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I just want everyone to know that American Standard Online is scam. The owner Susan Quinn is the same owner as Anchor House Financial. About 3 months ago I responded to an ad on craigslist. The ad said if I have a job I qualify.No credit check and dowpayment required.When i called the operator he told me the exact same thing but then he told me that I had to pay $199.00 upfront for a title search to make sure when I move into the home I would be free any back payments. When I asked him when I would be billed he responded "only when you get into the house." With all the confidence in the world I gave him my credit card and he billed it immediately without my consent. I called back the customer service number 4 times and they kept on hanging up on me . They never gave me my money so I had to call my credit card company to resolve the issue. They changed the name of the company do disguise themselves. I already made a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and I also wrote to the California Attorney General. Don't make the mistake that I made by giving them your money. They claim to be a title company, but they are not even licenced to that. These people are some big time thieves.


  • Do
    Dora Apr 24, 2009

    You are so right!! I just bought their program and they stole my money. BOb (an employee AND SCAM ARTIST) told me that certain home was on foreclosure for $58, 000. I went there and the home was not for sale!! It was so embarrasing. I went to another house and the house was for sale with Remax. Went to other house and the house was already sold!!! SO far I have 3 written rejections. I hope they return my $199.00, because I'm a computer programmer and a WEB designer and I'm so mad that I will create an exclusive web page just to alert people about this BIG SCAM!!!

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  • Al
    Alex Apr 24, 2009

    Thank you very much to whom ever that wrote this complant. This info was very useful to me. I almost send
    my money to those people. They talk so sweet on the phone
    just to get your money.

    Thanks again to you, you're a life and penny saver. I have nothing much to say, thanks !!!

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  • Al
    Alex Apr 24, 2009

    Thanks to the person that open my mine.

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  • Ha
    Harold Apr 25, 2009

    I used the service and got exactly what I paid for! It is a service like many others, I happen to think that american standard online or is one of the better services of this type out there. Yes you have to pay fee! That should go with out saying, no one is going to work on your behalf to get you into a house with nothing down and not charge you a fee. For that matter even real estate agents get a commission. I'm amazed that people are so naive to think that services are free, if it was as simple as calling a number and someone just gave you a house, don't you think everyone would have one? This is not a scam it is a legit business and you got what you pay for, I'm sure you know when you paid what you were getting but just like so many other americans you complain and do a charge back so you can get something for free. If anyone is a scam it would be you trying to use a service for free and wasting peoples time, money and resources on your behalf only to have you turn around and take your money back after service has been rendered.

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  • Ja
    James Apr 25, 2009

    To whoever wrote the above comment, you must be one the employees or the owner of this " SCAM"!!! You guys, over the phone promised me that one house was in preforeclosure and there was not going to be any problem to buy it even though my credit score was low. Other promises were that "The Owners" knew about this and that they had telephone numbers and that was very easy to contact them BUT in your web page there was no contact information, only a pre-formatted letter that you have to mail to people, and they have to contact directly!!! I found real deals in and that site is for free!. You did not mention the 5 letter rejection that we were supossed to have with the home owners in order to receive our $199 back after 90 DAYS. How in the world you are going to receive a rejection letter when most people were not selling or preforeclosures their homes. You said we were going to get a loan but all the banks that I talked to said: "I never heard of that".

    Realtors at least are honest and up front about what they are doing.

    I already talked to my bank and they are doing an investigation and I'm going to pursuit with the Fraud Department because you are bad people!!!

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  • Da
    Dave Apr 26, 2009

    I am a Realtor and I have to say... I just got off the phone with "Bob" aka "Scammer." I agree with every negative thing on this post and probably anything you could think negative to say that hasn't been said yet. Don't do it. I work every day for people for NOTHING in hopes that they buy a house, I have never asked my client to PAY ME $199 before I lift a finger. This is how they make their money, if enough people pay them $199, that's a "get rich scheme" FOR THEM, not you... You are just the loser that was suckered into giving them the money.

