American Education Services [AES]loan servicing

Customer service with this company is beyond horrible. I email an inquiry to them in reagrds to whether or not a credit card coudl be used for payment. I have 3 children 8 loans of various amounts. I have been paying the loans for 7 years - not one late payment. The first email response didn't anser the simple question -just stated they could not give out account information. I wasn's asking for account information - just a simple question. I responded back to them that I am not asking for acount information -just anser the inquiry please. The second email the same story - but then said no. Which if fine - just an inquiry to see if I could apply any extra 500.00 towards my children's loans from a gift card my employer gave me. I then get a third email stating our loan accounts are blocked because of a security. We now have 8 accounts that we can't access until we call them. We have been paying 7 years no problem - no everyone has to call and un block their accounts. This organization needs to be checked. Their is no information to steal except address and name onsite. Would be nice to have someone login and make payments for us. What a waste of time and energy. We will have all loans paid off in 3 years - can't wait. Don't use this company. Many more affordable caring firms!

Aug 23, 2019

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