American Eagle Outfittersjean size


I have always had great service and great clothing from ae and have never really had a complaint. However, recently I was in the canton westfield mall looking for jeans and they were out of my size (2 longs) and the guy told me they just got a shipment in and that my size was probably in the back but no one wanted to go look. So I spent like a half hour trying to find 2 longs in other pairs that I didn't really like and all of those were out too. Finally a girl asked me if I wanted to just order them online from the store. I waited 6 days to get them and when they eventually came I grabbed a pair to wear for the night, ripped the tags off real quick, put them on and they were the wrong size! (2 short). On the receipt both pairs said 2 longs however the pair I grabbed to wear out of the package were not that size. I had to wear them anyways bc I had no other jeans at the time. Now I just paid over 100 dollars for 2 pairs of jeans and the one pair doesn't even fit me and I can't return them. This really frustrates me because I have a credit card with you guys and spend a lot of money at ae.. I have never had a complaint before but this is very irritating. I am not able to return the pair bc they are worn and no tags now and now I am out the 50 dollars spent on them... On the plus side I do like the pair that was correct.

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