American Automobile Association / AAA.comunsafe tow truck driver

J Aug 15, 2018

On August 14th, my husband's truck broke down and we had to call to, not only reinstate membership, but to get a tow to a nearby garage. The reps were all very friendly and kind and, when I mentioned that I'm 7 months pregnant, they said they'd upgrade our call to get a truck to us sooner. The tow truck arrived in less than 30 minutes, which we were both grateful for. The driver that arrived did not address us, hastily rigged up the truck onto his and then got into his truck without a word. We had no way out of there, so we had to get into the truck with this individual. He proceeded to drive 75-80 mph down back country roads zoned for a max of 45 mph. At one point we drove over train tracks at this speed and my head almost hit the ceiling of his truck, due to how fast we were going. I felt very unsafe traveling with this person and do encourage AAA to follow up here. I've always had positive experiences with AAA and the drivers they dispatch, but I truly worried for our safety while riding along with this person.

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