American GirlUnfair marketing price


The American Girl store had two dolls displaying the "Sparkly Plum" outfit that was not only sold out, but the company has no plans of restocking the item. It's been increasingly obvious this company is playing the decrease production to increase demand.

The item is also on the cover of the catalog they were giving out at the store.

Since it is not going to be restocked why is the item still on their website? No, there's no backorder's just there staring at you saying "Aren't I cute? You can't have me". Is American Girl now in the business of disappointing little girls?


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    chocolateluva Feb 08, 2011

    i think that it is. i onece wanted to buy my daughter a kirsten doll, i didnt even know that they stopped making them. well, they made my daughter cry by telling her that she cant have it all because they "retired" her. why do they do that?

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