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Awful experience

I was forced to go through alliance one to pay my court fines.I had been recently unemployed and sent them A letter to inform them that I would not be able to pay the amount that they wanted per month. waiting for A response they sent A letter to dol and my license was suspended, for lack of payment. and all the money that I had payed them was for nothing they actually increased my debt that amount plus fifty dollars. now I owe them three hundred and fifty dollars more than my original fine amount, I should have borrowed the original amount from A bank the interest would have been less.

  • Li
    Lisam May 13, 2009

    Your ticket wasn't in collections when you were making payments, it was still with the court but the payment plan was being handled by A1. The program allows you to keep your licence and your credit rating while making payments on a debt you can't afford to pay in full. If you cannot keep that last resort payment plan for some reason, you are sent a letter of default and the account is turned over to the collectors. It is at this point that the late fees and collections fees are added to your balance, as outlined on the back of each and every ticket issued. You didn't 'lose' any money. If your original ticket was 100, and you paid 50 then defaulted, the amount going into collection would be the 50 plus the fees and costs. Had you not paid anything on the original ticket, the amount going into collection would have been 100 plus the fees and costs. Depending on the court involved, your fees and costs are either fixed or a percentage of the original amount.

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  • Jn
    Jn2hughes May 29, 2010

    AllianceOne has misreported my payments to the courts and to the drivers licensing department in WA 2 times in the past 4 months, causing suspension of my license. I have made all agreed payments to them monthly. Now, because of their misreporting I have a new violation, driving while suspended. More court fees, more attorney fees now having to defend myself for something caused by their error. This is still pending at this time. They are creating more business for themselves, if more court fees are referred to them, they get another 35% added to it + 12% interest per year. What a scam! If you are experiencing the same frustration complain to the licensing board and attorney generals office. I just did. They must be stopped!

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Terrible company

We have had some financial difficulties last year and had gotten behind on payments. We made payment arrangements with Alliance One in September 2008. I have not received a letter from them since September 17, 2008, even though I have requested a statement several times. I missed the payment in January and they were real prompt in calling us for the payment, I returned their phone call but as of March 4th, I have not received documentation or phone call in regards to a monthly statement and to confirm the balance of the account. I did pay January, but may hold future payments until receive information requested.

In response to the employee of Alliance, yes the consumer is responsible for the balance plus REASONABLE fees. The point the consumer was making was the fees were absorbent. Also, it does not matter how much the person owes, they still deserve respect and not belittled.

  • An
    Angel Jackie Liu Aug 16, 2016

    Sent me a letter that I supposedly owe something $4; but alliance one would have to charge $38.16 as their fee??? So lost. I didn't owe anything $4. I would paid that $4 at anytime. Honestly money isn't the biggest issue, I want to make the report because I hate fraud!!! People plssssssss get a life, stop stealing people's hard working money.

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Scam and cheating

I received a letter dated 2/16/2009 from Alliace One advising that they are collecting a debt I have with Capaital One. I called Capital One and verified that they do not use a Third party to collect any debt. They advised me that I am in good standing with them. I did report this to Capital One and to the Federal Trade Commission. We need to make aware that these people are to scam people.

  • Sh
    Shirley Crumback Oct 30, 2009

    I had a Target account that I did not pay. I received a phone call from a debt collector called alliance one. the young lady seemed pretty nice so I set up a payment with her and ask her to call my back on the 1st of the mnth to set-up payments I made a couple of payments with Alliance One when it got close to my bill being paid in full they called me and offered me a deal to pay it off a little early if I paid the bill today. I told them that I did not have the money today and that it was not my pay period and that I could not do it.2 weeks later I noticed that Alliance One had processed a electronc check for $214.00 from my checking account, after they told me that they did not keep checking information.


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Awful company

I started receiving phone calls from someone at Alliance One in 2007. The guy who called said he was calling to collect a debt. I don't recall how the whole thing started, there was an exchange of words. I asked him what his name was, he said it was none of my business. I asked him what debt he was trying to collect, he called me a smartass. So I called him a ###. He then said he would have me arrested.After that I continued to get calls from him. Sometimes he would call and say 'hey ___ how's it going?' As if it were an old friend. It got to the point where I didn't answer my phone. He called when I was at work and early hours on weekends.

I recently checked my credit report, and found that I had an inquiry from Alliance One. I have never given them permission to check my credit status. Not knowing who they were and still don't know what debt they were trying to collect, I decided to search them on the net. I found this site and was shocked that so many people had similar or if not worse expierences with this company. After reading all of the complaints I decided not to contact them to find out why they checked my credit. Instead I will dispute it with Equifax to remove from my credit report.

