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Complaints & Reviews

transfer of unit - cost

So today I phoned Altech Netstar to request that my unit be removed and installed into my new vehicle which I'll be getting tomorrow and the cost to do this is a R1600!!!
But the cancellation fee is R1450??? How is the world do you guys do your calculations.
I ask the consultant that I need this done in the next 24 hours as my current vehicle is a trade-in on the new one and collection date is tomorrow - and then he tells me the first available slot is Friday.

I mean seriously guys - how is that for service, this is daylight robbery!!!

tracking device

1. Ever since I installed my tracker in 2013 it has never worked properly everytime I try to test it they...

Johannesburg Cars, Parts & Vehicles

wrongful deduction on my account

Altech netstar has deducted from my bank account and I do not have tracker in my car. They say its for a car...

Johannesburg Banks

listed at creditworx

I bought a new car in 2012 and took the car insurance with Oakhurst which their insurance came with the tracker from Altech Netstar.In 2013 February i travelled to Mpumalanga of which it was the first time i drove there but to my surprise i was never called as tracker Dept do especially if you drive to the place that you don't usually drive to.I phoned them and complain but the lady i was talking to she told me that they will inform me about the where about of the car if the car is stolen and the complain is lodged.I decide to cancel the insurance policy which was doing good for me because of Altech and also cancel that insurance with them the very same day in Aug 2013 but now they have sent me to CreditWorx that i owe the amount of R2599.00.My number [protected].

not responding to my query

I have had the netstar unit in my car since november in march I started receiving sms's everytime I start my...

Johannesburg Cars, Parts & Vehicles

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no service

It all started when we got a call from the call center and they wanted to upgrade the units in both our cars. They did not make mention of additional charges. If they did, we would have not upgraded as there was nothing wrong with our current units and also financially we could not afford it. At the end of the month they deducted an amount of r 800 and some change. When we called the center, they were unable to assist us and they were going to call us back, which never happened. Spoke to jacquline in accounts, spoke to manager ramo maharaj, spoke to chantal, manager of customer service, spoke to the consultants, and it is now almost 2 months and nobody has gotten back to us. They insisted that they mentioned the additional cost, but they cannot find and telephone recordings of the conversation. We even sent e-mails to their service center time and time again requesting for somebody from the cancellation department to contact us, and still nothing has happened.

This is so frustrating . I would like this contract to be cancelled with immediate effect, as we are not willing to do business with a company that cannot assist and sort out my queries. But they continue to take our money.

Raakhee naicker

poor service from a tracker company that doesn't know which city I live in

This company is just infuriating.
All they are interested in is their monthly fee.
I sold my vehicle and wanted to cancel the tracker.
I have tried 3 times to cancel my contract, 2 of them the
salesman promising to call me back and never doing that, and
the last time the phone just went dead after I asked the sales lady to
process the cancellation.
And sure enough at the end of the month R183 was deducted from my
account into their pockets.
This is just unethical.
I have switched to Tracker for my new vehicle because I refuse to deal
with Altech anymore.

The worst part - I even gave these guys a chance.
I waited for them to come and install the new unit knowing that they
are screwing me on the old unit. They didn't pitch for 3 days and kept calling me the next day to say they are coming. And on the 4th day they tell me their was a
problem because they thought I was staying in Durban and sent a Durban
Fitment cnwtre to my house, so the guys could find me. This is a tracking company!!!
Can u believe this chit!!!

lack of service

On the 20th of November I called netstar to inform them of a fault on unit fitted to my vehicle. I wa...

appalling service received

Altech Netstar fitted a tracker to my car on 11 May 2013. Started calling them from Monday 13 May 2013 until today 20 May 2013 bu haven't been helped. Bascially I'm paying for service that I'm not even receiving. I'm so appalled the service that I have received so far. I thought the company had a prestigious reputation.

bad quality of work done by their technician

Monday 9th 2011 I took my BMW 1 series coupe to this Fitment Centre to have my Netstar Tracking Unit checked since it was faulty, one of their technician blew out the fuse thats control the lights, and he battled to have it fixed on time i spend the whole day there till 9PM while they are busy fault checking.They removed the dashboard silver trim panels which they happend to scratch looking for the fuse box, without success on Tuesday 10 they took my vehicle to BMW to have BMW run a diagnostic on the car which indicated the fuses that was blown they replaced those and the car lights was fine, but the car performance changed from high to low with a Turbo lag. The Manager Peter called me on Wednesday 11 th saying the car was fine, I went to collect the car With a bad performance and scratched dashboard, ashtray trims and the manager claims those i caused because of wear, He made a lame excuse saying watch could have caused the scratches, I dont wear watches he then changed the story saying the Technician is fairly new and when they remove dash pannels they should put them on plastic protectors but he did not. When you take a car to a fitment centre you expect to find it in good condition.
They did not even do the car checklist thats why they mess peoples cars and claim to be wear and tear. Avoid them

