American Eaglediscrimination


While on a visit to Georgia, a group of my friends and I went to American Eagle to see what they had. We went in and started looking at some of the clothes. A pretty blue sweater caught my attention, so I went over to it to see how much it was.

I noticed that one of the workers soon came close to where I was and started to fiddle with clothes. I was a little suspicious about this, but blew it off and went to a different section. That same worker followed me a few minutes later, again fiddling with some clothing.

I was now slightly agitated and went to look at the jewelry. There is like this open space in the wall that I went through to get to the jewelry ( I honesty don't understand the point of that since there are no separate closed rooms there). I turned around to call over one of my friends to look at a necklace when the same guy came through the way I came.

That guy had a cheesy look on his face, since he saw that I knew he was following me. My friends and I soon left that store. I don't really want to buy anything from AE anymore.

What bothers me is that no one else in the store was being monitored but me. There were at least eight other people there. Also, the workers were basically saying I'm so stupid that I would take something when there are cameras everywhere (not that would steal if they weren't).

I won't mention what race the workers were, but all of them were the same race and I am different from them. There were other customers in the store that were their race, and they didn't bother them. I don't know if it was because I wasn't from their area, but it still wasn't right.

This is a side note, but I was wondering if this is happening to other people: I noticed that if I search for an article or click on a topic that is not on the sidebar on this site, I am logged out for some reason. I have to refresh to get logged back in. Is this only happening to my computer?


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    prqueen Sep 13, 2010

    it happend to me too

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    Kriv74 May 09, 2011

    Service woman called a customer an ### hole after they canceled our flight... Can these airlines get anything right?

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    martha banihani Jul 08, 2013

    me robaron cosas de mi maleta y las flyatendance was rude y no me dieron agua para la medicina de mi hijo k tiene autismo y no me quieren atender aqui en Veracruz y me dan el 1800 number y no puedo cambiar mis boletos de regreso por favor comuniquense conmigo porque quiero tomar legal accion cuando regrese a US mi adress [email protected]

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