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AllianceOneScam and cheating!

Cory Clemens account manager for Alliance One called to tell me I owe money for an unpaid ticket, he mentioned a license plate number which I never heard of. I told them they had the wrong person to no avail. I asked for some type of documentation and all I got was a fax with an amount of 439 dollars and my name in it, no driver's license number, no social security. I think they are fishing to see if I would bite the hook, but it bothers me he threatened to have my credit affected and my license suspended.


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    doughgirl Oct 31, 2015
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    You should just pay what you owe. It is your credit that is getting ruined!

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  • Ib
    iBSandy Oct 07, 2015

    AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc. = BAD Business Practice and Violations...

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  • Ib
    iBSandy Oct 07, 2015

    RE: FCRA Violation / Unfair Business Practices
    Complaint Against:
    AllianceOne Receivable Management, Inc.
    6160 Mission Gorge Rd
    San Diego, CA 92120

    October 7, 2015
    RE: Account #[protected]

    My name is Eric Sanders. I would like to report a clear VIOLATION of the FCRA. I first made aware of AllianceOne Receivable Management, Inc. on August 18, 2015. I received call from an Alliance Representative stating that they were the Collection Agency attempting to collect a debt. They stated that a letter had been sent letter. I stated that I had not received any information that I that I owed anyone. Nevertheless, I requested something in writing. The person I talked with on October 7, 2015 the AllianceOne rep stated that the letters they sent was not a Certified Letter with a Return Receipt.
    On August 22, 2015 I received another call from AllianceOne. It was a follow up call. I told the rep that I had not received any letter. Upon reviewing my contact information. I discovered that they did not have the correct mailing address. I stated that I wanted something in writing. She said that she would have something sent to me.

    On September 23, 2015 I received a letter. Upon review of the information I determined that I would pay the claim. I didn’t want to hassle and waste my time, money and effort. Furthermore, I did not want anything to IMPACT my credit.
    However, just before I called AllianceOne I reviewed my credit and discovered a VOILATION. AllanceOne had already reported the Collection Account to the credit Bureaus. The date that was reported on my credit report was September 29, 2015.
    This is a violation of their own policy in the letter that I received. The letter says, “Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving this notice that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, this office will assume this debt is valid.”
    Thirty days from the time I received the letter would be Oct 23, 015. The actions of AllianceOne is clearly an AGGRESSIVE, UNLAWFUL and a VIOLATION of Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

    There actions have caused harm to my credit. They did not give me an opportunity to cure or make right the situation. AllianceOne is Goliath and I am David. A BIG company like AllianceOne should be ashamed. Of course, they are not. It appears the organization like FTC are allowing these unfair and unlawful actions against consumers.
    Today, October 7, 2015 I paid the Collection. The confirmation number is 035812. They claimed that they would delete the Trade Line in 30 days. I am truly thankful that they will remove the wrongful reporting of the collection. It should have never happened.
    Think about it. Think about if it was your husband, wife, mother, father, brother ect… what would you do. You would ask to compensated in some way for the harm they caused. The time, money and effort. Just write this letter is taking away time to make money for my family.
    What are the legal remedies against AllianceOne? What are the other agencies that I make a complaint?


    Eric Sanders


    Complaint to the following:
    Filed Complaint: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau / October 7, 2015.
    [Case number: [protected]]

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  • Dr
    drea d Sep 29, 2015
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    Wylie, I just recieved the same kind of letter from the port authority in NY AND NJ. I live in florida and haven't driven to the East coast at all. My amount was $63. I had a problem a couple of years ago with my old license plate being stolen, so I thought it was the same problem coming back to haunt me. I am glad I checked the internet for the scam before I gave any info to them. Are you doing anything to report this problem?

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  • Wy
    Wylie Gilbert Aug 22, 2015
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    Just opened a letter in the mail from Alliance One Receivables Management, Inc stating that I owe $50.00 in collections because my account has been reported past due by THE PORT AUTHORITY OF NY & NJ. A number of red flags are going off: 1) "Your account has been reported past due". This is the first time I'm hearing about this and I check my mail every day. No attempts were made for collections by the Port Authority of NY & NJ. The Port Authority would have attempted to collect from me before informing a collections agency. 2) I've not been to NY or NJ in a number of years. 3) Alliance One is based in Philly, and the return address for me to send payments is in Tacoma, WA. I live in Central PA. 4) My full time job has given me skills to detect fraudulent activity, and this letter reeks of it!

