Alitalia Airlinesvery poor service, always losing luggage!

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I am in the US Navy and was stationed in the UK between July 2017 and July 2017. I took a trip to Bucharest, Romania in 2017 if I am not mistaken and booked a flight on Alitalia Airlines. The trip to Romania was a nice one but upon my return flight back it was a nightmare. First the flight lost my luggage and I had to wait two hours in line to file a claim with the airline at the airport. This of course cost me the last train back to London which I had to get a cab for about $120 instead. Next I waited about a month and called the company. They told me I had to contact the office in New York since I was a US citizen. Each time I called they either hung up on me or would pretend to transfer me to the correct department and then hang up on me. They never would give the number of the department. Finally after sending a certified letter to the office I waited about three months for a reply and they told me they were not responsible for the lost luggage. They would not
pay for the bag nor the contents which totaled about $140.00 approximately. I contacted the president of the company and in a nutshell was told in a letter that it sucked to be me. They would not discuss why no one from the company bothered to contact me in the first place, why it took so long to find someone to talk with, why i was always hung up on or why they would not pay for the luggage that THEY lost.

If you don't want very poor service and from what i have read they have filed for backrupcy and they are always losing luggage - Then DONT FLY ALITALIA Airlines. BOYCOTT them.


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  • Ke
    Kelly Doerr Aug 06, 2009

    Two Years ago my son took a trip to Europe - Air Alitalia lost his luggage - it wasn't returned until a month after he returned. There is NO telephone number for Customer Service. Everything is by fax and mail. Not even Email. I have yet to speak to a person. We have filed a claim because much of his spending money was used on essentials and clothes. After providing all the requested receipts, photos, documents, etc. They just stopped answering our mail. No final response on the claim was ever received. This is has been going on for two years. They ruined his vacation and now just ignore their customers. NEVER FLY WITH THEM. You can't even reach them when you need assistance.

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  • Ma
    Marriedman Dec 07, 2009

    My wife and I flew Alitalia Airlines this past May-June from London to Rome (after a layover). They lost my baggage which I did not get back until 60% of our tour was over. Their customer service sucks and they LIE to you. I spent more money than my stuff was worth, their workers stole a suit and they finally settled with me for $500 in August! I had a $400 cell phone bill they would NOT COVER which was what I spent trying to call them in Italy and their NYC offices. They hung up on me and kept me waiting for over 30 minutes on a call! They are rude and their in flight service sucks. DO NOT FLY ALITALIA EVER!! Spend the extra money and fly Virgin or someone else.

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  • Jo
    joannem. Jun 03, 2011

    i had 50, 000 travel points transferred from my american express card to alitalia for a flight to italy 5 days ago. they gave a confirmation number for the transfer but now say they have no points for me and that i need to pay for my upgrade if i want it. not only can they not fix this problem but they have been (when you actually get to speak with anyone) rude, combative and insulting with both me and the american express rep and manager. most calls made, and there have been more than 40, we have been hung up on. amex has told me thay are pretty amazed at the rudeness communication and apoligized to me for having to listen to it. the airline was verbally abusive. the only thing i can do right now is wait to see if any resolution comes in the next few days. if not i am considering proceding with a legal complaint.

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  • Mo
    mouradhe May 18, 2019

    You reject our boarding since last July 2018

    Now we are following you about the refund and you are escaping
    PLEASE ANSWER and send the money back!

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