Your American Standardhousing scam

A scam. They want $199 for internet access to "pre-foreclosed" homes. Many of the homes they list are not even for sale! The prices are completely wrong, and you will not be able to get your money back. They don't do anything for you. They are a scam. Do not give them your money!


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    nocturnal434 Oct 12, 2010
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    Any one who asks for ANY Monetary Commitment in advance with out sending you literature, references, and / or credentials is a SCAMMER.

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  • Ke
    Keigh Oct 16, 2010

    Your American Standard, if they aren't a scam I'll be surprised!

    When calling the company:

    * They don't immediately identify the company or organization you're calling, but will ask you to put down $199

    * Don't provide references, bank affiliations, or qualifications to be interfacing with banks and buyers

    * Customer service is rude and when you ask for a manager they either hang up on you, or transfer you to another agent. There is no voicemail where you can leave a complaint for a manager either.

    * Don't identify what company you're calling or give any sort of business name on Craigslist ads and give you an (866) number... but tell you you can rent to own a house for under market rates.

    * Have several different 866 numbers listed in different Craigslist ads that you can call, in case you have a bad experience with one number, apparently..

    * When calling a different number from a different ad, the customer service agent gave a false name "Greg" and when we got to the point where I might need to call him back, gave me a different name.

    * If you state that you need to talk to your husband before putting down almost $200 on a service you haven't been able to check out, they pressure you (stating they'll refund your money if it doesn't work out in 90 days) and ask you to put them on the phone instead. If you say they're not there they ask you where they are. Is that ANY of their business??

    * If you DO get a website and business name out of them, and Google search them.. the only listings that come up are the website, and this complaint board!

    STAY AWAY from these guys! Bad news here!

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    Bree007 Oct 17, 2010
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  • Do
    don Reagal Oct 20, 2010

    You guys are lazy idiots!!! i am a real estate investor that has aquirred 6 homes from American Standard!!! These are distressed properties that you have access to by paying 199.00 and they even do a title search on the home !!! which takes a lot of time. It jsut takes time and effort and you can obtain a property for under fair market value to either flip and make a profit or own the home to rent out or live in a nice piece of property. Problem is that half of you that call are lazy americans you want everything handed to for no effort at all. You make me Sick!!! but not sick enough to not profit from these homes that they have listed.

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  • La
    lazy american Oct 23, 2010

    this Don Regal not an American...who refers to Americans the way he does? dude...we don't say "you people are lazy Americans" when referring to "ourselves", unless you are not an American. i was real close to investing until i read this guys comments about "lazy Americans" before i realised it was a scam and he more than likely works for American standard and is trying to put a good word in for his company>>>lol>>>real tacky. thanks to all the "lazy Americans" who warned me into not being scammed>>>>

    lazy american...

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    fefe1 Nov 04, 2010
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    Thanks very much to those of you who have taken the time to write your reviews on this company. You have certainly helped a lot of people. Again, we are reminded, do not give out money to any one you can't see in person.

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  • Ho
    house hunter Nov 10, 2010

    Thank you for all your info. We thought it was "to good to be true" & also found out their mailing address is a UPS store in a strip mall. Had to remind myself "you get what you pay for" & "you do not get anything for free now days" Thanks again for the warnings & saving us $200

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  • Ja
    jay855 Nov 11, 2010

    Thanks for the heads up just got off the phone with them when they said money i told him i would call back thank you thank you!!!

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  • Jr
    J Rocketz Nov 15, 2010

    Wow! I literally just got off of the phone with this American Standard company.. I was asked for my credit card information almost immediately.. I asked can i take a look at their website first to make sure it is something i want to do before just handing over 200 bucks. He quickly stated that there is a 90% success rate and a money back guarantee in 90 days if we are nt in a home by then and moved right back to the payment information. I didnt like the fact that i wasnt gien a site to look at and further more being rushed into giving up my money with no guarantee in writing... I hung up the phone. Its Murphys law guys... Be careful!

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  • St
    steelhorse Dec 05, 2010

    this is funny because i use to sell realastate in ct when i asked rhonda a few simple questions she had to think of anwers now anyone that worked with me had the anwers rite then and there its real shadie to me

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  • Ra
    Raimax69 Dec 29, 2010

    WOW, I can't believe the comments i'm reading! I almost gave in and gave them the money, but it sounded to good to be true. I asked them for a website to check out first and they gave me the website that brought me here, thanks American Standard for the heads up!

