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We had the same situation from a caller Shawn Woods and our ID caller shows Service Provider tel# [protected]... gave a phone number of [protected] for a return call. This guy started calling my number this week and keeps on calling my number, it would start noon till 3pm...and would keep on repeating after a long arguement for proof of IOU from him...
this is what it entails: he would say and keeps on repeating:
1. i had 3 criminal record to be on my sss#
2.knows my sss#, gave me the option that i can pay by credit card of by ck.
3)and was asking me to pay $$$ OR ELSE I will be picked up by the cops tonite...
he would not give any additional info but informing me I cashed a ck from FAST CASH???who is FAST CASH???
when i asked him to send me some form of legal documents in the mail to show the IOU this Shawn Woods who also posses a strong accent on the phone had a noisy background and would pause in silence . This Shawn guy knows names in my family and social security number...this is very scary, with names and sss# mentioned, hinted the phone call was very suspicious...for those who had this experience...there must be a way to fight back and catch this culprits...


  • Th
    Threatening calls Mar 03, 2011

    I have been through the very same thing as all of you. I really did take a loan out online, but when you apply, you are blanketed to a zillion other websites. I paid my loan off in small $50 installments, and at the time the harrassment started, I was still making my payments. I did in fact miss a payment, and just so happened to be the same time frame the calls started coming in. I got a phone call at work, as well as on my cell phone from a man with an accent saying his name is Jack Smith from American Credit Services. ( The name and company would change from day to day) The person named Jack ( odd name for a forigner) said that he had a legal matter concerning my name and my social security # to discuss, that this is a very serious matter, and that I need to call him or have a retain attourney call IMMEDIATELY. He stated that I had defaulted on a payment, and that the company did not wish to talk with me since they think I am a CRIMINAL. Jack would not provide me with the company's name to which I took the loan, nor could he send me documentation. I was scared... Jack asked me to send a money order in the amont of $2000 for a $400 supposed loan. I found this to be concerning, so I contacted PRE-PAID LEGAL, and they said it was classic fraud, and to file a complaint with the attourney general. I did both, but for almost 2 years now, continue to get threatening phone calls almost every month. I don't want to change my #, so I just ignore the calls. I do get nervous though every time.
    I did check with the company that I had taken the loan with, and they said I was still in good standing, and that even with a missed payment, they would NEVER send me to a collection agency like that, and that I would be notified by them. They said they would just charge 2 payments when there was a late payment, no big deal.
    I am so thankfull to find these posts, it makes me feel as if I am not alone!!!

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  • Mi
    Mimi77777777 Aug 30, 2010

    I have been involved with all the above, only I gave up my money because of the nature of the call and the threats of the call. The telephone number was [protected]. They demanded that I do a letter and give them my debit card information because I owe for a payday loan. I have taken out a payday loan, however, it is paid in full and I knew that I didn't owe anyone. They got $400.00 dollars from me. This person name was Joshua Watson. About two weeks after that they called again demanding $800.00. They figured that I gave up this money before so they think they can get more from me. This time I asked a bunch of questions that they couldn't answer. His name was Richard Hamilton. They are calling right now as I speak. I went and reported this to the police and they told me I should have never given up my money and that it was a scam. I was able to get the name from Richard Hamilton and he said they were called American Credit Services. I got home and looked on the internet and wow I couldn't believe all the messages I saw who has been throught the same thing. I was able to receive $200.00 back from a toll free number that was listed on my statement. When I called they mentioned that they were only the debit card processing center. He was an american. I said that I was involved in a scam and that I reported this incident to the authorities. He got really scarred and concerned. He said quote "ma'am hold on I'm giving you your money back because I dont want to be involved with this" what was that all about? I said yes I want my money back. He refunded my money within 2-3 days. I ended up closing the account, ect. The bad thing about it is, my sister paid with her debit card and they have her ID information ect. But she said let them jokers call me, I will tell them were to go. She closed her account as I mentioned earlier. I wish I have the gutts she had when they took my money because I ended up paying her. Check your bank statement for the number to call to get your money back because apparently they are using different processing centers to process the payments.

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  • Ni
    Nicki May 28, 2009

    I would just like to say that everything that has been said has happended to me the last past two days. A Max Anderson and a Kevin Peterson called and told me I owed $545.75 and that I needed to make a $200.00 payment in order to get things back in order, wanted me to fax a letter to them stating that I would make payments. If I did not make payment by this afternoon, then I needed to be in court in California by 11:00 tomorrow morning. I called and reported also, I really hope they get these people.