  • Im
    Imaboutwhatisrt. Jun 15, 2009

    I started reciving harrassing calls from Allicance, at first I didn't know who it was, someone would call and hang up, it seemed in some strange way if I was home not using my computer or phone, I would recive no calls, as soon as I started using my computer or phone they would start wtih the calls and would just hang up. It took me a little while to realize who had been calling my home before when this started calling a bunch of times and hanging up. One day after the harrassing phone calls a day full of them hanging up call hang up, call hang up when you answer, they would wait five min. call back and it was a recording. I started paying more attention I even contacted the police department about this, I have contacted my phone company, they all give me my options, good ones too. This has gone on for a while now. Today is 6/15/2009 I woke up no calls started using on my computer the calls started, I slipped in before they could hang up, I know your monterting my phone now. It took them just a little longer to hang up this time. a couple mins. passed, I was searching the web to find their name and address, a couple min. passed this time they were leaving some kind of recorded message press this button if your this person. I don't know how they are doing it but they are and its harrassment. I don't know why, they have contacted me via mail one time, its harrassing, I am going to report this behavior to consumer affairs, A. Generals office also the BBB. A person has a right to call, but they do not have a right to call from 8 am until 8 pm every min or hour, no, the law isn't condoning this behavior. Don't believe they are, they are calling your home and hanging up that is Allanice if any one else is experincing this. If any one else has recived a letter from Allaince, and then calls to your home and hanging up its Alliance. Nonetheless, I am disputing what ever it is, they know it and I know it. I am not paying any extra chrages, I am not paying when I brought the account down, they placed charges on my account under their terms strong arming putting my account back to where I paid off maybe even more. I am not paying that, so get used to the idea, Alicance and you better stop calling my home and harrassing me calling and hanging up my phone. I will be contacting the A. Generals office and I will be sending you a letter demanding you to stop harrassing me via phone. I know its you Alicance now. Not a lot of people have my home phone number, no guest, nothing, that is so I can keep up with what I can't see right away. You mother F-er's better stop calling my home hanging up in my face harrassing me, causing me undo stress, calling me with a recorder on the other end leaving instructions on what I should do, press this number if your that person, rub your ### and twist around if your another person, so you can talk to us. There is not law in the books condoning this behavior, no, not one. You will get cussed out f--ing with me causing me undo stress, mental and emotional anguish because your calling my home hanging up in my face. By the way, sense I have been typing this letter, I have recived no calls. This is how I know they are monitering my phone and computer. I had to contact the A. Generals office about them before and will not have a problem doing it again.

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  • Ho
    Hostess72 May 24, 2011

    I have been paying AlliannceOne now for 5 months and today I get a letter telling me that I have not made any arrangements to take care of this, when in fact in January I had called and made the arrangements. Now they are suppose to turn my account over to the Special Collection Unit. A person makes an attempt and they don't bother to follow through with their agreement with the individual. This company has some major problems and I have recently found out from a family member in law enforcement that if they do this little investigation then I will be able to get my debt deleted from my report. There is a little more involved than what I have stated as to my debt being deleted, but I have records of all the payments I have been making and also my own recording of the agreement that was made with them on the phone.

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Writing an expose - would like consumer input

I am a journalist, currently working on a piece exposing the corrupt and illegal practices of Alliance One Collection Agency. If you have a story you would like to tell regarding something this agency has done to you or someone you know then please contact me. (All sources will be kept confidential).

Email address : GerberaKasbah(at)gmail(dot)com

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Today I received a 'no data' call on my home phone line from a person named Abdul with Alliance One. He asked if this was the Howell residence and wanted to speak with _____ (called me by my name). I informed him that I was speaking and he told me his name was Abdul and he was with Alliance One and that he actually was trying to reach a neighbor of mine named Nicki ______ (last name) at _______ (address across the street from me). He then asked if I knew Nicki and seemed surprised that I 'did not know my neighbors'? He then proceeded to ask me if I could leave a note on the door at the address of Nicki. I asked him again who he was and what this was about and why he was calling ME? He stated that the contact information that he had for Nicki was not working and that when he did a search for Nicki that my name/address came up. I told him that was a lie, that if he did a search for Nicki he would not have gotten my information and that I knew that he had done a search on the street address and was calling someone that he thought was on the same street. I again told him that I thought all of this was very weird and strange and he said maybe he was not explaining himself very well. I responded that maybe he was not. Silence----then he said 'hello' and I said Yes? and again he stated maybe he was not explaining himself very well and that this was an important matter and that he needed to reach Nicki. I informed him that today was not his lucky day and that I was not going to leave a 'note' for anyone and not to call my number back and that I would be filing a report on his company. Once I googled this company name I found all of this bad publicity against this company.

What can I do to keep them from calling me? This is a first time call that I have received and I did look up their website and called the number on there to inform the person on the other end that I had better not receive any more calls from this company, to which, the women on the other end of the line, wanted me to give her my name, phone number, etc. and I informed her that I was not going to give her any information that I only wanted her to know that I was filing a company with the attorney general and of course that is when I heard the click of her hanging up.

  • As
    ASHLEY Dec 03, 2008

    A consumer has a right to have debt collectors contact third parties
    only once and only for the purposes of locating the consumer's

    This is coming right of the fdcpa website

    If you do not have an attorney, the debt collector may make only those inquiries necessary to determine where you live, what your phone number is, and where you work. If your current address is not known, the debt collector may be permitted to send a single letter to your last known employer inquiring about your present address. Ordinarily, other than your attorney, a debt collector may make only one inquiry about you with any given third party.

    They can call but only once.

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  • No
    NoVictimHere Feb 02, 2010

    Call the Federal Trade Commission these are the people that can put a stop to companies like Alliance One
    1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)

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fraud and cheating

The fact that King County & the City of Seattle continues to contract with a business as sleazy and unethical...

rip off

This company is a bunch of low life ### debt collectors. They threaten people and harass them. I paid a 25.00...

Scam and cheating!

Cory Clemens account manager for Alliance One called to tell me I owe money for an unpaid ticket, he...

Should be shut down

I have had to file 2 complaints with the ftc and today was the first for a bbb complaint. I was told today...

Fraud and &intimidation& practices

AllianceOne (a collection company for the "govn't" is a company that uses its "power" to get away with...

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