    Seriously, I am sorry for anyone who actually paid the $199, if you want to buy a house call a Realtor and they will work day and night for NOTHING to help you get a home... Yes, we get paid at the end, but only when YOU GET THE HOUSE! This is a scam, nothing more.

    All they are "selling" (SCAMMING) you for is called a NOTICE OF DEFAULT list AKA NOD list. You can get that free of charge from your Realtor, title company, or County, etc. etc. What it is? It is a list of PUBLIC INFORMATION that lists all houses that the bank has given notice of default on their loan (seller stopped making payments because of divorce, job loss, health/death, etc.). Anytime you have a wiered feeling stop and ask yourself, maybe I should look this up online so I can listen to everyone else tell me how they got scammed BEFORE I do.

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  • Pa
    Paul Apr 27, 2009

    when someone finds a home and use the listing every body thinks you work for american stand. which in realty i do work with them 199.00 for a service that a real estate agent charges 20 times more then that is a diffrence of service.. if you know how to buy a home.. and dont need help.. then buy a home .. or just sit and blog blog blog away

    plus i spent 50 dollars on every rental app

    and twice the amount of the rent for a deposit

    so come on people your not going to get a home for
    199 dollars

    so thats you fault im an investor of proerty
    and your right there isn't alot of proerty but i still have a
    year with them so lets see what happens

    i will keep you posted

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  • Ti
    Tiffanyanne Jul 28, 2017

    @Paul What is the new name and number I paid I sent letters and nothing and when I called it told me it was no longer in service this information would help me

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  • St
    Stacey54 Apr 28, 2009

    I subscribed to this web page this past saturday. My boyfriend and I went this morning to drive by one of the properties and the home was for sale by owner. We made a call and they told us that they have never subscribed to any americanstandardonline ### and that they are not behind any payment. The home was for sale for $450, 000 and was posting the house for $61, 000. Just imagine why a house that really cost 450k would cost 61k, They easily can just sale by owner for 250k. Whatever, I got a rejection letter and waiting 90 days to have my money back. The other deals are not good. I think they just make up all those prices or at least one price by city so they can scam people. We do not know what to do but we are going to the police station later with the home owner. We will appreciate any legal help.

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  • Sh
    Shizle Apr 29, 2009

    Thank you all for your comments. I just about paid the $199. Thank goodness I checked first. Ok I actually gave them a credit card that was not good first so I am glad it didn't go through now. I will look at the free listings and go the legit way!

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  • Tr
    truth be told Apr 30, 2009

    Realtors such as the guy making all the comments as if he is so grandious when many of you realtors have blood on your hands in so far as our present recession. You guys help cause the economic present downturn. You help sell all these homes and put these buyers together with the loan people who did all these bad prime loans. You got your 3 to 6% per sale. Now all of you knew these loans were bad and you did not care. You have the audacity to now act as You are in a glass house throwing stones and nasty comments because people now have to leave their homes, do short sales or RENT TO OWNS in order to stay above water. SHAME ON YOU.

    You should bury your head in complete shame.

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  • Tr
    truth be told May 01, 2009

    These companies that all of you are complaining about, would not exist if it were not for realtors, loan people and wall street.Put the blame where it really should be. Does any of this make it right. No. But let's be fair and point the finger in the right direction.


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  • Di
    disapointed May 01, 2009

    I paid the money, then googled the company(backwards). i feel sick to my stomach. im despuiting the carges with my bank. lesson learned...yet karma is a ###!

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  • Ma
    Manuel May 04, 2009

    I found a home in preforeclosure and i must say the price was dead on and it was still ready for payment takeover i never purchased a home before... To say the least im already negotiating the price with the bank.
    And they aren't claiming to be a title company.. In fact the lady that started this post owns here own Preforeclosure Listing Comp known as First Step i spoke to a lady at american standard and she explain that they are competitors that offer the same service from my understanding i think its fair to say
    that i paid a person to help me find a apt and i paid more then 200.00 at the end of the day you did buy a service
    just use it! I did

    And by the way the only reason i found this blog is because i referd someone and he called me back and told me what he found after he couldn't find the website online and he google it