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  • Ak
    akaia47cash Jan 11, 2011

    I just got off the phone with the company . I told them I was scammed and they recomended this site ...lmao
    thanks to everyone even the lazy repersentive.

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  • Qu
    Quada41 Jan 27, 2011

    i am thanking God right now that these reviews are on here it just seemed to good to be true so i kept asking i have to pay 199 before i get the listing or view a home and he kept explaining why so i said well just let me give you a call back when i decide what im going to do and i did a search on the company and this is what i found Thank God for all of the True Americans on this site it saved me a single mother of three from losing something i so desperately need im living with family and have saved enough to move but my credit isnt good at all so this is why i was so tempted but God is good i wont be making this mistake

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  • Og
    O.G.Eric.B Feb 08, 2011

    If you've made it this far down this long list of confirmed smams, realize, as i did, IT'S WITHOUT A DOUBT A SCAM. Remember, a scam shows it's disgusting face right off the bat then tries to hide behind the smell-good scent of a lie. Thing is, a scam is so pitifully disgusting that you can always smell it's presence. Thus, if it SMELLS like a scam, it most likely IS a scam.

    Shame on you, Your American Standards Online

    O.G. Eric B

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  • Th
    THANK GOD IM EDUCATED!!! Feb 14, 2011


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  • Ha
    hatescammers123 Feb 23, 2011

    I just got off the phone with them too and they hung up on me when I said I needed to know the name of their company and I needed something for my $199. They hung up on me. I thought maybe it was a mistake so I called back and got a lady and she hung up on me when I started asking about the company, said either I paid the money or not because she was real busy. Can you imagine that!

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  • Me
    memyselfandi234 Mar 08, 2011

    I just got off the phone with these guys, the idiot gave me a personal phone to call when I decided. The number is to some elderly woman's house and she had no idea what I was talking about. The guy kept on the pressure about giving my credit card info to him but I told him I had to talk to my wife. He kept asking "where is she? when is she coming back? I need a committment by the close of business today". I asked for something in writing and he hung up. What a douche!

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  • Wp
    wpresb1 Mar 21, 2011

    LOL this is too funny and really not funny at all! I just got off the phone with this pretend company and this guy did the same spill about three times. He went on and on about how these houses were not available to the public and i was getting first dibs! He told me his name and ID number repeatedly, and he even rambled off about fifteen houses with street names only and said he would get fired if he told me their exact locations. What got me was when he said "you got over 800 houses in your zip code alone"! I guess that was the "Juicy" part that should have had me reaching for my credit card. As soon as he said he needed it for the $199.00 I said "Oh no I can't give you anything until I can properly investigate your website and business, he then asked me "why did you call for a house if you weren't serious!?" I said I am but I'm not giving you anything right now, I haven't even seen any of these houses. However when I took a look at some of the street names I had written down during the conversation they were some of the same names I had aquired during all of my web browsing for homes. This fraud of a company has no more information than what we can find ourselves by just surfing the web.

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  • Co
    Conscientious Customer Mar 27, 2011

    Just go to the above link and check out the Better Bsiness Bureau Rating for Your American Standards Online and then decide how you want to invest your 199.00

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  • Pk
    pkat Apr 18, 2011

    I thank God for just giving me common sense. I was always told that if it sounds to good to be true most likely it is. I just got off the phone with this guy and he began telling me of all the benefits of using their service. He told me the same things that I have read in the previous post. He also began to tell me that the properties that were available for my area were due for viewing in a couple of weeks. I was interested until he said that he needed the $199 to get the complete listing of their homes. I immediately asked him his name and for him to state the company (that wasn't identified upon answering the phone) he worked for. He belted out "American Standard", I then told him that I'd just give him a call back. I googled the name and this is what I found. Its a shame that people be allowed to try and scam honest hard working citizens, something must be done!

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  • Le
    Lester S Apr 21, 2011

    I am one of those who believes in the old days of keeping your word and doing what you say you will do.

    I PAID THE COMPANY (lesson learned) and got a list of houses. We drove for days looking at the exterior and sent off over 50 "mailings" and NO ONE responded. When we call American Standard and complained they said they had a "special list" and sent it to us. Another 50 mailing and NADA !

    As of today 4/20/2011 thir phone lines are ALWAYS BUSY. Our over inflated lease is comming to a close and we have no idea where we are going to live without disrupting our kids schools, Sports activities and scouting outings.

