American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]ahs warranty

M Oct 10, 2019

On 9/19/19 we had a call for our Saltwater Pool pump. When the tech came out he stated that the Electrolysis Cell / Board was bad and needed to be replaced. That night AHS called and told us if we buy the upgraded saltwater equipment coverage it would be covered. So we added it.
On 9/24/2019 we submitted another claim for this (the Salt Water Cell). When the tech came out he said that this is due to lack of maintenance. We had just bought the house Labor Day weekend. When we did the inspection it was never reported that the salt water cell was bad. The first company (South Tampa Pools & Spa) that came out said it's not working due to poor or lack of maintenance. Since we moved in we have hired Pool Guardians to come out and take care of our pool. The pool not working is due to previous owners. We also have our weekly reporting sent by our maintenance company to provide the proof of our maintenance.
We asked for a 2nd opinion on the pool since the company was not helping. The 2nd company came out and said the salt is too low to perform any tests and left. So again AHS refused to cover anything. The reason the salt is low is because the Salt Water Cell will not produce and keep the salt water levels up.
According to our contract it states:
1. Coverage under your Agreement is for your owned or rented residential property as it has been represented to AHS. Coverage under your Agreement does not include commercial property or premises converted into a business or to which the general public is invited for business purposes.
2. except as otherwise specified by your Agreement, Covered Items under your Agreement must be:
a. Installed under the roof, within the confines of the structural walls, and on or above the main foundation of the home (excluding porches, patios,
and other adjacent or detached structures unless specifically covered by your Agreement), within an attached or detached fully enclosed garage capable of parking one or more motor vehicles, or within a guest unit as separately defined by AHS (if guest unit coverage has been elected).
Note: a detached garage or other building may qualify as a guest unit; and
b. Manufactured for non-commercial residential application.
3. The following also may be Covered Items (if included in your Agreement) if they are installed and manufactured for outside use or located in a structure which fully protects them from the elements: air conditioning, heating, electrical panel, water heater, cleanout, pressure regulator, exterior well pump, septic tank, sewage ejector pumps, or pool and/or spa equipment.
4. Coverage under your Agreement is for a Covered Item malfunction occurring during your Agreement Term caused by:
a. Normal wear and tear of the Covered Item;
b. Rust or corrosion of the Covered Item;
c. Improper good faith installation, repair, or modification of the Covered Item (such good faith efforts shall not be subject to the exclusion provided for in Section D.6.a. Below);
d. System installation where component units of the Covered Item were not properly matched to each other for proper operation; or
e. Insufficient maintenance of the Covered Item.
5. A Covered Item malfunction that predates your Agreement Term is not covered under your Agreement unless the malfunction(1) was revealed during
a home or other inspection that predated your Agreement Term and subsequent proof of repair is provided to AHS' reasonable satisfaction; or (2) is undetectable by ordinary visual inspection of the Covered Item. For example, a visual inspection that reveals damage or a missing component or part (e.g. a missing dishwasher door) indicating inoperability would not be covered under your Agreement.
6.When addressing a Covered Item malfunction, unless an alternative procedure or other provision under your Agreement applies, AHS will make
arrangements in accordance with your Agreement to:
a. Repair or replace the Covered item,
b. Dismantle and remove associated defective equipment, as reasonably performable by the dispatched Service Contractor, and
c. Recapture, reclaim, and/or dispose of refrigerant, as applicable.

Even discussing this with them and waiting for 30+ mins for my account to be reviewed and 40+ to speak to a supervisor being hung up on; they just say over and over they will not cover maintenance and its not it is a bad part that is covered under warranty that needs to be replaced. I need assistance with getting this resolved its now almost a month later and just having head aches.

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