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S Nov 22, 2019

Beware from Airtel Scam

We have applied for Airtel Fiber connection at our Pitampura Premises,
One of Airtel Employee Mr. Daksh, Sale ID - DB2C41001, Mobile no., 8010504333, came into our office on 10th OCT 2019, for Airtel Fibre connection and book our connection, and told us that our connection will be installed without payment as got waiver and commit that connection will be activated within 2 days.

We are adding CAF screenshot for your reference. The CAF number is [protected].

He collected all the necessary documents from our office, but after completion of 40 days, still, the connection is not installed on our premises. We also have the SMS as improved where the OTP was generated against The CEF which makes us believe that connection has been gone through and everything will be done by tomorrow.

Daksh has told us to disconnect your previous internet connection (Spectranet) and install Airtel Fibre connection within 1-2 days. Who will pay for this loss?

We need to get a connection installed at our premises as soon as possible, without making any payment as we have been told by Daksh this commitment and waste of our 40 days time on this.

What action should be taken against Daksh to get delayed on our connection installation?
How much time needed to get our connection installed on our premises.

The also have the conversation and the footage of video as the cameras installed in the room in which the papers were signed and all the meeting was happening regarding the connection.
Is Airtel is a Fraud Company?
DO they have do not follow their commitment?
We have no response yet from Airtel People? People help us?

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