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Rapid Recovery Solution reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 7, 2009. The latest review Call backs and return of money was posted on Feb 18, 2015. The latest complaint Business Contract with Agency was resolved on Jan 03, 2011. Rapid Recovery Solution has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 6 reviews. Rapid Recovery Solution has resolved 3 complaints.

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Rapid Recovery Solution Complaints & Reviews

Rapid Recovery SolutionCall backs and return of money

I have been calling this company for several months and no one calls back. I have been trying to work with them for several years and this is an ongoing problem. months will go by with me calling almost daily and no one will call me back. I call the operator and no one answers, so I leave a message and still no call back. I email several people within the company and not one response from anyone. I am now trying to simply get my remaining balance of the money I gave as a deposit for legal fees back. I can't get anyone to respond. I am wondering if I have to find another collection agency to collect from this agency.

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    Rapid Recovery SolutionsStay away

    We gave this company aurthority to proceed in retreiving our debt of over $50, 000.00, at 30% commission. Now the agreement calls for us to receive our money 30 days after they have received money from our former customer.
    It is over 90 days and we have only received 1 payment, which was nearly 40 days late. Now we are still waiting on the second payment and even that will be late.
    Is there anything we can do that would make these people keep their word and make the payments as promised, or is this a Federal Law infraction and should we go to the Feds ( FBI ).

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Rapid Recovery SolutionsBusiness Contract with Agency

      I work for a business who contracted with Rapid Recovery Solutions for a large number of accounts. Over 1, 000 accounts and $200, 000 debt owed were issued to the company. I personally, as the Collections Supervisor, reviewed every account prior to issue and sent them the accounts in preformatted reports so that their data entry specialists would be able to enter the accounts properly, using simple population fields (copy and paste). There were a number of concerns that I had from the beginning, that I reviewed with my contacts, a gentleman and his assistant. They assured me repeatedly that there would be no conflict with the policies we set in place up front. After working with them for 3 months I repeatedly discovered missing accounts, incorrect accounts, and various other entry errors. After confronting my contacts with this information the first time, they were apologetic and took quick steps to recover the situation. Following the 2nd discovery, they seemed to take a defensive approach. And after the 3rd they cancelled our contract with them and removed all of our accounts. I feel that this agency thought it more productive to simply cancel the opportunity to garner $56, 000 than accept responsibility for their actions and correct the behaviors resulting in such incidents. I warn anyone who contacts this agency for business to be aware of their wealth of administrative errors; and to keep a close eye on the accounts themselves to track their progress and verify accurate information.

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        • Rr
          RRS JR Rooney Aug 20, 2011

          This complaint is not valid. I have personally tried to contact the original poster because they never sent any files to Rapid Recovery Solution. If you want to discuss this or any other alleged complaint, please get the facts. [email protected] or call me [protected]

          These websites that allow anonymous complaints without verifying the facts should be shut down. The collection industry has to follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act to ensure we don't falsely accuse somebody of owing a debt on their credit report. The Better Business Bureau even has some guide lines and at least give us an opportunity to respond to the complaints.

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        • Rr
          RRS JR Rooney Jun 09, 2011

          My name is JR Rooney, accounting manager for Rapid Recovery Solution. In 2 Fitness has never placed any accounts with my agency. All the complaints on these boards are from competitors trying to tarnish our good name. I have challenged every one to list publicly their contact information so I can personally call them and they don't. They also don't contact me privately because they are not real complaints. If you click on the hyperlink where In 2 Fitness's name is you can see how often they use the boards and they all only post one time. If you have any questions please contact me directly, [protected] and ask for me, JR Rooney.

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        • To
          Totally Disgusted with PRA Jan 20, 2011
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          Are you serious? You personally reviewed all of it? What a crock! When you (PRAA) obtain (buy) accounts that aren't valid (SOL) pieces of ### you are. You don't review them for accuracy and validity; you just sick the poor collectors you employ- Working from home? Are you F*&&^ng serious? You worry more about your BONUSES. MO Money -MO Money-MO Money!!! Definitely not your money but hard working consumers you screw or harass innocent people night and day and day and night. Get a F%^&^ng clue lady!! Who the hell keeps documents from debts 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years down the line? WTF?? OMG!! Comply with laws that you supposedly uphold!!! One more thing- YOU ALL SUCK!!

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        rapid recoveryharassing phone calls

        i received a call from this company about a dept that i have already told them i refuse to pay do to the service witch i have never received. sometime later i was called back and was in a (i really don't know what to call it)a small arguement witch a young man whom was very disrespectful(im hoping you would listen to the recording).after thinking about it a while i called back and asked that they never call me again or i would have my attorney i was told by this young man the same one im assuming " you can't even pay a hundred dollor dept you don't have a attorney" he then hung the phone up in my face. i feel he was very unprofessional and nasty, hopefully this reach the proper athorities.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Rapid Recovery Solutions — scam

          October 2009 I sent away for a tooth whitner you just paid shipping and handling. I Got the product. And...

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          Rapid Recovery Solutions, Inc.Failure to sende payment collected

          Collection agency collected money due my work as an independent contractor. I received proof of
          payment from my client showing cancelled checks payable to Rapid Recovery Solution. When I contacted Rapid Recovery Solution by phone for an explanation they confirmed having received payment but that I still owed them more than they had collected arguing an unilateral change on the agreed commision percentage. The contract signed between the parts clearly stated that the collection commission should be 14 percent out of $6, 300 for a $882 commssion nevertheless, Rapid Recovery Solutions changed it to a maximum of 49 percent or $3087 commission . Lucky enough, my client sent directly to my address checks for $4, 200 and $2, 100 to RRS. Ever since, RRS keep calling me to find out my new address to mail the invoice for the allegedly owed amount. I am now going to forward the contract, and proof of payment from my customer
          to the NY General Attorney's Office.

