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Allsups Convenience Stores review: Denied access with my service dog

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On Saturday, 8/19/2023, I stopped into the store around 8:30 am to be confronted by a woman who identified herself as the "Store Manager" at the location: 5312 N Lovington Hwy, Hobbs, NM 88240. The SM denied myself and my registered service dog access into the convenience store due to the SM stating that there is food inside and the dog was not allowed in per store policy. I informed the SM that ADA laws provide myself and my service dog the right to enter all businesses where members of the public are allowed to go as he is a working dog and not a pet. She demanded she see his credentials, which is illegal to ask for and asked that we leave the premises. My service dog had his badge on his collar and per ADA, the service dog does not need to be in a vest or marked. I directed her attention to the badge and she completely disregarded it and grew more aggressive in her tone, language and mannerisms. She could have easily scanned by dogs QR code located on his badge with her phone to access documentation although not required by law and illegal to ask for.

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a written apology or phone call from the SM or DM. I would appreciate that the staff be trained on ADA laws and State laws regarding service dogs.

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