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  • Co
    Cormalina421 May 11, 2015

    My husband is dealing with the same thing with Alliance right now. They took $211 out of our tax refund and then sent us a bill for $84. My husband called them to find out what exactly the debt was and the man on the phone (Alliance) told him that he couldn't provide any information to him. My husband was outraged because he is sure that this is not his debt, his name isn't even spelled correctly on any of Alliance's documentation. If anyone receives a bill from them, QUESTION IT! It seems that this company is looking for their debtors, but instead of finding the real ones they are either assigning the debt to someone with the same name or a name that is very similar. We are going to be reporting this company to the credit agencies immediately and I hope anyone else going through this situation does the same.

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  • Ti
    Tina Morgdo Feb 04, 2015


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  • Is
    island girl Nov 10, 2011
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    I had a traffic ticket a couple of years ago that went to collections (allianceone) and they are the worst people ever! my original citation was 1350.00 and this was 2 years ago, since then it went up to 3700.00 with no explanation of interest accrued and the original amount of the ticket

    I initally had a payment plan set up with alliance one and had lost my job so I contacted alliance one to change my payment amounts and they refused to assist me, so at that time I informed them that I would not be able to send in the whole payment so the rep informed me they will accept the payment. well a month later I receive a letter in the mail from the dept of licensing stating my drivers license will be suspended, now I have a handicap child and a elderly family member I take care of so not being able to drive is not an option so I contacted alliance one whom in turn told be I can't start a payment plan without putting 50% down and they refused to provide me with a detailed record of payments I made and interest my account gained while in collections so I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was no help at all so now I am taking the chance of driving without a license and wondering how I would be able to come up with 1500 dollars

    I do not understand how these people sleep at night and do not understand why I am not able to obtain info on my account and isn't there a limit to the amount of interest they can charge? I do not think that it is right that they can suspend your license for that and it's not like I am not making any efforts to resolve this matter. don't I have any rights as a consumer? help anyone???

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  • Ki
    KimberyNichol Jul 24, 2011

    I had the same exact situation happen to me that happened to MS88. Alliance One called me saying that I owed $17, 000 to the State Pharmacy Board of Nevada dating from 2003. I asked for the invoice and proof of the alleged collections account and they stated that they didn't have anything because it was done electronically but they kept trying to get me to make a payment for the alleged debt. Now I have never worked in the pharmacy/medical field and I asked it was possible that I owe money to a state agency. They tried telling me it was probably a student loan debt of which I know is not true and then i called the State Pharmacy Board of Nevada myself and they told me that they have no record of me owing them any money AND that they don't use an outside collections agency to collect on debts. I was told by the lady that runs the State Pharmacy Board that the collections notice was either a scam or a mistake.

    I called Alliance One back to tell them all of this and spoke with a manager (Allan) demanding to see proof of their collections notice. He said he would mail it to me and that if it was a mistake it was easy to fix. The scary part is that they had my Social Security number, my old address from where I lived in 2003 and of course my phone number. It has been a month since I first called Alliance One and I have yet to receive any copy of the collections account and I have called Allan back 3 times and left a message with him, of which he has not returned my calls. This company needs to be reported to the California Attorney General and FBI immediately. I'm worried about how much power they actually have or if they are a real collections agency because I have perfect credit and have never been late on a payment (that's how I knew it was a scam from the beginning) and my husband is an attorney and I will sue them if they affect my credit score in any way.

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  • He

    Email me to discuss your options in dealing with them. I have several that will help.

    [email protected]

    I have over 8 years experience in this field and a working relationship with a law firm who specializes in cases like yours that may have them PAY YOU!

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  • Ms
    MS88 Jun 22, 2011

    I just received a collection note from "AllianceOne" that I owned United Postal Service for a return check of $25. Now it turns to $39.73 with penalty. I called them and asked them for proof of what I owned and they said they don't have anything due to everything was done through electronically. They asked me to pay off this bill online or through telephone and asked my private information such as, bank name and bank account, credit card information and e-mail. I refused to give them my information and I called USPS immediately for verification. USPS accounts receivable staff respond to me that they have no such invoice or anything shows that I owned USPS money. Instead, USPS has turned this case to investigator.

    Be award that AllianceOne hacked to your Paypal account to steal your personal info and bank info. and tried to send you a collection note. This is a shame and this company
    should be tossed off.

