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I am an authorized representative payee for a person on Social Security disability who receives $674 per month. I put that check in my Bank of America checking account to hold for this person's housing cost. Alliance One, with the help of B of A, charged my account twice, once for $761, then again for a $100 fee (!), leaving me $95.00. I learned from B of A these charges are for 3 unpaid parking tickets, making each ticket $287! I was never notified by Alliance One, asked to set up a payment schedule, or told anything about the debt. Alliance One, with the help of Bank of America, grabbed someone else's money because it was in my account. I've never seen or heard of this kind of practice, from a collection agency or a bank. Needless to say, my B of A account is now closed. I am in contact with the SSA, the State Attorney General's Office, the State Dep't of Financial Institutions, plus the BBB for good measure (for all the good it will do to recover these funds). Read on about the malicious, illegal practices of Alliance One. Anyone interested in a class action suit?


  • Sm
    smart_one Jul 26, 2010

    I had set up a pament plan with them and they deducted $100 for a biweekly payment that was set up for $50 biweekly since Sept of '09. I had never had an issue with the money not being in my account for them. This last payment for July 23rd came out twice due to a mistake by one of their employees. I talked to an ADAM KROOK (his real name mind you) that only gave me two options for their mistake, either have them skip the next payment or wait 3-6 weeks for them to recity their mistake!!! If they can take the money out so quick, why can't they do the same to fix it????? CAPTIOL ONE STOP USING THESE NEGLIGENT IDIOTS!!!

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  • Me
    melanie gardner Aug 22, 2010

    Paid a speeding ticket in cash, in full, and in person to their Gig Harbor office in November 2007.
    Just two weeks ago(2010) I got another notice from Alliance One regarding this "unpaid"ticket. Thank God i saved my reciept and had the entire debt taken off my credit report. They will take advantage of anyone they can.
    Oh yes, and when I cotacted their office via phone, Trudy tells me the monies I paid were credited to another on of my "outstanding tix"... nice try guys.
    I AM DOWN WITH A LAWSUIT...[protected]

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  • Ku
    Kusuriya Sep 30, 2010

    Yeah I had thought I paied them off, i turned out to be wrong. But with no warning no notice, no subpoena, they just help them selves to my account on a Friday evening leaving me 250$ in the hole...

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  • Ha
    hangman_1 Aug 21, 2012

    A1 garnished my BEcu account without any prior notice. They will not share any voice recording s with me and are the rudest, crappiest people to deal with. They are all de il-spawn. I am wholly into the idea of participating in a class action suit against them.

    A. Venegas

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  • Ti
    tiredofthefraud Sep 14, 2012
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    Since so many folks have had the same kind of fraudulent, lying, cheating, rude dealings with these devil spawn...I wonder if there is an atty out there that would be willing to file a class action lawsuit either on contingency or ??? Maybe Capital One will have to answer along with these pigs??

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