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Complaints & Reviews

Freshmatic air device

I purchased one of these in 2017 and used it with only one or two canisters before it ceased working. I thought maybe it had been dropped and had internal damage. As I had already purchased more canisters for it before it stopped working, I purchased a new device to use the new canisters with it. Maybe not so smart of me, because this one stopped working after use with only one or two canisters, also. This one was not dropped, I'm certain. I will stop purchasing Airwick products now. My money is too valuable to use it for products from companies where quality is below standard.


My Airwick Freshmatic has stopped working completely. I have changed the batteries and checked the red plastic bit at the top is up but it will not work. I have 5 of these in my house, all bought in January 2020 and all the others work. There must be an issue with the mechanism as I said the others all work. I would be grateful if this could be replaced please. I buy the refills regularly and would like to still stay with your product.
Sue Harrison 8 Ridge Park Ave Plynouth PL4 6QA
thankyou for your time

Essential mist

It doesn't work second one I have bought that doesn't work. We live a long ways from walmart so we have to wait to take it back and not sure they will take it back because of covid. Waste of money.. Iam so disappointed in this product I buy the plug ins and never have any problems. We spend a lot on gas to go get this disappointing product. Would never recommend it to anyone

Essential mist

Air wick automatic room spray.

WHY keep producing a product that clearly doesn't work?? Very disappointed with a Known name. Just look at the complaints...Wish I had before I bought. You will sting me no more. Result for me is to walk away from your products. Just feel conned. Thanks but no thanks. Can't waste anymore time on your cynical abuse of customer base! What a load of rubbish you expect in RETURN!!! To fill in your complaints... Enough characters yet???????

Essential mist

Purchased two of these today at Walgreens. Neither of them work. Put in batteries, blue light comes on and...

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Hawaiian air wick

I placed an air wick on a piece of paper on my kitchen table, and it leaked and stripped the color off of my table. I had just recently purchased this table, and this is very upsetting to me. I provided photographs for you to see. Please kindly respond to my concerns.


Aaron Alexander
112 Copper Creek place
Florence Alabama 35630


Hawaiian air wick
Hawaiian air wick
Hawaiian air wick

Botanica plug ins

I purchased the French lavender & honey blossom and the fresh pineapple & Tunisian rosemary, plus the car air fresheners.
I spent nearly £20 on these products so I would expect them to smell amazing, they are a complete waste of time, there is hardly any smell from the plug ins and the car freshener dusnt smell at all, its an awful lot of money to waste, my friends were going to but them but I told them not to bother.
I was so looking forward to having these fragrances in my home and car, but I was so disappointed.
I shant be buying them again sorry to complain but I thought I had to tell you
Yours sincerely
Tracey sharples


I bought an air wick starter kit and got a coupon for a free starter kit or spray. When I emailed the receipt I got a response back saying the receipt isn't valid. (this is after I waited and asked about it). I'd like this resolved, I had no reason other than the free item to even try this product. On the receipt It shows the first thing bought was the starter kit.


essential mist and automatic air refresher

I have purchased several of your items which has stopped working. It is very disappointing to me that I have purchased so many of your products and now they are not working. As you know the price of the products are not cheap. If you look at the picture below you will see I have placed a lot of confidence in your product but to my dismay the product has stopped working. I thank you and have a great day.

essential mist and automatic air refresher

air wick

I am very unhappy yet again not been able to use my air freshener as no tube

connected to attach the white pump... i took this back ro wilko and they wpuldnt change as i didnt get a recipt so yet AGAIN im out of pocket...

I want replacement tins as im very very unhappy that i spend this amount of money on your products to NOT be able to use them.

I want to know what the outcome is going to be
SAM woodcock
3 repington way Sutton coldfield b75 7nb

air wick
air wick
air wick

air wick 4 in 1 apple cinnamon medley spray 8 oz.

I have 2 brand new Air Wick 4 in 1 apple cinnamon medley spray cans that do not spray. I keep them in each of my bathrooms and both ran out so I planned on using these two cans and neither of them spray. Nothing comes out.

I am requesting a refund in the amount of 3.49 x 2 = $6.98.
Thank you in advance.

