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I was contacted by American Income Life on March 19th by a cellular phone, and told that they had viewed my resume at either Career Builders or the Monster website and that they wanted me to come in for an interview the next morning which would take approximately 2 1/2 hours. I then asked what position they were considering me for and what type of company they were. At which time I was told that it was a managers position at a fortune 500 company, and that they would train me in their office and that would also be paid. Needless to say when arrived at the AIL office it was packed with people we were instructed to sign in and hand our resumes to the receptionist. We were all interviewed individually and then sent into a group interview hosted by Jim Logan. During my interview alone I was told some of companies background, that they would assist me in getting the tools needed to work as a manager in their company, not to mention that Hunter who interviewed me had only been at the company for about 9 months, also out of the four employees/managers in the office only maybe 1 was with the company longer than 9 months which just happened to be the receptionist. Huh, now this definitely doesn't sound like a fortune 500 company with a high turnover, NOT!!! Then during the group interview which sounded like a recording I was informed that I would need $99 for the classes that would take a week online to get certified by the state to sale insurance to guaranteed leads, and $106 to attain the actual license itself, which I needed to have on hand at the 3rd and final interview tomorrow 03/21/08. So Where did the paid training go?! They reviewed my resume, and told me that I had what they were looking for so why in the hell do I need to pay for anything to work for them? I was seeking a job not looking to pay money to have a job! American Income Life is a joke and they to be reported to career/ job finding websites about the way they are scamming people and giving them false hope of a secure career with growth opportunity and benefits. They sold me a false dream of finally having the financial security that I want for myself and family our future. AIL wasted my precious time that I could have used to find a real job with growth opportunities. I am now scared of having my resume posted for employers to view, because they all maybe scams and I don't have time to waste playing the fool following false dreams.


  • Br
    Brad Apr 17, 2008

    Here is what I have to say about that. If you were offered your own building, supplies, customers, and training say for a McDonalds franchise for only $205???? You would have been a sole-proprieter. This is not a scam, you had an opportunity to make alot of money but you are closed minded and foolish. You could have doubled your money in ONE SALE! There are no losers in life only quitters, the worst kind is the people who don't try. Thay always want something handed to them. Look AIL up on AM BEST

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  • Ma
    Matt Apr 20, 2008

    In response to above...yes and no. It's a headhunting bit to get people in (more on that in a moment).

    You are selling life insurance. You are calling 'warm' leads that are generated through several different sources. You then are going to their place, going through a pre-dispositional script (practiced in "training"), giving them a few "freebies" to start and then trying to sell them on a plan, to which you get straight commission for (no base).

    You and other fellow team members in a "office" are all calling out of the same lead sheets...when those expire and/or begin to dry up, you are then calling current members to maybe try and up sell, or "renew." After that, you are calling past customers who canceled. In downtime, you are then calling people to bring in for interviews to replace others; resumes are quickly searched on Yahoo, Monster, etc. and dumped into a large pile (the "numbers" game).

    How do I know this? I gave it a shot sometime back, but after seeing literally how much time & effort was needed to *maybe* make 50, 60, 70K (I think there was only 1 or 2 people not counting the director in my region who were easily pushing 100+K out of some 60-70 and about 40 being longer-term), you could work less at a desk job and make the same, or do better in another venture.

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  • Lk
    lkh May 13, 2008

    I just called for an interview. I wasnt told of the 2 1/2 hours to complete the process or the so called free training, but I did find it odd that no real info was given. I always research a company before going in for an interview. I have found numerous online references to scams with this company. Im not even wasting time to cancel the appointment. They know they are frauds. I will keep looking for a REAL opportunity.

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  • Ki
    kikstart2 May 28, 2008

    I just read with interest the complaint posted about AIL. I was contacted by American Income in Garden Grove, CA via my cell phone, which they had gotten from my resume that is posted on The respresentative told me that AIL had been in business since 1925 and that I wouldn't have to worry about them going under, a very stable company to work for. The rep. also informed me that I would make a good manager. I asked him what kind of manager and he said "a Regional Manager". So I asked him just exactly what I would be managing and he couldn't answer my question, instead he asked me if I could come in for an interview tomorrow. I told him I was working at the moment and would have to get his number to call him back to set up an interview date/time. The number he gave me turned out to be "not in service". My gut told me it was a sales job of some sort, and I am not interested in sales, regardless of the potential income. I am thankful I listened to my gut and even more thankful for the Complaints Board website to confirm I was right on the money about this company! I sure am glad I didn't waste my time going on an interview! I also complained to Monster for allowing a company like AIL to obtain my personal information just so they could contact me to scam me. Oh by the way, the person who wrote that they didn't think AIL was a scam needs to look up the definition of "scam" in the dictionary! It is not an opportunity to make money, it is an opportunity for them to make money off of you!