pathethic service

Due to circumstances well beyond our control NetStar has managed to truly cause dismay, distrust and disbelief in every single advertisement of theirs whether audio or visual. Don’t believe a thing they say. They don’t care as much as they say that they do, only about your money but that right there they don’t publish. But hey you decide. I had a Cyber Sleuth Supreme System along with the Panic Button and the Crash Alert installed at a cost of R750 as I wanted for the maximum protection available to be at my wife’s disposal. The Unit kept on sending Panic Signals and we figured it may be due to the positioning of the Panic Button. However, NetStar then contacted my Wife informing her that they suspect that the Unit may be faulty as it kept on sending Panic Signals. They undertook out of their own accord to contact the Fitment Centre and arrange for the Unit to be tested. Wow, what Service, what caring. Yes indeed read on what service, what caring?

Two weeks have now passed and the Fitment Centre still did not contact us. I then took time off of work and went to the Fitment Centre on Friday the 18th of February who assured me that they knew nothing of the issues. Upon their further investigation the System had been effectively deactivated as it was in a Panic State since the 2nd of February this in essence means that the car couldn’t be tracked on the internet and even if she had pressed the Panic Button herself it wouldn’t work as the Unit was effectively disabled.

So you tell me how the hell can this be? When she complained about this with the information at hand they confirmed that this was true and that they would give her a months’ free usage of the system as it was effectively off. So does this make up for the false sense of security that we had that she was protected. Does this make up for the fact that if she was in trouble for what so ever reason she would not be helped. Does this free them from any obligation towards their clients whose lives they are supposed to be protecting? Does this make it go away that their competence levels are questionable in as much as the who put left it in Panic Mode, who did not call the Fitment Centre etc. I cannot believe that any company would risk their reputation so openly by advertising one thing and doing the absolute exact opposite. I am seeking Legal Advice in this matter and I suggest that anyone else out there that has had the same and or similar experiences with NetStar do the same. This is truly unacceptable and a pathetic show of incompetence.

  • Jo
    Johan Kruger Jun 26, 2018

    Truly pathetic (non existant) service.
    They gladly take your money but do not fulfill their obligation and seems to be getting away with not delivering any service which are paid for.
    Surely this must be taken up with the consumer protection council.

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netstar not accepting cancellation of contract

On the 12th of August 2009 I gave written notice of terminating my contract with Netstar as I have SOLD my car. The notice was faxed by Netstar Kimberley to the Bloemfontein office. On telephonic enquiry Netstar acknowledged the receipt of the fax and informed me that a last deduction from my bank account will be made by the end of September 2009. Subsequent to September more deductions were made and I had to request reversals of payment and also instructed the bank not to allow any further deductions from my bank account.
It appears that Netstar refuses to accept the termination of my contract although they have not informed me in writing of any reasons for not accepting the cancellation nor could they supply me of a copy of the contract andor relevant clauses that they seem to enforce inspite of having requested them to do so. In terms of my contract the company should be informed in writing one month in advance in case of a cancellation. Suffice to say is that Netstar is threatening with legal action for the amount of R291.66 an amount which is also to be disputed. The public should be made aware of the unethical manner of business practice by Netstar.

  • Ro
    ronnie sayanna Aug 17, 2011

    my contract expired in feb, 2011, was unaware netstar continued debiting my bank ac. when inquired, was told that i must inform them of cancellation, tracker was not used for almost a year.My ac is now in dispute with the bank because not sufficient funds . Three debit returns, still net star did not contact me .

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  • Tr
    Trudy Venter Jun 10, 2014

    I have exactly the same problem. They refuse to reply on emails, they never answer their telephones. I cancelled my contract within 3 days of installation. They are now keeping me to the 36 months contact. According to how I understand I have 21 days to cancel this contract. Don't even want to know if there is an emergency how they will react and if they will. Their service is appalling from the day the fitment was done. I will most definately NOT recommend or refer Netstar to anyone ever!

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  • Ma
    makes24/7 Oct 17, 2017

    I am having the same problem with them my car has been sold for 2 years I have told them to cancel it many times and also did all that you have how do we get the money back and then they still wnt us to paye a cancellation fee I am at my end right knw if I new all this is would never ever put a altech netstar tracker in the car is no longer own

    1 Votes
  • Gl
    Glad Jacobs Oct 23, 2019

    I cancelled subscription with them two years ago and they continued billing me. when I stopped it they harass me with phone call and threaten to hand me over for collection. maintenance an out with my c class while the B class was written off.

