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D Sep 12, 2018

willis avenue collision inc.
933 willis avenue
albertson, ny 11507
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allstate corporate office
mr. thomas wilson
2775 sanders rd
northbrook, il 60062
re: directive reppresantative acknolegement
claim # [protected]
claimant: porcaro carollyn
mr. wilson,
may this serve as a formal complaint concerning the unfair, good faith, inlegal and impediment practices being used by the local allstate claims office claims processing management team in the handling of the claim process.
not only the practices used are in violation of the new york state department of insurance laws as well as of the local civil laws for witch allstate insurance may be very well be found in violation and fined accordingly.
note: we provided the claim's representative with the signed designated representative authorization that assigns us to act on behalf on the vehicle's owner, provided the loss taker with all the loss and claim information as secured from the claimant, also requested us to be the primary contact about the claim in general along with the request to provide the liability commitment and call us to set the field inspection at our shop accordingly.
today we followed up on the status of the liability and inspection, you team members lina & heitley aldertiaria insisted that the claimant must call to give recorded statement.
we pointed out that the full statement was in fact already provided accordingly by us the "d.r." ms. heitley continued to insist demanding the call from the claimant, also checked with supervisor and claims that without the claimant's call will not proceed with the claim i asked for the supervisor's name she refused to provide it to me ending the call.
this appears to be a common practice used by the claims department intended for the sole purpose to steer our customers to a drive-in facility, drp shop and or secure photos to process a photo estimation of which we have lots of prove for being non-complying, not cost effective, misleading and much more.
we urge that your office investigate and or follow up as necessary with the intent to resolve the herein matter a.s.a.p. including replying to my complaint accordingly.
feel free to contact me should you need additional information or have questions.
thank you in advance for your cooperation.

dominick lopresti
willis ave collision
933 willis avenue
albertson, ny 11507
516-746-4466 ph
[protected] fax

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