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  • De
    Dee Jun 11, 2008

    I got called this week by an AIL rep for an interview for a sales positon. I then began my research on this company to be prepared for the interview. At no time during my conversation was there any mention of having to pay for classes to have a job. I thought I was being called for a real job. In reading this and other comment sites, I have learned that this is a MLM enterprise not unlike Amway.
    Needless to say, I am not going to the "interview".

    Thank you for saving my time, and the precious little gas I have to go to a worthless interview.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Karr Jun 17, 2008

    All the above complaints started out almost exactly the same with me. A rep called and said he obtained my resume on and that I would be interviewing for a managmemnt job with AI. After a few Q&A session I realized that something didn't seem right, but decided to let him set up a date for the interview. Later that day, I did my homework on the company and realized my gut feeling was right on. I am quite gratefull for complaints board and all the comments left, I would have been one pissed off sicilian if I had wasted my time and gas driving over 70 miles one way for this BS. Thanks to all who commented.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Jun 23, 2008

    American income Life/ AIL/ Altig is a total scam.
    I'm glad people are researching before going in there.

    Any questions about this company, feel free to ask me [email protected], I will give you as much info as I can and will answer all your questions.

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  • Ac
    ac Jun 30, 2008

    I'm from I was contacted by some one from American Income saying they saw my resume in and they were very urgent to set a time and date for an interview . They said that I was perfect for the position of manager since I manage to speak three languages . Also told me that I will be making about 60k start and maybe as much as 100k a year so; I set an appointment for next week but nor or less first doing my homework and trying to find out what is this company all about . But what a surprise . After reading some of the few blogs, I realized that they are bunch of scammers . Thank's to the cyber world, otherwise I could be another victim of the HUNGRY LION!!!

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  • Sh
    Sharon Smith Jul 09, 2008

    Thank you all for the input. I, too, received a call to interview for this company after posting my resume on I, too, received the same spiel; it's not sales, it's a management position. My interview was "only" to be between an hour and a half to two hours long. Regardless, I would have been traveling about 120 miles round-trip to interview for this job so I am very, very happy to have found these comments. Thanks to all that posted as you saved me time, money and disappointment.

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  • Ma
    Mark Aug 07, 2008

    I am in Chicago and I just interviewed with this company today. I was given the same script. They said that I would be working in the office half the time and out of the office during the other half. I was skeptical at first but I decided to go because it wasn't far away from where I live. The first alarm that went off in my head was the fact that the office was old and crummy looking. The second alarm was the fact that there were many people there. We were given 5 minute interviews separately and given a big presentation altogether. The third alarm went off when I was informed that I had to take a class (which I HAVE to pay for) and get a license (Which I Have to PAY for) which will cost over 400 dollars. After the presentation, they asked several times if we had any questions. We were given a second separate interview in which they informed me that someone will contact me later that day with information about a third interview.

    They kept their word. A lady contacted me to set up a third interview the next day which would last 30 minutes. SHe said that I was one of the 4 people that were selected out of the entire group of around 15 people. She gave me 3 aoopointment times to choose from. I set up a time and said I could "probably" make that. Sensing the hesitation in my voice, the lady stressed that it had to be a "definately" and not a "maybe". She then proceeded on with how the company was a huge fortune 500 company with lots of financial support and they havent't downsized in 53 years and I have a "unique" opportunity to make lots of money and that this opportunity would not come and be offered again. I agreed to the appointment, but THAT was when I decided to come online and do some research and found this board. AM I glad I did. Thank you all for your comments. I will be skipping this so-called "unique opportunity". I am always weary of job opportunities that require an "investment". The training should be free. SO should the license (Or paid for by them, since they are soooooo Successful).

