American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]billing

I started with AHS on 9/3/17, up until May 2019 everything was fine, I had to deal with horrible contractors and a lot of out of pocket but I dealt with it. In May 2019 your company billed me( auto pay) from my checking account 3 times 54.99. After weeks I finally got credit back for 2 of those payments. Then again in June you took 2 payments
At this time I stopped auto pay since it seemed to be a problem and I was never given credit for the second payment withdrawn from my checking account.I just figured it would go for July payment. I kept getting calls from telemarketers that said they were from billing but could never actually pull up my payment history and they kept telling me I owed over 160.00. I tried to ask where they could possibly think I owed anything but never got an answer or they would say they were sending it to accounting and I would receive another call a day later. I made my last payment on 8/1/19 and called to let your company know it would be my last that I would be changing companies since it was feeling like harrasment at this point with call after call of a bill that I have no idea what I was being charged for.Now I received a letter from a collection agency for 163.16. I have all my bank statements and payment history from your company and I don't owe you anything. You just lost a good customer over very bad customer service and wrongfully billing me for who knows what.I will be contacting better buisness bureau, and the credit agencies. You need to take a look at my account and fix this error. Thank You, Rosemary Quinonez
2103 E. Pueblo Ave.
Mesa, AZ 85204

Oct 01, 2019

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