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American Standard Online / they never helped me find a home I want my $199 back

Feb 28, 2019

My husband and I paid american standard online $199 and they were supposed to find us a home within a couple days after that that never happened I did everything I was supposed to do to get my refund I was sent an email saying they were going to refund my money and they never did i'd like...

American Standard Online / toilet [protected]

Jun 06, 2018

American Standard OnlinePurchased this toilet 7/15/17 at Rona Lindsay ON. Toilet has a 5 year warranty with American Standard. Toilet tank liner has become loose. I have attempted to contact American Standard customer service for weeks. Spent over an hour with no answer on phone - put on hold. Sent two detailed...

American Standard Online / american standard online title company

Mar 03, 2018

I paid $199.99 to American Standard Online in hopes of viewing and purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, or just for sale. Some of these "home" addresses were actually business' that were nowhere near going out of business let alone a home setting at all ex.(Wendy'...

American Standard Online / membership fee

Aug 29, 2017

I also joined the membership and paid $199.00 last year. However, I sent hundreds of letters to the property addresses listed on the website, which I was told the payment is only a few hundred dollar a month. But I never received any response from them about the property. As I was about to...

American Standard Online / refund

Aug 03, 2017

Called to request the $199.00 that was pulled from my account 6 months after I signed up. Got no where with the agents. Went to access the website for information on how to get my refund. The site is no longer active. I want my refund of $199.00 now. I feel I was used just to fund the...

American Standard Online / rent to own

Jul 22, 2017

I have contacted them with options and nothing comes out of it I signed up with them looking for a home when I relocated- guaranteed money back and never did receive the money back. All research I did showed it was not a scam but I see they can faulzify that information as well. I have...

American Standard Online / payment made

Jul 06, 2017

I gave them $200 to help me find a house never got any help or my money back it's been 3years and no one has called me for a home or no one has tried to return my money so in other words it was a scam I still have my ID number that was giving to me at the time of payment is there anything...

American Standard Online / return cancellation

Jun 17, 2017

I had paid for something I didn't know about. When that happened I had canceled my account asap and when I wonted my money back I was upset that I couldn't get back right away. They has me go on the website to right to some home owners that was listed on the website but know the site i...

American Standard Online / poor quality water heater and delayed service

Jun 03, 2017

I purchased a commercial water heater of American Standard brand. And only three months, it was leaking heavily. I called the service department and they investigated that it was the quality problem for their product. And they scheduled to deliver me a new one to replace the old one at...

American Standard Online / I paid 200 for nothing

May 09, 2017

I was tired of renting and wanted a change. So i saw this company online. They made me believe that they would walk me thru everything all i had to do was look thru a list and point one out. I did and nothing happen. Its been about 3 years and America Standard has not helped my family. Now...

American Standard Online / scamming about homes that u never get

Apr 26, 2017

I went online to look at homes because I was in desperate need of finding a home a came across a couple of websites! I called a few of the sites but American Standard Online stood out to me the most after viewing their pics n info. I spoke to the specialist and everything sounded great so...

American Standard Online / paid 199 and have requested refund several times.

Mar 17, 2017

I paid 199 and explained to them that I was in need of a home. They false advertise to get you to pay this 199 fee and they never help. I sent mail and stopped by the homes some of which were not there and others did not respond. After I kept requesting a refund they said something about...

American Standard Online / refund money. lists never updated

Nov 15, 2016

We decided to try this thinking this would give us the opportunity to buy our own first home. We sent out a bunch of contact letters and only got 4 or 5 back and all of the either say no mail receptacle or no such address. We are on a tight budget as we live in a shelter so the 200 we sent...

American Standard Online / rent to own homes

Oct 30, 2016

I was looking for a home to rent on Craigslist as I can't afford my rent now. I came across a listing for a home in my school District for 2 of my 4 children. I called and it was American Standard they told me that they would help me get into a home that I could afford and own. The nice...

American Standard Online / they were selling real estate

Oct 20, 2016

They told me and my husband they were going to do all the paper work for us and we should pay a fee of 199 and they told me they could only refund me back 150 on 10/17/2016 and since then there phone has been out of service .I told them I wanted a full refund of my money and the...

American Standard Online / cancellation policies

Sep 21, 2016

Thus company is a total scam! I signed up over the phone through an agent who told me that after 3 months of having the service and you are unsuccessful in finding a home, your 200 dollar enrollment fee will be refunded. I sent over 25 contact letters and heard back from none of the...

American Standard Online / service is undoubtedly a scam

Aug 29, 2016

On may 28th, 2016, I, a 19 year old college student looking to relocate from WV to FL, was scammed majorly from ASO. I found the ad on craigslist while looking for places to rent. Contacted the "company" after seeing multiple ads, and a customer service rep was very helpful in the proce...

American Standard Online / pre-foreclosure homes *absolute scam*

May 25, 2016

I saw this property on craigslist so I called the provided number (Craigslist link I was interested in : https://charlotte. Craigslist.Org/apa/[protected]. Html) The housing agent kevin gleason - operator # 2587, said the have all of theses properties that are pre-foreclosure. I could...

American Standard Online / selling titles to homes that don't exist like this co. tells you can get a home.

May 17, 2016

My son and I seen this company listed online rent to own, well that's what my son wanted to do but he didn't have a credit or debt card, so I put it on my card. I called and this very kind man explain to me how great this co. would help my son, I told this man I was on disbility...