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  • Ja
    James Matthews Sep 03, 2008

    Hello All,

    Listen...I've been a Mortgage Lender for the last six years and I am gravitating towards Insurance because I held a license about 10 years ago when I worked with Primerica. Had I not gone through a divorce (which was not related to me working for Primerica) I would probably still be there. (I actually made money there unlike some folks.)

    Anyways...I have interviewed with Farmers, State Farm, Allstate, NewYork Life and a few others and decided to be an independant so I'm not tied to any one companies product line and can provide better service to my clients. I will not have any salary of course but I'm comfortable with that. If you aren't comfortable with Commissions then Financial Services is probably NOT the work environment you are looking for.

    Here is the deal...regardless WHERE you want to work if it requires a license they CANNOT legally pay you to solicit for business unless you hold a valid license in the state you reside in. It's the same way in the Lending business...if you want to work for a Department of Real Estate Licensed Broker.

    Now...for a smaller split you can go work for an institution that uses a CFL (Consumer Finance Lender's License) or a DOC (Department of Corporations) License and you work UNDER their license and are not required to have a Real Estate License to write loans.

    In the Insurance world...there aren't options like that. You can go get your license on your own. Folks it's more expensive than the $99 I heard someone complain about. Spend some cash for your online or classroom Prelicensing Course, Pay for your Exam, your License and your fingerprints and baby we are talking about $400 bucks and then some. (By the's worth many times over what you will pay to get it.)

    I'm not advocating or defending this company because I don't work there. I was contacted for an interview but not that I'm aware it's an MLM I can take that into consideration. But if you are whining about spending $99 for an opportunity to MAKE some money grow a brain. When I got licensed in 2002 as a Lender It cost me over $400 get to get licensed. And it served me well...I've made several hundred thousand dollars over the last 6 years as a result. Now it's time to row with a new set of oars because the party is winding down.

    If you wanted to open up a Franchise it isn't costs money. An MLM just allows you to build a business that can POTENTIALLY give you leverage when others work. Traditional business is about Leverage. Your boss hires you for $10 an hour but your work is helping him to be more profitable or he is earning far more than what he or she is paying you for the measly $10.

    The bottom line is...are you in a position where you can build YOUR business or someone else's ?'.

    Food for thought.

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  • Ge
    Geoff Pratt Sep 23, 2008

    I was contacted recently by an AIL Representative in Washington State for a interview. After looking at their website and reading several of the complaints on this website, I have decided not to go to any interviews with them. I am also disapointed in, where my resume is posted in not screening these predators better.

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  • Li
    Liz Sep 24, 2008

    I was applying for jobs today in Saint Paul and mistakenly applied to one without a company name in the ad - I was in a hurry. A couple hours later I was contacted by James Bouchard. He started in with a script and a phone interview. First off, phone interviews are usually treated like real interviews and scheduled ahead of time. I had to interrupt him to ask what company he was with. He said, "AIL." Like I am supposed to know what that is. I then interrupted him again to ask him to tell me more about the position. All he said was that is was entry level management. I pretty much knew what it was about right away but went along with it for Sh*ts and giggles. This kid sounded like he was 18 and couldn't read very well so the questions took him forever to ask. After a couple minutes he said it sounded like I had management and sales experience before so he wanted to set me up for an interview with the hiring manager. All those questions to tell me what was already on my resume? He asked me which position I was most interested in, sales or sales manager. He then explained to me what a sales manager was as if I were a child and had no clue. I was becoming irritated. Without me even consenting to another interview, he asked me if I had a pencil (normally my 7 year old uses pencils-not me)to write down the address. After I had that he told me to take a fresh copy of my resume, some personal referrals with phone numbers, and to dress professionally. I was sure now that this was a scam after hearing the last sentence come out of his mouth. A real job will not tell you what to take to an interview or what to wear. They expect you to know that and they judge you on those things. This is proof that they are just looking for warm bodies. I have heard that line before and decided to tell James off. I said, "Now I know this is a scam. A real job wouldn't tell me what to take to an interview or how to dress. Do not contact me again." I then hung up. Trust you instincts people.

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  • Mo
    Motherbear Oct 08, 2008

    I got a call from the local AIL office and was briefly fooled because I have been out of work for five months so the person on there made it sound as if it were one of the jobs I put in for. I showed up bright and early and saw the same setup - gave my resume to the woman at the front desk, sat with a couple of other well dressed potential employees. I was interviewed by the HR rep who had also called me and when I asked her what the job was and she told me it was selling supplemental life insurance, I almost fell off my chair. Ok the economy is tanking and you want me to sell supplemental life insurance? I got the hell out of there as fast as I could and didn't go back. I need a real job not something that pays commission people. Don't waste your time on this scheme because you won't get paid.

