American Girlcustomer service


I ordered a doll 10/12 for my grand-daughter. My account was charged 3 times. I called 10/13 to have them removed. I was told that the 1st charge was to verify my card, 2nd was for the order, and 3rd was charged by the shipping department. have $415 of my funds put on pending hold?
Then I was told 2 charges would drop off after 48 hours. Well 4 days later (96 hours) and they are still there. I call again today and was told I need to talk with Account Security Dept (who do not answer the phone) and will call me usually 24 hours later? I only called to order it from 1-800 number because your website wouldn't allow me to ship to my grand-daughter's address with my address as the billing. Something just about every reputable website let you do. BEWARE they charge you 3 times as policy. But don't mention it unless you call to complain.

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