Al Ahli Hospital Emergency Receptionemergency reception

N Sep 07, 2018

I went to Al Ahli Hospital because I had a flu and high fever. My US insurance is activated but I didn't have except the expired copy. I informed the receptionist that the insurance company has renewed by insurance. They admited me and I was on bed about to see the doctor then the recpetion lady comes and tells me we have to cancel the visit. She takes me out of the room (I have a high fever) and they tell me that they need a gurantee of payment. I spend 20 minutes trying to explain to them the situation then they finally admit me back in. I then refused to be admitted since this is not the correct way to treat patients! The reception lady could have waited till the end. Worst case I would have paid it myself. But it is not correct for her to remove me from the emergency bed when I'm about to receive treatment. I think went to a nearby clinic and got the best treatment!
This is the very last time I go to Al Ahli. The man and lady at the reception do not know how to deal wih patients. Horrible treatment!

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