Altech Netstarunauthorised account

S Apr 17, 2018

Contract - [protected] (Ref CAS-2012085-G0G3)
I requested a signed COPY (WITH MY SIGNATURE) or recording of the verbal agreement entered into (WITH MY VOICE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT). As I explained to both your Call Centre and Credit Works - I have no knowledge of this account. I have never entered into any agreement with Netstar and therefore will not be held liable for any account until such time as you can provide me with PROOF.

Further note on this unsigned contract which your Call Centre, you have the listed agreement to a MRS COETZEE - which is not my name. The banking details you have given are not in my name either. The vehicle you have registered for this is also not in my name. I was not present, agreed to or signed anything with the installation of this device and until last week I had no knowledge of any account in my name. Until you can give me with proof that I, Samantha Pask entered into any agreement, I kindly request you correct your records with the proper information. Kindly convey this information to Credit Worx so that they can stop harrassing me for something that is clearly not mine!

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