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this is my fourth contact with this companyregarding a loan from my life insurance policy.two by phone, i signed the form requesting a loan & mailed it. Then, someone reprted to me that it was never received. So, I hand wrote a letter and sent it via certified mail. It was received on 2/08/10, and signed by Liz White.

I would like to know where that loan is! And why have I not received it after ten days! If i do not receive it within twi days. My next contact with you will from a laywer. My request should not have taken this long. As it has been at least four weeks since my initial request by phone and sending your form requesting the loan, and I made two - three telephone inquiries, before sending the certified letter requesting that same loan. This very poor customer relations and very poor business practice. I really need that money. It is mine, and it is what it is worth at this time, as I requested the full amount of worth at 1, 500 + dollars.


Donna Knight

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