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  • De
    Denise May 24, 2009

    I received a phone call on my cell from an "unknown number". I do not answer such calls, so I let it go to my voicemail. A man with a heavy foreign accent left a message stating that, "I or my attorney needed to call him back immediately regarding a case against me". He went on to say, "if I did not call back, then good luck to me". This "threat" made me call back because I was concerned as to the nature of the call. When I called back a female with a very heavy accent answered the phone and asked for my telephone number so she could look up my information. Once I gave her the telephone number, she told me that I took out a payday loan and did not pay it back. I had taken out a payday loan online for $300 almost a year prior and had paid it back in full. I informed her of this and she began to threaten me and was extremely rude. She said if I had paid the loan back, I would not be on their list, that my file would be transferred to investigators the next day, the investigators were going to come to my house or my place of employment, I would have to go to court and pay over $5, 000, ect. When I continued to dispute the matter, she hung up the phone. I became even more concerned and decided to call back. This time a man answered the phone and again I was asked for my telephone number. He began to recite my bank account number, the name of one of my family members and a date that the loan was taken out. I began to wonder if the loan company whom I had dealt with in the past may have made an error, so asked him for the name of the creditor. He could not tell me. I asked for an account or customer number and again he could not tell me. I went so far as to ask what address he had on file for me, he could not tell me. He did say that I owed $1500 and then changed it to $725. I hung up the phone upset and trying to figure out what was going on, then it hit me. Their biggest mistake he made was in regards to the date that I had taken out the so-called loan. I realized that I had not opened that particular bank account until four months after he claimed I received the loan. How could someone give me money into an account that did not exist? I knew then that their was something "fishy" about these people and they had my bank account information. Long story short, I called back several times and went "head to toe" with these people attempting to get to the bottom of what they were trying to do and where they were located. All they would tell me was the name of the company (American Credit Services) and that they were out of California. Prior to hanging up the telephone, they said that an investigator would be at my door to take me away. This happened two days ago. It was still bothering me, so I decided to google the name and here I am. I only wish that I had thought to do this when it was happening. I am very upset! I plan to report this to the police in my area, the BBB and whoever else along the way. Someone needs to stop them and they need to be arrested. Everyone be aware of this and pass this scam information along to others. If it happens to you, dont let it go, say something so that they can not get away with this anymore!

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  • Ma
    Marcy Apr 16, 2009

    I have been a victim as well. The calls started to come in about March 30th stating that I owed 745.75 dollars for a payday loan. That I needed to make a 200 dollar payment then in one week the rest of the money. That I needed to send over an apology letter and how I would be making the payment. The guy had a deep middle eastern accent. He used the company Fast Cash. I was really frustrated and scared. He called me about 17 times in two days. My job was frustrated with this and everything. I then contacted the payday loan US FAST CASH and explained to them what was going on. They said it was a scam and that I was in good standings with them. They noted what was going on. The name the guy used was Craig Stevens and phone number is [protected] and fax number is [protected]. The guy had all of my bank account, all of my personal information. He even told me that he was going to get me fired from my job. I have since then put fraud alerts on my banks, my ssn and all three credit reports. I have filed police reports and have documented the calls and voice mails.

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  • Ma
    Maggie Mar 31, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I to was called by these people. My first call was on Thursday 3/26 by a wireless caller number [protected] and she said her name was stephie rogers and I was to call [protected] reguarding a time sensitive matter. She left that message on my answering machine. I called the [protected] and the male that answered on 03/26/2009 said his name was jason and I owed a payday loan from 01/10/2007 and if I don't pay them the money of 1, 095.00 by that night they will be filing serious chargers aginst me for internet fraud, bank fraud and a couple other charges. I told him I did not owe any money for a payday loan and he said pay or else. I told him it would have to be else because I don't owe any money. I filed a police report, reported them to our attorney generals office, the FTC and the FCC and the better business burea. Both the female and male have very strong forgien accents like from india or something. I called this guy back on 03/27/2009 and low and behold I got the same mane but a different name which was Daniel. I called again monday 03/30/2009 and the same man gave James, and today when I called I again got the same man and beleive it or not his name was andrew brown today. I did a phone reverse search on his number and it is listed to a francic rick out of orange county ca and so I called the orange county sherriffs office. The interesting part is all of these numbers they are giving to people they are threating is all provided by Allegiance Telecon Inc out of orange county and there has been several complants made aginst this company already. Please anyone who receives these calls do not send them any money. I received a call back 03/30/2009 from consumer complaints from washington dc and they said these people are big time scammers.