    Just don't believe everything you read

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  • Gr
    grace May 05, 2009

    i want to thank the people that got scammed for posting these comments. i am a hard working women with a grandchild on the way. no one will give me a loan to buy a house and i almost went for it. something in side to me to check the internet on this company and i did and found all of ur comments. i'm sorry you got scam but thank you for helping the little people out

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  • Ab
    abalargh May 05, 2009

    Called the company and got a number to call back direct in case I actually did decide to give them my money. I decided to do some research before I made that kind of financial decision. Just so ya'll know, there is very obviously some nay-sayer jumping around websites telling people that everything is ok with this company...they continue to use the same lines over and over. For example.

    "It's not a scam!

    Your paying for a service, they help you get into a pre-foreclosed home with nothing down. It's funny how people are so willing to pay a real estate agent a 10 percent commission or higher on a house, which is usually $10, 000 or more. But if a company charges you $199 it's a scam? I would rather pay $199, I think real estate companies are scams and are the reason along with mortgage brokers why are economy sucks. Take advantage of the recession and get yourself a cheap house. I say do it!"

    That's Jason from .

    Sounds a lot like the people on this page to me. I didn't give anyone my money, but it seems according to this web site, that I made the right decision not to.

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  • Me
    Melissa May 06, 2009

    Hello, I just wanted to add my own insight to this. In fact this company is a scam and I will be contacting the authories concerning this. I am currently a student of Real Estate. There are laws that are in effect to protect the public from people pretending to be real estate companies. This is one of those. I wrote to American Standard and asked them to verify the legitimacy of their business by submitting to me their real estate license number (which is to be printed for all to see, by law) and their business license number. I have been ignored. It is within California Real Estate Law for those to be provided. This tells me that they are not a legitimate business. Research what I have said yourself. This is law and fact.

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  • Me
    Mercedes May 06, 2009

    We bought the services and the customer service online do not answer my calls! Any of the homes are on sale or pre foreclosure and any bank want to lend us money. Everything they promised over the phone is a lie, even their web page is so cheap. BTW I'm not competitor, I'm just a homemaker.

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  • An
    Angel May 06, 2009

    I just wanted to say that for so many people complaining about this company being a scam why has no one contacted the Better Business Bureau. I think this place is a scam as well. I found a posting on Craigslist and of course because of the listing being there I was sceptical. I spoke to a rep there who assured me that this was not a scam and they where accredited with the BBB. I advised this rep that I was still unsure and advised him that I would have to call him back after speaking to my fiance'. He did give me a direct # to get him. I went to BBB online and to my surprise this company is not accredited with the BBB. If you are going to tell me that your company is accredited with the BBB you better be darn sure that you speak the truth. I must say that if they hadn't lied I may have acctually belived them and given them my money.
    FYI: After seeing their post done today on Craigslist, and after making my call to them, they have since removed their post.

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  • Mi
    Milton May 06, 2009

    I have reported this company to the Better Business Bureau, because these scam artists must be stopped from victimizing others.

    They will not respond to my questions, they refuse to provide me with legitimate Business Qualifications, and will not speak with me, unless I am "prepared to pay them the money to gain access to the Listings I claim I am interested in."

    I'm thankful to those who have told their stories, out here.
    And to "TruthBeTold"- The way you attack those who have complained, I wouldn't be surprised if you are an "employee" of these scammers, under a pseudonym.
    If you are, I ask you this: Ever hear of what rats do, when the ship sinks?

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  • An
    Anonomous May 07, 2009

    At this website it said they had a C- rating with the BBB

    If you do have complaints please go and make them known so people don't get ripped off.