Deb Egizi
2232 Riviera Parkway
Point Pleasant, NJ 08742

air wick plug in air freshener

I Had no idea plugin air freshner's could cause such a major allergic reaction as I have been using these for some time till I refilled mine with double pack of air wick
I have been hospitalised due to the adverse reaction which I did not know at first and hospital could not figure out what could have caused such a major allergic reaction but when I reached home after being discharged 3 days later from hospital, the itching and blotches started to appear on my skin within an hour.
I have always used the plugins on the bottom plugs of an extension so as to keep away from direct exposure at any time

air wick plug in air freshener
air wick plug in air freshener
air wick plug in air freshener
air wick plug in air freshener
air wick plug in air freshener

air wick pure 24/7 automatic spray

11/25/2019 I bought the automatic spray today and have been working on getting the refill into the device for at least 30 minutes. I am 68 years old and wear glasses but had a terrible time reading the assembly instructions printed on the side panel of the packaging. First of all, the instructions are printed in pale white that got more pale as the instructions went on, the white instructions were printed on a red package. The print font was very small. I had a bright light and a magnifying glass and finally was able to figure out what the words were. Second, why would you put the on/off button under the top cover of the device with a small picture showing someone poking a stick in a hole in the device. Evidently, as I was poking around in there I hit the right area because it does spray. My main complaint is the difficulty reading the instructions. Have someone in your administration departartment try to read them. I wish them luck.

essential mist air freshener

Bought this as it was more expensive and I thought it would mean it would be better quality. I was wrong. No smell and an absolute waste of money. Very disappointed as I always buy Airwick and thought his would be very special. I am unable to return it as I have opened it and tried using it. Rubbish product and expensive.
I have even tried using it in a smaller room and stood right near it as it puffs out its fragrance. I cannot smell a thing.
A friend had also bought one and told me not to bother as it was rubbish but I wanted to give Airwick the benefit of the doubt. I should have saved my money and not bothered.
I really want my money back and I want some thoughts on this please as I am most disappointed and have lost faith in Airwick.

scented oil

The warmer fell on the Side on a varnished wood floor. By the time I saw it, the bottle had leak and the oil was dry, making a 1 1/2-2 inches orange stain on the floor.

My problem is that I am not able to remove it with regular Household cleaner.
I don't want to damage the varnish of the floor by using something too strong.
Do You Have Any Suggestion?

I like the product and the scent although it don't last long, even at the lower setting.

But I am deceived how easy the oil bottle leak when not upright. It happen to me few times in the past, luckily with less "permanent" damages.
Thank you un advance for your help.
Pierre Robillard,
[protected]@hotmail.com. [protected]


mini candle, relating specifically to the ‘Purple Blackberry'

I bought this candle yesterday and had it on for circa 4/5 hours thereafter. After this time I noticed difficulties in my breathing...mainly shortness of breath, rasping and whistling and tightness in my chest. This was very scary and a new experience for me. I do not have any health issues with regards to my breathing (i.e asthma etc). I also have not ever experienced sensitivities to perfumes or other candle brands to date. The following morning (as I type) the effects have lessened but I am not yet fully recovered.

I worry how this product might affect others in the future and domestic animals. This was a frightening experience and I would hate to learn that this made someone seriously ill knowing I had not at least reported my own experience.




air wick freshmatic max

I own a Air Wick Freshmatic dispenser and lately no tired that it was no longer working properly. I changed the batteries for new Duracell alkaline batteries and replaced the refill by a new one. After 15 seconds I obtain a weak spray and nothing comes out. After some time, the red light around the nozzle lights on and everything stops. I have fitted a second new refill and observe the same result. I note that Air Wick South Africa does not give an email address for complaints and only give a local phone number for South Africa. As I have bought my product in Mauritius where I live, I cannot contact Air Wick. This is not customer friendly at all. And I cannot keep on buying new refills and batteries for testing.

air wick plugins

My air wick plugins are not emptying all the way out. I have several that leave almost half the oil in them
Some of them empty out, but most leave to much oil. I have used glad plugins and they don't have this problem. Is there something wrong with the product or is it something I'm doing wrong? I just insert the oil bottle wick into the warmer and plug it in.

air wick plugins

  • Ma
    MaryBee Mar 04, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Does NOT smell like Pine at all, only has a sickly sweet smell that is repulsive to me. When I scratched off the patch on the front it is definitely Pine.


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  • Ma
    MaryBee Mar 04, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Front of product that is NOT pine scent... Only sickly sweet.


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air wick candle

I baught numerous candles and I've had them in my bedroom I lit them and 1 exploded in my bedroom I have pictures of prove I'd like compensation for my candle what are dangerous and could of been a lot worse I have 2 children in my house this should not happen it could of set my house on fire this needs resolving ASAP I'm unhappy with this thanks Adam

air wick candle

air wick spray

Hi i bought 2 of the air wick sprays and the refills for them when it was time to replace the canister i followed the instructions but both canisters the plastic cracked so was unable to use them also my air wick air freshener the sensor on it seems faulty as it is not sending out much fragrance I've always used air wick fresheners but I'm really dissatisfied in my last purchases