American Home Shieldservices


First of all I spent over an hour and 20 minutes on the phone on hold, someone answered then hung up on me and I know it wasn't my phone because I was didn't move. Second time I spent over 45 minutes on the hold and the person didn't help at all. I was scheduled for someone to come out to my home tomorrow to fix a leak in my bathtub and leak in my toilet. They called me today at 3:30 to let me know they're not able to do this because the contract is now with the agency Tuesdays and Thursdays and not Tuesdays and Friday. I work full time and have Fridays off that's why I scheduled it for Friday. I asked them about how my appointment was made before the contract and changed but they still wouldn't honor the appointment they had already made. The person who cancel the appointment told me that somebody from American Home Shield will be calling me, they never did I had to spend waste my time waiting on hold for somebody to talk with someone. I was told tonight that they had 24 hour notice to get in contact with me, this is not helpful at all, it would have been much easier for me to do it myself and probably cheaper. I am not sure why I pay the money because I'm not really sure what you guys do very very unsatisfied with a service. I will not be renewing the service once my contract is up and I'll be telling anybody who asks not to invest in your agency.

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