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  • Tr
    truth be told May 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of you who have commented on this whole subject need to check your facts. The BBB is the biggest scammers in the country. Read the Jan 21, 2009 article below that the LA times did on BBB doing PAY TO PLAY Schemes in other words scamers.
    LAT Home | Print Edition | All Sections Business SEARCH

    You are here: LAT Home > Business News

    Email Picture
    Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times
    Unless it pays a fee to be listed as an accredited business, Wolfgang Puck's world-famous Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills will never get A-plus grade from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB currently gives Spago a B-minus.
    David Lazarus:
    Better Business Bureau grades companies on a peculiar curve
    Lori Shepler / Los Angeles Times
    Unless it pays a fee to be listed as an accredited business, Wolfgang Puck's world-famous Spago restaurant in Beverly Hills will never get A-plus grade from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB currently gives Spago a B-minus.
    Paying the BBB to be listed as an accredited business appears to have instant benefits in the agency's ratings.
    David Lazarus
    January 21, 2009
    If you check out Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant on the Better Business Bureau's website, you'll discover that, under the organization's new rating system, the world-famous Beverly Hills eatery merits a grade of B-minus.

    Why? That's hard to say. The online report says the bureau has received no complaints about Spago from customers and is unaware of any government actions against the restaurant.

    Video: Better Business Bureau... What's with those Ticketmaster fees?Now check out the considerably less prominent Cafe Santorini in Pasadena. It too has prompted no complaints to the bureau and has no government actions outstanding. It gets a grade of A-plus.

    One big difference: Cafe Santorini pays the bureau about $350 a year to be listed as an accredited business. Spago makes no such payments and is thus an unaccredited business.

    The private, nonprofit Better Business Bureau insists there's no "pay-for-play" component to its new rating system.

    But a random search of the organization's database of about 4 million North American companies seems to show that the roughly 400, 000 accredited businesses, even those that get numerous complaints, very often receive higher grades than unaccredited companies with spotless complaint records.

    "There is no guarantee that an accredited business will get an A-plus, " said Steve Cox, a spokesman for the Better Business Bureau. "But should they get an A-plus? The answer is yes if they uphold the standards we espouse in the marketplace."

    Then why do so many unaccredited businesses get significantly lower grades?

    "I can't explain that, " Cox replied. "Clearly we need to do a better job in articulating what the differences are."

    The bureau announced this month that it would change its ratings to a letter grade system from the previous "satisfactory or unsatisfactory" system.

    "We wanted to get rid of any ambiguity, " Cox said. "A letter grade speaks to our degree of confidence that a business operates in a trustworthy manner. We're talking about business integrity."

    If that's the case, the Better Business Bureau may want to get its own house in order first.

    The majority of the bureau's funds come from selling accreditation to companies. Depending on the size of the business, accreditation costs between several hundred and several thousand dollars a year, Cox said.

    Accredited businesses are expected to uphold the bureau's standards for good conduct. In return, the companies can use the bureau's logo in their advertising and marketing materials.

    Panos Haitayan, co-owner of Cafe Santorini, said his restaurant's A-plus rating reflects its high-quality food and service. "We earned it, " he said.

    Does he think Cafe Santorini would be rated A-plus even if it were unaccredited?

    "I would say so, " Haitayan said.

    Nope. Cox said the highest grade an unaccredited business can get is an A. Only an accredited company -- in other words, one that pays an annual fee -- can receive an A-plus.

    This isn't spelled out anywhere on the bureau's website. The site of its Los Angeles office says only that "the highest rating assigned to a company is A-plus; the lowest is F. Between those two ratings are nine others in order from higher to lower."

    A B-minus, according to the site, "may relate to length of time in business, a past problem that's been corrected, or something else that does not cause problems for consumers."

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  • Tr
    truth be told May 07, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of you should do your homework before you complain or make suggestions about people and businesses. Here you are putting the BBB on high when they are the biggest scammers around. Read the LA Times article dated Jan 21, 2009 on the BBB practicing PAY TO PLAY. The same scheme that the Gov. of Chicago got arrested and indicted for. The LA Times confronted the BBB for being scammers. Which they have been for year.


    -2 Votes
  • Te
    ten May 09, 2009

    I have joined with this company and have NEVER had a problem contacting their customer service department or with them returning calls. They explained in detail what they do and have not once said that all the homeowners listed are part of their customer database. To the contrary, they said that only about 60% of the homeowners have contacted them and the rest are from preliminary foreclosure notices.