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  • Ka
    Kari Nov 14, 2008

    I am glad that there are postings like this out there on the internet. Just yesterday I received a message on my cell phone from AI. A lady told me that they had found my resume on career builder and that I sounded just right for the job. Living in Michigan, I know sales people struggling left and right just trying to make ends meet. In an economy where nobody knows if they will have a job tomorrow, I don't think that selling life insurance would be the way to go in this day and age. I had a job lined up at GM but thanks to the big 3 tanking that tanked also. Thank you for informing me about this job I was almost led in to.
    I will rest better tonight knowing that I did not go to the interview.

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  • Sa
    sarah Jan 12, 2009

    thay? dont you mean they? I've researched this job and all that comes up is complaints!! PLUS ive seen way too many complaints about this place - why should anyone give them the time of day?!

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  • Ba
    Barbara Herrera Jan 21, 2009

    They just called me for an interview and I'm not going to go because if you know that they are an insurance company then you know they pay only commission!!! I mean if you have children and you have to take them to daycare they aren't going to stop charging you because you haven't made any money at your job. So to begin with you are already negative 235 for daycare. Screw that!!

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  • Dc
    DCBLAZIN Jan 27, 2009

    I spoke with these people today. It def sounded fishy. The person I spoke with "Gary" sounded nervous on the phone and after a few minutes of talking was swearing like we were best buds. He was feeding me all the lines about how I sound like the perfect candidate and that I could make 100 k my first year if I worked hard. He led me to believe he was in the top 5 in Sales nationally and making tons of money. Now that could be true, but this isn't my first walk in the park. As soon as I googled the company and put the word "complaints" in the search I was bombarded with sites that were bashing this place. I also went to the Better Business Bureau and wasn't able to find any information on the company. That is not good, usually there is some sort of information listed there whether bad or good. A fortune 500 company that isnt even listed on the Better Business Bureau website... Yeah right! So I'm glad I looked into this as well so I do not waste my lunchbreak going in and talking with them. I feel bad for the unemployed who hope this is a great way to provide for their families... I am in a situation where I have been told to start looking because of jobs being cut this year, but at least I still have a steady paycheck. for now!... I cannot wait to call them back and let them know after doing some research that I will be passing on the interview... I hope he tests me because I have some ammo to fire back with and could use a good argument while I'm sitting in traffic! Thanks for the heads up everyone! STAY AWAY

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  • Tc
    TCST Aug 07, 2010

    Touche' to all who figured out before it's too late that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. My story is just like all the ones here with only a few differences. I was never told the "interview" would take soooooo long. I did waste my lunch hour on it. I kept trying to say I was not interested at all in sales and was looking for a desk job as I was accustomed to. The interviewer just kept re-directing the conservation to being able to earn big bucks very easily. I may be rare but I am not looking for big bucks. I am just looking for a job that pays the rent and puts food on the table, a normal 40 hr a week job. They were so sure they could convince me otherwise I couldn't get them to address a desk job at all. Finally the interviewer said they would call me in a couple weeks. We will see. I was also told about dressing professionaly. No need to even go there on their part. When I got there HOLY COW!!! They do not begin to know what it means to be dressed professionaly. Anywhere you looked there was nothing but upper thighs, foot-long cleavage and skin!!! The office was grungy. Thanks for these warnings and to my Dad too for telling me I needed to check. Now you have 1 more warning!!!

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  • So
    Sonja Graham Jul 17, 2017

    Wow! Just saw this complaint board regarding AIL. Glad I did because I got a call last week, very hurriedly, telling me that they had come across my resume on _______ (didn't catch which site) and thought I would be excellent for an entry level management position and wanted to set me up for an interview in Charlotte, NC. I was in a hurry, due to computer issues, so I didn't listen to much of what the girl was saying. Just dot down the name of company and that she was calling from Raleigh, NC. Wanted to know if I could come to an interview at 10 am this Tuesday. She said it would be about 1 1/2 hour and to dress with business attire. I asked for directions and she said that they would dent on Monday (today). So here we are.

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