Altech Netstarhandling of problems and no communication

Netstar's service is horrible!!

I recently bought another car and had to have the Smartbox reinstalled into the new car .
They phoned me and stated that the fee for the removal and reinstallation of the box is R665.79 or what . This abount can be debited from you account once off or payed into their account over 2 months.
I chose the latter .
Since then debit orders from my account has been going off without me having money in the account because nothing is supposed to be going off !
I've now payed more than R400 in bank penalties. I've phoned and emailed and they have stated that the money from the penalties would be reimbursed to my account. That is yet to happen! This has been in August, now in October a new amount of R224.79 has been debited and again bank penalties!

Apparently I should have smelled it in the air that the amount that they would have reimbursed me was since then apparently deducted from the full amount that I owe them and the R224.79 is whats left . WOW!! Who knew ????
And the best of all is I'm apparently going to be handed over for not paying them !
Still also waiting on the call or email I was supposed to get from Yugeshin Naidoo in connection with the problem!

They don't communicate even tho the say they will be in contact .
They gave me payment options and did not comply to the one I chose !!

Horrible, horrible, horrible...


Oct 02, 2019

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