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M Oct 07, 2019

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

I am writing you this letter to express my displeasure with the service I received through your online operations. I rarely shop at American Eagle already, and unfortunately this experience made me not want to shop there again.

I own two items of clothing from the American Eagle brand that I love. These shirts I own make me feel more confident and beautiful than any other items of clothing I have. One shirt is long-sleeve and lavender, while the other shirt is short-sleeved and white. The similarities these shifts have are that they are both the soft shirt brand, and the other is that they both have deep V necklines. The important part of the neckline comment is that I do not typically wear V necklines because of my scar from heart surgery. Feeling beautiful and comfortable in these shirts is what makes me love the brand. I only own two shirts I love because I can rarely find shirts that fit my body type. I wear a size XL or above, I have wide shoulders, and I am busty. This combination of characteristics does not work with much, or any of the items sold by American Eagle. If this has been my experience, why would I want to buy multiple clothes online?

This summer I lost 30 pounds which has helped me to be able to fit into more clothing options. The first brand I looked at new clothing options for was American Eagle. I was so excited to be able to try more options because of my new measurement decrease. I am a college student with time and financial restraints, so I went to the online clearance section immediately. The website was very well-done. It was easy to follow, and visually pleasing. I ordered 5 items, all items I was nervous to wear in the past, but I decided to take a risk. The items came faster than expected, but the packaging was nothing short of embarrassing. There were no printed receipts in the packages, and the items were not in smaller clear bags.

I went to try the items on, and that is where the biggest problems started. The sundress did not fit well with a larger bust, the knitted tank top fit like a small, the leggings were see through, and the sweater was not the one I originally ordered. On top of these issues, one of my items got canceled. I am not happy with this experience from American Eagle. The American Eagle brand needs to seriously look at the services they are providing for their customers. I am curious as to what you have to say in response to this situation.

Molly Pierce

American Eagle Outfitters

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