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  • Lo
    logicaldog Apr 01, 2011

    My mother has been dead since 1995 yet they call and I tell them that she is dead. There is no confirmation of what they are calling about, no supervisor, no messages, they are a scam.

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  • Ro
    Robert the whisle blower Aug 17, 2009

    I recently received a letter from Alliance One Receivables Management, Inc stating that I need to "pay immediately" or "Your driving privileges may be suspended" for the amount of $394.80. They list me as Robert XXXXX and give a representative contact name of "Larry Newman" at [protected] ext 6620. On the reverse side of this letter show printout from the Miami-Dade Clerk of the Courts for account number(s) XXXX and XXXXI. I know I have no citations against me, however I did go to the official Miami-Dade Clerk of Court website, knowing the the "account numbers" were citations numbers in reality. While the citations are real, the person they are against is a Robert XXXX XXXXX, from a different city, different DOB, driver license number, Tag number, etc.. It appears that this company couldn't find the "real" owner of these citations, they decided to go through the phone book and look for a name close to his and in his or neighboring city. To say the lease, this is a deceptive fraud practice and should be addressed. I have filed official complaints against this company with the US Postal Inspection Office, The Florida Attorney General, Better Business Bureau and currently finishing out a complaint with the California Attorney General. While I know that there is no real citation against me, the fraud could spread to others that are not as wise against the type of fraud. I currently have the original letter sent to me by this company and copies of the citations from the Miami-Dade County Clerks Office. . I write this complain in hopes that no person will be fooled by this deceptive company practice. Please note that if you look up the citation at the official site, you will notice that it says " *This citation is not eligible to be paid online". So even if this letter had gotten to the correct person, and they paid this company, he would still have a suspended license, a bench warrant (failed to appear in court) and out $394.80 paid to this fraud of a company.

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  • Up
    UpsetCustomer2009 May 29, 2009

    Found a bill listed as charge off by Alliance One on my credit report for 423.00 during a secret clearance check. Here's what I have encountered with trying to get this bill paid off with Alliance One:

    05/18/2009: Operator (Brittany ext 6372) said she would mail the bill to me asap, but kept asking for my credit card info, but I refused to give it.

    05/21/2009: Called them because I had not received the bill in the mail. Operator would not I.D. himself. Said there was a mix-up on my address and he was mailing out a bill asap ...

    05/26/2009: Called them again, as I received no bill in the mail. Operator (Amber #311) said she would send a bill asap, and kept asking for my credit card info! I refused and said I would pay the bill when I get a hard copy of it in the mail.

    05/29/2009: Called yet again, as I have gotten no bill. First spoke with "Suda" who directed me to "Brittany" who THEN directed me to her manager, "Jennifer" ! Jennifer said they had mailed out several bills, and told me that I was being difficult and hard-headed with her because I would not give her my card info to pay the bill over the phone! I insisted that the FBI investigator advised me to get hard copies of everything, and so this is why I needed a hard bill. Then she offers to send me a bill via my email address today, but when I checked my mails this evening, I received no emails from her. She said she would knock the bill down to $400 if I wired her the money today ! Haha! OMG!

    I am calling the FBI investigator and ask him to talk to these people now, as I have done everything I can to pay this bill and they will not send me a copy of what I owe!

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  • Me
    Melvin Apr 16, 2009

    My wife had authorized a payment via eft 6 months ago when contacted by these jeepers for a collection she owed, which they drafted then and it was done, finished. Well guess what 2 weeks ago? These guys decided to double dip, pulled $500 bucks out in the middle of the night, and now the Bank of America says tough luck, you 'compromised' your bank account 6 months ago when you originally authorized these guys to take a one time payment then.

    And yes she did have some other collections outstanding, but the authorization for the eft 6 months ago was a one time deal, not an outstanding order to pull money whenever some collection in the future might hit their desk.

    Anyone know how I get an unauthorized, totally unapproved eft $$$ back??? She's on disability and really needs her money for meds.

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  • Is
    Isaac Oct 15, 2008
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    The jokers at Alliance One have been bugging me for months, looking for someone with my initials. It doesn't matter how many times I tell them that they have the wrong number, the person I speak to (including managers) has no idea how to stop this ridiculous company from calling me. They suggest that I will just have to live with it.

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  • Ja
    JAIME Aug 22, 2008
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