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American Heart Association review: Fee and experience during BLS training

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I located a provider (Erica Haygood) through the American Heart Association website to teach me BLS. I looked at several classes that ranged from $0 to $45.00 per class. I enrolled in Erica's class that stated the class was FREE. So I took off work to get the class completed and drove 45 min to an apartment complex. I then had to call several places to locate an actual apartment which the class was being held. Once I arrived Erica told me the class wasn't FREE instead it was $100.00! I'm extremely upset as I feel like I was scammed. Of course I had no choice to pay it because I already took off work and drove there. I thought this was a reputable company but now I have my doubts. The private apartment I had my class in was not ideal for a class. The teacher stated she didn't have all the equipment needed and it smelled like cats. The teacher was really nice but seriously... $100.00? I didn't even receive a book or any class materials! I am blown away that AHA would allow this. I feel scammed and I'm not happy!