American Standard Online / misprepresentation

Aug 15, 2014

8/15/2014 11:42 AM - American Standard does NOT perform as represented. They have a BBB "F" RATING. I live in Fort Worth TX (76116)... their most recent listing is from 2011... today is 8/15/2014. Customer Service is [protected]. Doug is their manager. When challenged to run a list of current...

American Standard Online / craigslist scam company

Jun 11, 2014

Just called about a posting on Craigslist. It felt like a scam as soon as he asked "Is this something you think you'd be interested in doing?" Please. I work for a sales company. I know this close. I wanted to be able to see the homes before committing $200 to a title search. I asked...

American Standard Online / money refund

Mar 22, 2013

Me and my husband saleemah and ralph stevenson signed up for this service on december 17, 2012. It was orignally in my husband ralph stevenson name. When asked could it be transferred in my name; saleemah mccord; immediatley it was changed. We have found housing as of january 27, 2013. We...

American Standard Online / total scam

Jan 03, 2013

It's definitely too good to be true. ASO is complete ###. They charge you $199 with the promise that you will receive a refund after 90 days if you don't have any luck finding a house that is nearing foreclosure. After 90 days of NOTHING, no responses from homeowners, no help from...

American Standard Online / conartist, sleeze bag, hit man


Saw Craigslist advertisement, phoned to investigate. Guy asked about my income and what I was looking for. He checked his data base and told me there were 33 homes in my zip code and they were all very nice. Said I could qualify with my income and I asked him to cut to the chase and...

American Standard Online / they took my credit card number and charged me $199


They took my credit card number and charged me $199 and told me that I can get a refund if I don't move into one of the houses they were renting. Now when I asked for a refund, they ask me to wait at least 90 days. When I spoke to my bank, they told me that they cannot dispute charge...

American Standard Online / bait and switch listing company


In February 2011, I was searching for housing on Craigslist. I ran across a picture of a house that I was interested in renting. After clicking on the link, I called the phone number on the web page. According to the sales pitch that I was given by Derek Smith, who also gave me his "direct...

American Standard Online / american standards online is a bait and switch listing company


In February 2011, I was searching for housing on Craigslist. I ran across a picture of a house that I was interested in renting. After clicking on the link, I called the phone number on the web page. According to the sales pitch that I was given by Derek Smith, who also gave me his "direct...

American Standard Online / rent to own houses scam


The company: American Standard Online advertised on Craigslist for Rent to own houses. The Customer Service was so nice and will encourage you to join and pay $199.00 so you can access their fore-closure houses in your area. I sent 40 letters and until now for 3 months nothing. I called...

American Standard Online / scam


These People are a huge scam. They say its not, and they promise you a refund after 90 days. But it is a total SCAM. I'm going to keep this short because its pretty much the same story, that everyone else has already said. I was tired of arguing with the "manager" and playing game...

American Standard Online / scam!!!


This Company Scammed Me and my Husband!!!...they said we could get our $199 back if we didnt find a house and when we repeatedly tried contacting them and sending them letters about wanting a refund they just didnt respond or lied about calling us back.

American Standard Online / fraud


American Online is definitely a SCAM company. I called there and asked a few questions, the customer services person directs you to this site, and while your at the application log in, he goes and ask for your credit card information.. just to get you THAT CLOSE... that even sound...

American Standard Online / fraudulent activity


Hey, so basically I saw the ad. I was curious but figured it was probably a scam. I called them up, asked them who they were found what their "program" was. I then asked some key questions. Are you realtors. No, we are brokers. So you are all licensed. Yes. Where are you. Ventura CA. What...

American Standard Online / refusing to give back money that is owed


i was told i would receive my money back from american standard after 90 days of course according to bank rules i am not allowed to receive any money back after 60 days so what they pulled was well planned. they claimed i need 5 denial letters but their are no way to receive them because...

American Standard Online / scam!


This is a scam - taking people's well-earned money and making them believe they can help you find a home and move in within 2-3 weeks. Little do you know you'll be paying $199 to mail out form letters to people who may or may not know their on this list / database. You won't...

American Standard Online / fraud


Even if you are so tired of paying rent to some one do not use this "service" Do not give her any personal information. She is using my credit card number for gas and has spent 300.00 wow what a B. This is a scam. Do not use this service. This is a scam

American Standard Online / fraud - abuse against retired disabled senior vet


Retired - disabled - senior - vet trying to find affordable housing living on ssdi. Contacted american standard online. Life everyone else after the fact, found they could not assist me with anytype of senior community housing. Folks we wrote were not even aware they were on a list. They...

Your American Standard / refund


Watch out for ads on craigslist! Don't give this company your $200! Originally i was searching for a home to rent or rent to own on I came across this advertisement for pre-forclosed houses for rent so i called the number listed. When speaking to the gentleman on the phone...

American Standard Online / rent to own


My husband and I were looking for a home to rent on craig's list. We saw an add that said take over payments, of $915.00 for a 3bedroom 2 bath home we were just so excited, it was exactly what we were looking for, we could have our dogs and rent that we could afford. So we decided to...

American Standard Online / bad customer services


I called them to help me look for a home. When i called the man i speak with told me i was approved with no credit check if i had a job i had a home. Then he asked for my credit card info i asked why he said when i find a home they will bill me then for 199. 00 only when i find a home...

American Standard Online / scam


I too have been scammed by American Standards online. As of today the company is giving me the refund of $199. Persistence is the key. I called them about 10 times and I had my banks fraud dept call them and spoke 3 way with American standards. I kept telling them that the State of Ohio...