a prescription who need bifocals. I told her that I didn't feel my boy needed bifocals and I was taking him elsewhere for a second opinion. As far as I know she paid for the bifocals for her kid...I hope they don't make his vision worse!

    The other odd thing...the doctor said that she frequently prescribes bifocals for kids for their first pair of glasses and then switches them to single vision lenses a year later. This makes no sense to me. People normally progress TO bifocals, not FROM them.

    I got all my money refunded and let them keep the useless prescription. I am taking my son to an Opthamologist to get a REAL eye exam and the correct prescription for his eyes.

    Stay away from this place! It seems like each individual store has come up with its own racket for scamming people.

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  • Ma
    MADD N TEXAS Sep 01, 2016

    I have had my glasses for 11 months.. When i take them off my vision is worst. I am goig to sue them as well Dave. I am pissed. Class Action yall.

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  • Fo
    forever irritated May 07, 2012

    I bought into the hole 2 pair bull ### went in and the only glasses you can get for that price are little kids, so I had to look around, i'm very picky with choosing glasses, I mean your going to wear them for years make sure you get ones you really like right? I found Ann okay pair id use as a back up and then found these really nice ones, .. but they were 150.00, I finally decided I liked them enough id pay the rediculus amount and be happy with them, because of the cost of them I sprung for the year warrantee. a few days ago I got hit in the face with a stick and they finally broke, mind you I've only had them for5 months, not that long. I go in to get new ones and they say they don't carry that style anymore. what the f***!!! I hate them for this, it was only five months

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  • Re
    Reemo Apr 20, 2011

    I went to America's Best in Oak Lawn, IL for the first time and the staff was indifferent at best. I also felt my exam was a bit rushed. The doctor finished the exam in a couple minutes and told me my eyes were just fine, no abnormalities except that I'm near-sighted. I then asked her, "So you didn't see the stigma in my right eye and the scar tissue in my left eye? Because the guys at Walmart saw those right away." The doctor just paused and said, "Oh, yeah, well what I meant is that nothing has really changed since you've gotten those." How would she know if she's never seen my record before?

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  • Da
    DAVE-2010 Nov 10, 2010

    Went to have Eye Exam. Was told that if I get Contact Lens exam that I would get it for free if I bought any of their contacts. Was going buy glasses AND contacts. During exam, the doctor told me I had to decide WHAT TYPE OF SOFT CONTACTS I was going to buy BEFORE he would finish exam. What is up with that ? Anyway, after exam I was told that I was informed wrong and that I would have to pay the $84.00 for the exam. All they wanted to do was push the CLUB MEMBERSHIP. I was asked FOUR TIMES if I wanted the CLUB MEMBERSHIP. NO NO NO.

    Bottom line, , , , , , I had to pay for the exam (they actually had their security guy come and threaten me as he held his hand on his GUN. When asked for my prescription after paying the $84.0o I was told that it is against their policy to release prescriptions. **** THIS IS AGAINST SOUTH CAROLINA LAW ****. Am now filing small claims suit, filed complaint (many are there) at and disputing credit card payment.



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  • Re
    Rebecka May 11, 2010

    Couldn't be that the ad is misleading seeing that so many people assume the same thing. The ad is arranged to make people read only what they do read, so [censor] to your marketing group then, they are the clever persons responsible for getting more people into your business, too bad by misleading advertisements. Don't ever expect the public to read full ads, they are reading tons and choosing from the basic text just as your marketing group has expected them to do.

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  • Ti
    Tired of Complaints Jan 26, 2010

    You should pay more attention to the advertisement. It states that the offer includes single vision plastic lenses only, and some restrictions apply. In other words, not progressives, or any bifocal for that matter. It also excludes any lenses other than thick plastic lenses. So if you want premium lenses, then be prepared to pay premium prices (which are still lower than any other place in your area). And the only thing that's offered for free is the eye exam when you purchase two pair of glasses. It boils down to paying attention to the ad. And if you can't read the print on the bottom of the screen, then call and ask. You actually believe associates enjoy pissed off customers who misinterpret the ad? 99% of them want the ads to stop too because that's all people come in for. Then get pissed when they can't get that super thin, Transition, no-line bifocal for $69.95. As far as the guy telling counter posters to get a life, obviously my life is listening to people like you ### every day about an ad you should have listened to in the first place.

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  • Ro
    Roulette Aug 07, 2009

    I went there today aug 8th 2009. I wanted some glass's, so i picked out 2 pairs that would be 89.99 so i thought. The lady gave me a price of over 349.00 bucks. Then 249.00, i askerd what about the 89.99. She said those are plastic and we wont put them in these. I asked why and she just said we wont. so i walked out and they called me and said i didnt pay. I told the lady i wanted the 89.99 and they wouldnt do that. She then said they would i just paid the 45.00 bucks and forgot them. all they do is try to upsale y0u even when you dont what those.

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  • Hm
    hmmmm.. Jun 25, 2009

    i went to america's best eyeglasses and contacts in boothwyn, pa. the exam with the actual md was short. I explained that the prescription didn't help me see any better and that despite her diagnosis of being "farsighted" i had always been nearsighted. she told me that people think their nearsighted but are actually the reverse...hmm. so, i went with it, ordered glasses and 12 month supply of contacts and wore the trial contacts for 3 days now.

    like i thought, i see worse with these contacts. i want my money back and have made an appointment with the springfield store to be reexamined.

    very aggravated in Pennsylvania

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  • Yl
    yleekat May 19, 2009

    Honesty I had the exact thing happen to me. I told my wife the lady asked me what my old prescription was and gave me the exact same prescription that I was wearing for over a year and a half. On top of that, my wife paid for my contacts and when we went to pick them up they claimed we already had them. Now I'm out of $50 and I don't have anything to show for it. Stay away from the office in Duluth and Buford, GA. Cut your losses and run. That's what I'm doing.


    Very disappointed in Atlanta.

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  • Al
    alice Nov 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I went to Americas Best for an eye exam & to get new contacts & glasses. I had seen the ads for 2 pairs of glasses & eye exam for $69.00. Since the doctor was not there yet & it was a half hour after my apointment I wandered around & looked at frames. 2 for 69, 2 for 99 etc so I figured as you went into more expensive frames the price went up.

    Well the 2 for 69 is for single vision & I wear bifocals. The price of the contacts was $125.00 per box & I can get them elsewhere for $72.00 a box By the time I left my bill was almost $500.00. It has been 2 weeks and I still don't have my contacts.

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  • Se
    sears is the same too Oct 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you know, people who work for this scam operation or paid money to counter-post complaints are stupid. get a life and go f*** yourself 'Anonymous'. who has also posted about the same responses to all the complaints against this company...

    I'm GLAD I came to this site FIRST before getting scammed by this two pair scam. I call it a scam because all the FREE lingo, but you have to pay. that is false advertising to get you in the door. and one shouldn't have to read line after line of text to 'grasp' the real meaning of your contract. after all, aren't we there to get new glasses? which means it is probably hard to read your FINE print to begin with.

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  • An
    anonymous 1 Jul 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I dont understand why you are complaining if you have not yet received your glasses!..I would understand if you said that you couldn't see out of them but here you are complaining without having yet received 'em! wooow.

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