Allegiant Travel Company / Allegiant Airbeware!!! animal hater works at allegiant air! punta gorda airport

Punta Gorda airport FL, Allegiant air employee are very disrespectful! Be careful if you travel with a pet. Most terrible service, the manager is a very rude person and an animal hater, also appeared to us that something was wrong with her, had very shaky hands and yelling when we simply asked about to confirm that our luggage is returned to us. Also SCA woman named Susie who seemed to hate pets even more was even worse and had a nasty look on her face when she saw our beautiful dog and came up to us and forcing our dog to get in the bag like a circus dog and to turn around 360 % and when our dog did not want to do so, she said - you will not travel the dog does not fit, right 15 min before boarding to the plane! When we traveled with same dog and travel pet bag for years Via Allegiant air. We will file a complaint and make sure that these type of people do not serve public, such poor manners shows the lack of ethics, education, training and respect to others, showing us her superior attitude and did not even try to listen ! We had lost a flight and money because of them. Shame on Allegiant Air!

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