    Anyone have ANY suggestion as to how to bust these people? I read in the string the the Attorney General was of no help and that the Better Bussiness Buere can't do anything but take reports.

    So this is what American has come to ... MY BAD for believing and trusting in man kind.

    Believe me when I say I wont help ANYONE because I am now leary about anything I see or hear.

    I am at fault for not doing my home work and take full responsibilty for that. Too bad I will never donate or send money to help those that are legit - But I'm on my way to the sidewalk with 3 kids and our dog.

    If anyone has an answer as to how to get these A-Holes contact me at: [email protected]

    I am in major panic .. Thanks for the posts from all of you - But it's too late for me.

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  • Bn
    BnBurndB4 May 07, 2011

    I too just got off the phone with these frauds, the guy, Derek Smith, sounded very convincing all the way through his speech, I was almost ready to take the bait until he asked "What credit card would you like to use today" I said that I wasn't prepared to give him any money now! He then says "Well if your looking to get into a place this month..." I interrupted him and said I want to do a little research about them and I will call him back, he tried to say he had some 900 or so placements as I was hanging up. IF IT SOUND TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT USUALLY IS! I am tempted to call him back and tell him about everything I have here.
    Thank you to everyone that have shared their experiences with these crooks.

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  • Na
    NANIAT Jun 08, 2011

    I just got off the phone with an agent from American Standards i asked for some information about the company so i can find out if they were legitimate with the better business bureau. i got nothing but the persons phone number. any company that ask for money without you having access to their information is a scam. An to the triflin African that said Americans are lazy yet, you monkeys are always trying to come to our country. SO not only are you a monkey but a stupid one at that.

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  • Au
    auraguzman Jun 09, 2011

    yes they are I was going to pay 199 but it sounded so good to be true. Im looking for a house for rent or rent to own can anyone help please? where can i fing this list at or etc

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  • La
    ladyliberty1219 Jun 15, 2011

    Thank God for this website. When I called the girl sounded like she was at home eating lunch. Very unprofessional. Ofcourse I asked for the company name. I found that the girl Tina that answered the phone was very vague and didn't want to answer alot of the questions I asked. I believe this is a scam and once you get the "list" you won't find anything. Don't waste your time!!!

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  • Ir
    irishprincess3306 Jun 23, 2011

    i just paid the 199 and they told me that the listings come with the contact info to the home owner and every house i looked at theres no contact info ... if this is really a scam how do i get my money back ???

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  • Ca
    Cathy Chestnut Jun 29, 2011

    I have 5 different numbers for this American Standard, I got these numbers out of Maryland Pennysavers of Suitland Maryland, got five different names and direct numbers and when I ask for the same information that everyone else did the same thing happen, all they want is your money. If you are reading this KEEP YOU MONEY IN YOUR BANK.

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  • Ms
    MsHazel22 Jul 07, 2011

    Woow i am very happy that I read these comments because it just wouldnt sit right with me!I had to look it up and its too good to be true. like come on now its in the pennysaver with all kinds of different numbers. smh

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  • Ta
    talia hazel Jul 07, 2011

    That is exactly why I checked to see if it was a scam before i gave them my money. The lady "MARY" and "ROBERT" sound very polite but its total scam!

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  • Rh
    Rhiannon86 Jul 16, 2011

    I found an ad in the paper for these guys, and like u all said, it sounds too good to be true. The lady I spoke to didn't make mention and didn't pressure me about giving her money, but she wanted me to give her money before I looked at the web site. So I was like, well when I'm ready to do it, I will call u back. She gave me no trouble at all really. But after I got off the phone, I said to my sister, "yup we're googling their ###. lol" And sure enuf this is what I came up with. Pretty much any company that wants money up front, is a scam. I almost, ALMOST learned that the hard way. She also mentioned that there were 300 homes or something within a 10 mile radius of me. I drive all over my area, and I dont see that many for sale signs neways, so I knew as soon as she said that she was full of crap; started drilling her with Questions and I thought it was a scam. They also have other ads in the paper..just words are turned around and the number is different, but when u call it, there's that lady that says, thank u for calling us, a representative will be with u shortly. Same yes, STEER CLEAR!!!

