AirAsia / baggage confirmation - payment without the approval from customer

334 Morris Road, Australia

I have book a flight to Cochin from Melbourne on the date 19/06/2019 and return on 15/06/2019. While booking the ticket, I have checked the option no baggage on going to Cochin and 20 kg on coming back. I got the booking confirmation and the booking reference number as well.

After 2, 3 days I was checking the price of adding baggage 20 kg to my trip from Melbourne to Cochin. Now the site is saying that I have confirmed that I need 20 kg baggage and without paying the fee for this baggage I cannot travel. I didn't made the payment for this baggage.

When I called the customer service, they informed me that there is no option to cancel it from their end and no option to erase it off. Its like if a person check the price of an add on they are making it as approval from the customer without the permission of them indirectly. (I'm not asking for the money I already paid asking to reset the option for me to put the baggage as 0 kg)

Its so embarrassing that we we got such a bad experience with a reputed organisation like Air Asia

Jun 12, 2019

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