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  • Jb
    jbear831 Mar 27, 2009

    I too had a similar situation yesterday. Around 4:30 pm, I was contacted at work from a James (or maybe Jason) with a very thick middle-eastern accent with a lot of noise in the background. He asked me the same questions as he asked Saxton and told me that I should receive the summons to be in court TOMORROW by 7:00 pm tonight at my address. When I pressed him further to explain what he was talking about (after all, I had no clue), he explained that I had taken out a payday loan on January 11, 2008 from Fast Cash and did not pay the loan back. He then accused me of not answering e-mails at (my correct e-mail address) and that rather than bothering with me, they were just going to file in court and I would present my case there. He was able to tell me the day of the deposit, MY ENTIRE BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER, my SSN in full, and in fact, even my driver's license. He pressed further by knowing the names of other family members. The only thing that I thought strange is that he called me by my maiden name and had an old apartment address. The line got fuzzy so I said I would call him back if he gave me the number. He said fine - his number was [protected].

    Since he knew all that information, I called the bank to confirm that no such deposit had ever taken place and once confirmed, I went to the police station and filled out a report. The officer called the number I listed above and asked to speak to the person that I had talked to before. No such person was available, so the guy on the other end (again, of middle-eastern descent), put him on hold. Then came back and asked what he was calling for. The officer introduced himself and said that a resident was concerned about the nature of this call and asked if they would talk to me on speakerphone. They HUNG UP!!! The officer then called back and introduced himself again and stated the case. They asked him for his badge number and when he gave it to them, they started LAUGHING at him. That's when the officer hung up and filed the official report.

    If you haven't done so already, try to change as MUCH of the information as you possibly can. I ended up having to change my bank account number, driver's license number, and everything else!

    Then this afternoon, the same guy called me at work AGAIN and this time I told him if he wanted to talk to me, he would need to contact the police department, gave them the number and the case number and hung up.

    I must say, this has me extremely rattled, but if they want to take me to court - I say HAVE AT IT! I have ALL of my bank statements and a police report. I will countersue for emotional damages and the time that I had to take off of work to deal with all of this crap!! I'm not sure how they got the information, but I'm absolutely certain that this guy won't be calling and if he does - I'm armed and ready for him!!

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  • Sa
    saxton Mar 22, 2009

    I also had the same experience. On Thursday, I received a phone call at work by a guy with a strong accent. Stating he was calling to collect a debt. I explained I could not talk at the moment and would call back. When I got home I had two more messages. My caller id indicated it was from an unknown number. The next day I had a voice mail message from a Shawn Woods indicating I or my attorney needed to call him back. If I didn't call back I would be sorry.

    Later that evening I called the number back that was left on the voice mail [protected]. I spoke with a man by the name of Michael (I could not get his last name because he would stumble through it) He explained I had defaulted on a payday loan by Fast Cash. I admit I have had some payday loans but Fast Cash did not sound familiar. He explained Fast Cash was a company that ran several internet pay day loan companies. He explained I owed $745.75. He indicated the company intended to take the lost but they were charging me with 1. Violation of Federal Banking Laws 2. Theft by Deception 3. (can't remember the charge). He further asked if I was on probation, if I have ever been convicted of a felony, and if I had ever filed bankruptcy or had judgments against me. He had a lot of personal information such as my references and my address, and the LAST 4 digits of my SS#. When I asked if I could settle he said he would have to speak to his "client". He put me on hold and said I could make the payment via credit or debit card. I said I did not have one and he said go to Walmart and get one. Also, they wanted a letter of apology stating that I had no intention to skip your payments but due to financial reasons I was not able to pay. He wanted me to sent attention to Fast Cash with a fax # of [protected]. I told him I would. He stated he was located in Californina and if I did not contact him back the charges would be filed on Monday. I again asked for his name and bar number due to claiming he was an atty. He fumbled through his last name and gave a bar number of 252554.
    I immediately called my atty or assured me I could not go to jail and that they would have to file civil suit for damages. She then called them and Michale's "assistant" became flustered with my atty. and hung up on her. She called back and spoke with Michael who apologized but told her she was not a real atty. She again stated she was and wanted to know the underlying company this money was owed to and he stated Quick Cash. Again, the name did not sound familiar. She requested documentation which he stated he did not have. Before I agreed to send the money my attorney advised for me to sleep on it because it still did not seem right. In the mean time Michael was calling me again stating he did not receive the fax documentation.
    The next day I was able to think clearly. I realized never once did they advise me that they were calling to collect a debt, everytime me or my attorney called we got the same person (how many times have you called a collection agency and spoke to the same person EVERY time?) He kept indicating we could reach him on his cell phone because he was heading to court (at 5:30????) How can you file paperwork on me in Californina and I live in Michigan. Would you not have to petition the Court in Michigan??? He could recite the last 4 digits of my ss#. When I checked the internet I could find the name of the business on WhitePages, Better Business Bureau, or any other search engine. All I could find was complaints mirroring the same as mine. I called my atty back and she advised me to pay nothing and she faxed a letter to them explaining that I was hesitant and willing to settle the debt AFTER they provided documentation of the debt.

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