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  • Av
    Avulcanrider Jul 29, 2011

    I'm almost sure the guy I just got off the phone with was named Don Reagal ! And he had a British Accent . I have no problem paying a finders fee Don ! But not before I see what you have found !
    Just like everyone else said : They don't want to admitt who they are . He didn't want me to put the name of the company in Google . Go durectly to the website using this URL

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  • Iv
    ivelearnedmylesson Aug 04, 2011

    Im a victim of this american standard online, i paid $199 with my credit card and spoke to Agent Will Reynolds, he told me that his Ext # is 1153 and he said his office is open M-F 1-9pm. He told me to call the same number i called and dial that ext when im ready, now I just called and another lady named Tony answered and she sounds like a drunk lady. And when i called Customer service this morning, they told me that i need to send a letter to get my refund back. The reason I fell from this scam is that we are currently experiencing a really bad situation at our current place, Couple of strangers jumped over our wall, and our neighbor got robbed, and so is our neighbor. I cant believe that ill be robbed here online. I wanted to do something to get my money back, i hope someone can help me, or tell me what to do. That $199 is a big loss for me.

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  • He
    heavytech1 Aug 09, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I called today and talked to American Standard Property. No one was rude but they did start trying to sell me on the website for $200 right off. Curious, I called BBB and the F.T.C. to enquire about them. Both places stated that A.S.P. had a rating of "F" and more than 156 complaints filed against them. Most were from not refunding money to individuals that were not satisfied with their service. Don't think this is the route for me to be taking to acquire a house!!!

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  • My
    mysticnight Aug 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    has anyone ever gotten their money back from these people

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  • My
    mysticnight Aug 18, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i got scammed by this company and was wondering if anyone has ever gotten their money back

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  • Jh
    jh756 Sep 03, 2011

    I just talked to these folks on the phone. The pushy lady on the phone barely let me get a word in edge-wise. I asked about the refund policy, she said 90 days, I got the website address out of her & asked where the refund policy was, she didn't respond but I found it in the terms & conditions & there it was - 90 days with 5 rejections from homeowners. Being a homeowner & having worked in the finance industry for the past couple of years I could tell right away when I started talking to the woman about the details of how the business worked that she didn't know what she was talking about. Most of it just sounded like she was just making it up on the fly. I'm glad I found this site before moving forward with paying them $199 for some list.

    For those who've lost their money, I would file a dispute with your credit card company stating that this company didn't give you what you paid for. Should be fairly easy to win since they never actually sent you a physical product. Also, for those who are looking for a refund, you might also look at their terms & conditions - I believe it said they would only refund within 90 days, with 5 rejection letters and only when sent a letter by certified mail.

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  • Sg
    sgtdrea Sep 06, 2011

    I just called this company. There was a very pushy man name Morgan that answered and he spoke extremely fast and did not identify the company. When I asked the name of the company he yelled AMERICAN STANDARD. He asked me if I wanted to register for the program to buy a house and take over a loan before it went into foreclouser. I asked by register do you mean pay $199.00 now? He said you want house don't you. I said yes I do. He said I need to get registered for the website and access the listingsm, so I need to pay the $199.00 He stated I said you can get a refund in 90 days. I said need to think about. He said yes you think about it and call us right back. He was very rude and impatient and put me on alert immediatly. I'm so glad I checked this website. Thanks for the info.

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  • Ti
    Tiffany Lanette Sep 09, 2011

    I just got off the phone with Mark, operator ID 206, Direct Line 805) 617-8060. He made it seem so easy to do, there are over 300 properties to choose from. He gave me a story about him losing his home and his parents losing their home as well. I did not pay the fee because I wanted to check them out first. How are they not out of business yet? They are getting so many people's hopes up, there are so many Americans looking for homes at an affordable rate. Thank everyone for your comments, You saved me $200.00 bucks. Oh and when I told him this seems too good to be true, he responded with, this is really sad, all of these people have to walk away from their $500, 000 homes, so this isnt a good thing at all. Wow, these people are surely gonna get whats coming to them!

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  • Lo
    londonking Sep 20, 2011

    please poeple stay the hell away from American standard you will loose very quick very quicklite.

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  • Be
    believenunofwhatyouhear Oct 12, 2011

    I also just got off the phone with American Standard. I don't remember the mans name. But he didn't offer me much information. I asked him how I went about the process and all he could say was to pay the 199.00 to get registered. I asked well don't I need to come into your office to set this up? He said no you pay online and he didn't offer any website. I had to ask him for the website. So I decided to google it because even the website didn't offer me any real detailed information. If it sounds to good to be true than it usually is. My theory, Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Thank you all for your posts or I may have been scammed myself. We should post this website on Craigslist.

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