    Maybe you folks just don't know what questions to ask and expected to walk into a house with no effort. I was told up front that the $199 was for having them pull houses in my area that were in preforeclosure. I know I could get this information myself, but with traveling 80% of the time, who has the time to do that? This company is helping put me and my family in a home when I could not go to a bank with my current credit rating.

    Grow up people and stop expecting overnight miracles!

    -1 Votes
  • Tr
    truth be told May 14, 2009

    AND no I do not work for any of the above entities, you guys need to do your research and stop dropping the BBB name because they are the biggest scammers around. It's not rocket science to figure out. Put blame on the realtors and loan officers too.

    And don't worry about me getting on a ship without doing my homework I'm toooo smart to do otherwise.

    -2 Votes
  • Fr
    francis May 16, 2009

    Hey ten... Have you found a house yet ????
    I think one of the major complaints is, if I were a home owner, why in the HECK would you list my house with some company and have strangers come to my home wanting to take a look inside while I'm fighting hard to save my home so my family isn't out on the streets??? Thats the thing.
    I contacted them today after seeing their ad on Craigslist and I knew the offer was too perfect.
    No money down !!!
    No credit check !!!

    You know what, I've been praying for a larger residence for my growing family and if this company is truly a SCAM then they are definitely going to reap what they are sowing...

    0 Votes
  • Te
    ten May 16, 2009

    First off, you don't just show up at the person's door. You send them a letter. And 60% of these homeowners have voluntarily listed their house with American Standard with the other 40% coming from foreclosure filings listed with the local courts. As for finding a house yet, it takes more than two weeks. It took me longer than that to find a house through conventional options 10 years ago.

    Letters are sent to the homeowners and they make the decision to contact American Standard. No one is trying to throw them out of their home. It's an option for people to avoid foreclosure, keep their credit relatively intact, and start fresh again. If they decide to stay and try to save their home, good for them. If they decide they can't, this is the alternative to ruining their credit for the next 7-10 years.

    If this whole process takes 3-6 months, that is 3-6 months of my time I'm willing to invest. I will continue to post here so people can follow my progress to see if this is a success or not. But don't expect a daily posting. As things happen, I'll let you all know. If it turns out to be a scam, I will let you know and if it turns out to be a reality, you'll know that as well. We have about half a dozen friends watching our progress on this as well. At this point, we have sent out only 8 letters to homeowners whose houses fit our needs. We are looking at another 7 houses tomorrow. To find 15 houses I'm interested in within 2 weeks seems to be a pretty good average to me.

    Stayed tuned. Remember, it takes patience and perservance through this process.

    -1 Votes
  • Ju
    Julian May 17, 2009

    I just paid $199 for their program and I got ripped off also. Don't mess with these people. Its totally bogus!!!

    0 Votes
  • Te
    ten May 17, 2009

    How can you claim to be ripped off when you just joined????

    -1 Votes
  • He
    heavenlyhomie May 20, 2009

    are you guys serious? you mean to tell me that they've been in business since 2004 and they're suddenly a scam? there are no bbb complaints at all! lemmings! if one person has a bad experience because they don't understand how nod's work, the rest of you just jump on board? what a waste of a blessing!

    -1 Votes
  • Sc
    scamed Jun 14, 2009

    its a scam so just demand a charge back from your credit card company

    0 Votes
  • Da
    David L Jun 15, 2009

    I almost got scammed too. I talked to them on the phone several times and they were extremely pushy and rude. I have no power to file a complaint with the BBB because I never actually paid them money, but those who have been burned, make SURE you go to the BBB and report it. The salesguy said to me on the phone "check us out on BBB's website, if we were a scam, we'd have complaints." The problem is that people haven't taken the time to file the complaints. I did write a review on TrustLink (which I encourage all of you to do).

    0 Votes
  • Do
    Doc Jun 15, 2009

    The address for this company is a private mail box at UPS store. If it is not a scam then why have PMB.

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    Bay Area Jun 22, 2009

    I called this company today and was told that there had GREAT standing with the BBB...I was in the process of checking while talking and when I informed this jerk of what I found (that they are NOT in ANY standing with the BBB) he got extrememly nervous and really quite. At least the fool didnt hang up...