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            • Ca
              carlcummingsesq May 14, 2015

              I worked for this company, it is nothing but a scam!! The owner, John steals money from every client they have and plans to have his "supervisor, Cary Berhandt" take the fall when they get caught. The so called attorney, Sam Fields is a absolute bi polar physco and was hospitalized in a mental ward at least three times that I know of. The "sales manager Sean Nolan" is also a mental midget and sells drugs right out of the office. Not only does he sell to rapid employees but outside friends as well, right on company grounds!!
              Bottom line this company is a fraud and is involved in MANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES

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            • Sm
              SMB Clayton Oct 07, 2013

              I am having the exact same problem. They collect, promise to pay and when no check arrives, they stop answering their phone. Time to contact the NYS AG.

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            • Bo
              Bob257 Apr 26, 2012
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              We also had a contract with these scammers. They have never sent one check even though they have collected. We had one ex client that agreed to pay $18, 000.00 and yet in over a year nothing from Rapid Recovery Solution. They don't return calls if you are lucky enough to even leave a message. AVOID this company

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            • Jo
              jose g. alvarez Jul 18, 2011
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              I have reported the problem to the NY- BBB. After almost three years of filling the complain, I am not doing any better. It looks like the NY - BBB is pretty much enable or unwilling to force them to comply.

              1 Votes
            • Im
              imabuzzard Mar 25, 2010

              Charlie 77887 I am glad you had no problems. However, we had an agreement to collect from two of our accounts for a set amount. We paid for legal fees for them to collect from the two accounts. So far, we have received only a partial amount on one of the collections (after many calls to our sales person and many other people there). We recently found out they had more money from the account that paid a partial amount, but had not sent it to us. And now, they want to charge us again to go through with serving the second account. This has gone on for months. I feel like a collection agency trying to collect from a collection agency.

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            • Ch
              choose no name Mar 21, 2010

              This company is a scam. They say they are recognized by Forbes Magazine and there is no such thing, I called Forbes Magazine in NY and they were appauled to hear this and are investigating the use of their name in Rapid Recovery advertisements. I would not recommend doing business with them under any circumstances. They made my debtors promise to pay and if they cant they take the money anyway. One of my debtors is being evicted because his rent check bounced three times because they took money from his account without his approval. They have threaten to take them to court. They say they have a staff Attorney, who by the way does not have a license to practice in NYS, I looked into this too. They are being sued becasue they violate FDCPA rules and have several times and so they have several law suites against them. Do yourself a favor, if you have debt with them, stop them from trying to collect it and if you are the one who owes the debt, tell them to F___ OFF, there is nothing they can do if you dont pay. Call you local state agency and report them for harrassing you.

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            • Ch
              Charlie 77887 Dec 09, 2009

              I sent debt to Rapid Recovery, and they got my debt collected without a problem. It seems to me that some of these other guys are looking to point blame anywhere. Whether its the collection agency or the original customer who didn't pay the money to begin with. I trust Rapid Recovery and will continue to send them my unpaid accounts.

              Charlie Kaufield

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            • Gt
              G Tripp Dec 05, 2009

              In February of this year, after one month of attempted collection, Rapid Recovery Solution (RRS) asked me for $900 for attorney fees to file a suit against a firm that owed me about $13, 000. Not knowing any better, I foolishly paid. Much later I learned that the debtor had filed bankruptcy 12 days after I paid. When I found a list of suit filers on the court website, I was not on it. To date I have received $0.00, with very little communication from RRS. I have forwarded a complaint to the NY State Attorney Gerneral's office.

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            • Ho
              Houghs3 Nov 07, 2009

              Rapid Recovery Solutions Inc also has ripped me off. I am also an independent contractor who hired RRS to collect on a 14, 000+ debt. Without my permission or any other signed agreement, they settled with my client for half the amount they owed. RRS then sent a check for half of that saying the commission amount was 49% instead of the agreed upon 8% that we contracted for. The 49% commision is clear on the contract is for any account that needs to be litigated through court. Our account never required any legal action and was resolved within 30 days. RRS received our clients payment in July of 2009, after attempting to contact them several times for months regarding the situation, they agreed that the amount sent was in error and they will sent the correct amount that they owe us on the 20th of the month (this is the only time they cut payment checks according to them) this was in September! We have still not received any payment from them and when called they give the run around and say they will check to see why this has not been sent. Now they do not return any calls and when I did get a hold of them to ask what attorney has represented our file, they gave a name of someone who was disbarred from the NYS bar association and when I asked them to clairfy the attorneys name they hung up on me and will not answer their phone or return any phone calls. What should be my next step? I want to report them to the NYS bar association and the NYS District attorneys office for fraud and theft. Any ideas on how to go about this without any names as they refuse to provide the information?

              0 Votes
            • Pe
              Personal Touch Sep 24, 2009

              You probably didn't read your contract. I also have a low rate with a collection company but it is only on accounts less then 90 days old. Accounts that are aged cost more. I have used 4 companies for collection and they all pretty much do the same thing. Charge more if the debt is older and take like 30 days to pay you unce they get the money.

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