Airasiahelpfulness and trustworthy of your staffs

I was flying from Miri to KL today, 11 Sept 19, on airplane AK5652, depart from Miri at 1:45pm. I have two incidents to report/complaint:

1) I could not allocate one of my luggage at the baggage claim belt area, and was not inform of the way to collect my NEEDED CARE baggage at the departing counter nor the arrival airport. At the end, I had obtain wrong information from strangers that AirAsia office is located outside the airport building. I rushed from floor to floor try to find the said office with my mild Autistic child deposited at one food court, taking risks of him wondering off if waited for too long. At the end, I managed to get correct information from Malaysia Airline customer care counter. I went back into the baggage area and finally claimed my missing baggage, a big computer monitor. at a counter located at a hidden corner!

2)The night I unpacked my bag and found out that one of my iPhone charging plug and two charging wires went missing from the front pocket of my bag! leaving behind one charging plug only!

I actually appreciate the extra care your staffs gave to customer's PRECIOUS /FRAGILE baggage, but ZERO tolerance to the untrustworthy behaviour. He that will steal a pin, will steal an ox.

Sep 11, 2019

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