    Anyway he tried his hardest to get me t give him a credit card number...which I did...I MADE UP THE NUMBER!!! Then I called the county collectors office and found that anyone can get listings for a few dollars and contact the owners directly. The kick is that you MUST find out how delinquent the payments and taxes are!!!

    DO NOT DEAL WTIH this company.

    0 Votes
  • Zi
    zima Jun 26, 2009

    I am Thankful that people took the time to post about AmericanStandardOnline. What a bunch of slick-fast talking crooks.
    They presented themselfs as a bank to me.
    Want to see them squirm? ask them for their ABA number, their registered officer with the Corp. Comm for the State of CA. My questions made them hostile and aggressive.

    0 Votes
  • No
    Notar1 Jun 27, 2009

    Thanx if anyone wants info on there ad is on craiglist in portland oregon listing, I called but they want to talk about money first. if there so honest why dont they just attack the fee afterwards when someone gets a home . everyone would be more proud to pay a fee afterwards since they already guarantee ..


    0 Votes
  • No
    Notar1 Jun 27, 2009

    I did just called from Portland oregon ther is a craiglist on homes but they wanted fee to soon before explination of the whole deal if so good then why dont they just add the fee after home is secure.. thanx for having a list on this i just did a google search to see if anything was up and got here

    0 Votes
  • Ta
    Tatomya Jul 13, 2009

    i agree that this is a scam>> i was on craigs list and saw a listing for a 3/2 1, 800/sq ft house for $765/mo and a 4/2 house for $905/mo. all i would be doing is taking over the payments and no credit check>> i thought it was too good to be true so i called just to inquire about it. he said that i would need to pay a $199/ one time fee that refundable after 90 days if i dont find a home. when i aske d when i would have to pay that he told me now over the phone. he would not even email me any information before i paid any money and i told him i did not feel comfortable doing that so he lead me to a web site to check them out ( but i couldnt even get past the homepage w/out paying the $199 so he can email me the user name and password. i told him i would need to look over the web site and talk this over with my boy friend before making that kind of decision so he hung up on me. Then it occurred to me that this is too good to be true like i thought it was. so i google american standard online and came accross this page with all the complaints so im glad im smater than the average bear and didnt give them my money!!!

    0 Votes
  • Am
    american standard online Jul 15, 2009

    I called this company today with out looking at the sign up page on their website. They ran through their list of stuff to lure you in and then I asked for the website information. Good thing the convos are recorded because the gentlemen that I spoke to, Arthur Steele stated to me that it would cost 1.99 to view their site. Then after returning home later tonight I was checking my account balance and sure enough they charged me 199.00. I have since sent them an email and tried to make contact with my bank. I just pray that they return my money. My husband is deployed and im here alone with our 3 month old son. I cant afford 199.00 to lose. I can't believe this company does this to people. How can they get away with it. I even asked this rep several times if it was really 1.99. He stated each time that it was. I can't help but cry because I feel like I have been robbed.

    0 Votes
  • Fl
    fleyen Jul 17, 2009

    Thanks so much for all the posts. I have had a couple of email conversations with American Standard. I was going to contact them tomorrow and was seriously thinking about giving them the $199.00. I am so glad that I googled them and found this website. Thank you for educating me about NOD's. Now that I know about this process I am pursuing preforeclosure homes on my own.

    I too, got their information from craigslist. My first alarm was when I went back to craigslist less than 24 hours later after I originally found and called the number on their ad and could not find the ad. Seriously... it was like six hours later and the ad had vanished.

    It pays to do your research!

    0 Votes
  • He
    Headerdea Jul 21, 2009

    They almost scammed me yesterday, but I gave them the run around and said I'd call them back. They are posting all over Craigslist, so everytime I see one of their postings, I flag the posting as "Prohibited". Anytime someone asks you for your credit card information over the phone, especially from websites like Craigslist, it's a scam. I wish I could make a posting on Craigslist somewhere where anyone who is looking for some type of housing, knows not to go through ASO.

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