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rippe off and pissed off on Mar 29, 2012

I to am a victim of the Freud site, same story as a lot of you others, trial membership tons of emails roughly 20 a day. paid for a upgrade, the emails dried up. maybe two a week, browsed the members in my area, got names checked with local phone listings none to the women that were on...,, / Scam

robalandj on Oct 17, 2011

I have another one for you that is affiliated with AmateurMatch. I was on AmateurMatch for 6 months and did not hook up with even one girl in all that time by the way. I decided to try Untrue and was a paying member and a week after I had joined I was looking at my online banking page and... / Scam

6jn on Sep 25, 2011

They post all non-real females in order to get you to respond so they can respond back as though they are the girl and wnt to meet you and then response requires you joining another site etc. more money etc. It is a scam and you can see all the complaints on the link under their site on... / False Misleading just create to get you to sign up

ComplainerImNOTbut on Feb 21, 2011

MAJOR SCAM - fake responses all intended for you to sign up to be contacted by a hot babe, or lonely babe, or a female with the desire to get a better life. I was caution of this site... so I placed in my description, a normal two sentences of " I am interested in a nice gal" and then in...

Amateur / sent 100 messages no replies

partymanfrom27st on Jan 6, 2011

i, m upset that i sent 100 messages to woman on amateur and i didnt get one response for no women i put both of my numbers in all my responses and still didn, t recieve no messages i put both of my phone numbers in all my responses and still didnt get no responses from none of...

Amateurmatch / Fake


Amateurmatch is a fake site looking for your money. Before you pay any money to the site please sign up for free just to see all the emails that you get and if you wait long enough you will see same women pictures but they live in different areas. Example I got a email from the profile... / Its a complete fraud, do not waste your time


Its a complete fraud. Cam girlz website period. Don't waste your time. I have been apart of it for at least a year and its a total sham. / BOGUS! FAKE DATING WEBSITE

This dating website is as fake as they come. If you sign up for free and just browse the members that have profiles on this site you will notice something that should become apparent within five to ten minutes of looking through the profiles. Stop! Think! Where are all the fat and/or ugly...

Amateurmatch / Rip off


I've been on AM for over three months and nothing has developed. Yes, I receive a lot of e-mails but few follow-ups. I think the responses from so-called "interested" women are computer generated because I ran e-mails through a WordSmith software program that concluded they came from...

Amateur Match . com / It is not a true dating site but a scam

Just so you are aware I filed a complaint with the attorney generals office on this one. If you subscribed to this website and got ripped off, you should too. Go on the web and type in US Attorney Generals Office in Washington DC and get their address. If they get enough complaints they...

CandyTwist and Amateur.Match / Fake Profiles


45 mins ago by Acrion1 0 Votes I was contacted by so-called members of Candytwist during about 4 weeks, whereby I replied, and they replied, but I was still a free member, so I could not read the girls messages, and Candytwist says, that the girl knows I have sent her a mail, but cannot...

Amateur Match / Nothing but scam and spam


I would not recommend this site to anyone. I have tried using it for a few months now and it is, in my opinion, total fiction. Most of the young women that have contacted me are spammers and/or cam girls. The older ones are either totally fake message senders or on some other sort of...

Amateur Match / Rip off


I joined amateur match to find and meet women with similiar dating interests. I had more than 40 women contact me to which I responded to all of them. My mail would not go through to them even though I was a premium paid member with the site. I contacted customer support 3 times with the...

Amateurmatch / Fake site


I made my free profile and recieved a ton of emails from interested females i had no picture and it stated that i was married. the way these emails read was as if these females didnt read my profile and their sending pics of super hot chicks i was thinking the site was fake and then i got... / won't cancel my membership

I joined Amaturematch--after one week sent them an email asking them to cancel my membership as I found out it was a scam--they said they had--but just found out the billed me three more time and my account is still active! I can't get anywhere with them--and you keep getting them same responses back from them! Please---help!

Amateurmatch / ScamateurHatch


I joined AmateurMatch after receiving many requests from women too good to be true. It didn't take me long to realize I'd made a stupid mistake. I finally got them to stop attaching my account that first month; however, while trying to get off this site, I changed my profile... / Anybody know how to date online?

It seems like a lot of people on here have the same complaints about every dating site out there about how everyone is fake and they never get any responses. What all these people don't seem to get is that online dating is a numbers game. A lot of people here just give up after a 2-3...

Amateur Match / Total rip off and fraud


I paid my dues and expected to meet a few ladies and hoped that it would lead to more then just dating. I had all these offers but when I set a date and time for it to happen it never did. I tried for three months and realized it was a waste of time and money. I cut off my membership and I...

Amateur Match or AM / SCAM


Before I started paying, I was getting close to 30 emails a day for woman in my area wanting to get to know me. I had a profile online, but it was not active as far as a full service. It was only a profile on line. I decided to pay for the service; and as soon as I paid my emails stopped... / Not interested in geting scammed.

I've received very little response to my profile until I decided to pull the plug on my account. All of a sudden I started receiving numerous responses...even after I deleted my photo and all pertinent information. Yet these so called interested women were telling me how close of a...