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  • Gl
    Glad Jacobs Oct 23, 2019

    I cancelled subscription with them two years ago and they continued billing me. when I stopped it they harass me with phone call and threaten to hand me over for collection. maintenance an out with my c class while the B class was written off

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  • Gl
    Glad Jacobs Oct 23, 2019

    I am now made to write this over and over.

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lack of service delivery from altech netstar

Three Altech Netstar devices were installed in Nov 2009 and a week later I found out that all three were faulty. I was told that new devices needed to be installed but it did not happen in November nor December. Only in January 2010, the new devices were installed. A few days later my account was debited for these devices. A few more days passed and again it was reported that all three devices were faulty. I was absolutely furious with Altech Netstar and to think that I was debited for something that did not even work! After many phone calls and nasty emails, Aven Pillay, Sales Executive at Altech Netstar sent me an email promising to cancel my contract, remove the faulty devices and reimburse me. This email was sent to me on the 12 Feb 2010. After numerous phone calls and more nasty emails, nothing happened! I need the faulty devices to be removed before another tracking company can install their devices but this does not bother Altech Netstar. In the interim, I am unable to track any of my vehicles if stolen or hijacked, thanks to Altech Netstar, their incompetent staff and faulty devices.

guardian unit not activated for 7 days

I entered into a contract with Altech Netstar fin good faith for a Guardian unit for my daughter. This unit has not been activated for 7 days despite numerous calls to the Call Center. So much for activation within 24 hours on weekdays and 72 hours over weekends. Based on the service...oh let me re-phase lack of service. I am cancelling my contract. of which I have had no benefit. If activation cannot be done within 7days, how can I trust the response on a SOS in the event of an emergency.

  • Al
    Altech Netstar Sep 30, 2010

    Hi Hamler,

    I would like to get in touch with you to address and resolve the matter.

    Please email me on [email protected] or call me on 011 207 5144 and I will gladly assist.

    Many thanks,

    Patrick Wales
    Contact Centre Manager
    Altech Netstar

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no reckon after 10 emails

Becasue I do not agree with their last 2 statements, I have been trying since 10 September to get a full reconciliation from their accounts department. I must have sent 10 emails and spoken to them twice, but still no recon. How difficult can it be, I do it for my clients, so what's the problem? If their accounts response time is this bad what can I expect if my car is stolen?

  • Al
    Altech Netstar Sep 29, 2010

    Hi Meklevin,

    I would like to get in touch with you to address and resolve the matter.

    Please email me on [email protected] or call me on 011 207 5144 and I will gladly assist.

    Many thanks,

    Patrick Wales
    Contact Centre Manager
    Altech Netstar

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  • St
    Stanley Dlamini Sep 07, 2015

    i am also in the situation with Altech Netstar. I called in after submitting my cancellation at the Oakhurst Insurance. Netstar people told me not to send them another correspondance sinse they will get the communication from insurance company but they kept on deducting on my account even after the insurance had stopped. i sent them an email but it took them another five months to respond. then they vanished and kept on deducting and when i stopped the deduction at the bank they then gave me a call a year later after my email. lately i have been receiving calls from Debt Collectors threatening legal action. If i ask them to connect me to Altech's legal services they get very cross and threaten me. None of them wants to even tell me how much debt have they calculated against me and how they got to the amount. Till today i dont know how much i owe Netstar or how much they owe me. Their service is so poor. Comment from Stanley Dlamini. [email protected]

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i'm upset and frustrated, clearly honesty is not one of their corporate values

Yesteday afternoon Netstar mechanics came to my office park to install a new tracking unit into my car. When I went down to my car at 4:30pm on my way home, to my shock & bisbelief I discovered that my Polaroid driving sunglasses where missing from the armrest consul. What bothers me is WHY were the mechanics going through all the compartments in my vehicle, when their job is to install a unit in the dashboard?!!!

It's ironic how they install a unit to PREVENT theft and yet they help themselves to other peoples personal items - what the hell is wrong with these mechanics??!!!

I'm upset and frustrated, clearly honesty is not one of their corporate values. I want my glasses back!

Advice - Dont use Netstar, go with TRACKER!

  • Al
    Altech Netstar Sep 27, 2010

    Hi Ember,

    I would like to get in touch with you to discuss the matter further.

    Please email me on [email protected] or call me on 011 207 5144 and I will gladly assist.

    Many thanks,

    Patrick Wales
    Contact Centre Manager

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stay away from them

We have a netstar system that was changed from one vehicle to another in April this year. THe fitment wa...

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