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Air Wick Complaints & Reviews

Air Wick / fake features details shared by company for product selling

Jul 09, 2019

Dear, Informing you that I have purchased airwick worth cost 550/-on date 16-06-2019 as mention detail that this product could be used for 60 days but I see that bottle spray is completed on 2-july 2019 means totally finished in 17 days so I request to you pls go thru this mail and do to...

Air Wick / air wick automatic room freshener

Jul 04, 2019

Purchased automatic air Wick automatic room freshener, not working with in one month Purchased from Raj Mandir pitampura Delhi India I think Raj Mandir pitampura has sold me spurious product, company like yours can't manufacture such a bad product which gets non operational within one month It...

Air Wick / air wick freshmatic

Jun 24, 2019

Hi, I have used your products for years and have several of the old style holders and new in my house. I am struggling to get the new style nozzles to dispense like the old ones. I have compared the two and the new wider ones only dispense a small amount whereas the old ones work so much...

Air Wick / automatic

Jun 17, 2019

Unit worked until batteries ran out. Fine I thought. Changed batteries. Works for 1 spray and red light flashes. Change batteries again. Same. Change cannister same again. Works only once then gives up. Why ? You wrote back saying insufficient information, but not stating what information you...

Airwick / airsick freshmatic dispenser

May 26, 2019

I have had 2 Airwick Dispensers for about 2 years. When I first installed the refill I tried to follow the instructions about pushing the red button to the top but I couldn't get it to do that and they have both been working just fine. This time when I refilled them I tried again to...

Air Wick / air wick essential oil

May 18, 2019

Purchased this item two weeks ago, and I am an avid scentsy user but this particular scent was devine so I made the switch to try. I followed the instructions on the packaging and the whole top of the oil pushed in and leaked everywhere. It was useless to me after the fact because there...

Air Wick / snap deal

May 08, 2019

Sir I had ordered air wick 300 ml from snap deal pack of 3 but got air woke (made in china) pack of 3 and less quantity yesterday, I fail to understand how come I got air woke instead of air wick its duplicate item sale on snap deal or what, very bad never thought something like this will...

Air Wick / air wick car air freshener

Apr 26, 2019

I have bought and used this product for years now as I would normally highly recommend it, if has such a lovely smell. I have never had a problem with this happening before but this time it has leaked and damaged my air vent surround, it has blistered the surrounding. My car is only 2...

Air Wick / air wick freshmatic ultra automatic spray refill

Apr 13, 2019

It doesn't tell you what it is made of but when walls and materials starts filling oily it tell you it's got oil in it. I put it in the bathroom and as it sprays I would get chest pains and had trouble breathing. I had to stop using it. Then I put it in the living room and everything...

Air Wick / air wick essential mist diffuser

Mar 21, 2019

Hi. I purchased a essential mist diffuser from Tesco 3 weeks ago. The unit has stopped working. I have replaced the batteries and if I press the boost button it produces mist however the timer function no longer works. I have spoken to Tesco but as I don't have the receipt they are unable...

Air Wick / essential fragrant mist diffuser

Mar 19, 2019

Dear Air wick, Hello my name is Kimberly Patrice Taylor and I am a big fan of your product Air Wick Essential fragrant Mist Diffuser, and a consumer of your product Air Wick Essential Fragrant Mist Diffuser the item makes me feel joyful I love smell goods. (Doublets) I pursues and the item...

Air Wick / airwick freshmatic

Mar 09, 2019

I reside in Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu state. I live in 620018 pincode locality. I have three airwick freshmatic dispenser which doesn't function even within. a year if it's purchase. So I have to but fresh dispenser in a span of 6-9 months. No service centre is provided to...

Air Wick / airwick air freshener 6 in 1

Mar 02, 2019

My household has been in love with airwick air freshener until we bought on several occasions the 6 in 1. Recently we bought crisp linen & lilac. All products of 6 in 1 we tried for years now have one common problem: "we only could use them one or 2 days and afterwards they won't spray air...

Air Wick / damaged product

Feb 07, 2019

Good day Trust this finds you well. Our company does our staff shopping monthly, whereby our company owner buys in bulk of these air wick air freshners. We came a across that the 280ml bottle does not spray at all, it was shaked for a while yet no air freshner is released, it sounds like it i...

Airwick / freshmatic units

Jan 13, 2019

I have used various airwick products for many years with no complaints, until now. Since the company have changed the aerosol spray design, the spray is virtually non-existent. I too have changed batteries, even bought new units/refills but all are the same. There is just no projection of...

Air Wick / electric diffuser with fan

Dec 26, 2018

I have been given an air wick old electric diffuser with adjustable fan. I have pictures of it & of the model number & what it looks like. I just wondered if you can let me know where I can buy the bottles of oil with the wick in it please. I have searched your website but cannot find thi...

Air Wick / air wick freshmatic

Dec 02, 2018

I have always bought air wick products and been more than happy with my products. But I have just purchased two air wick freshmatic machines and refills and both do not work. They go through the motion of wanting to spray but do not seem they have the pressure. I have changed the batterie...

Air Wick / air wick plug ins

Jun 09, 2018

I had air wicks plug in in 4 place in my house and don't know if it was the heat or the oils. But it made the paint on my cabinet door melt and it made the paint under my cabinet bubble up. I need someone to contact me asap.. All this stuff has to be repainted. I'm really upset. If it wa...

Air Wick / air wick life scents

Jun 03, 2018

Hi I bought airwick life scents spray from home bargains and used it as I always have I woke up this morning and I couldn't belive it. It had all leaked and all the paint as come off my window ledge. I have take pictures and enclosed them. I will now have to scrape all the paint off my...

Air Wick / air wick stick fresheners

Feb 26, 2018

Good afternoon Considering they are £7 which is not cheap I am very unhappy with the air wick freshners sticks, I have been buying them for over 1 year and have always been happy apart from the last 4 I have brought, the smell last for 2 days only and the smell isnt as strong. Very...

Air Wick / air wick automatic spray

Jan 19, 2018

Hi iam from canada and I do hate spending that kind of money on these as the do start to leak in the unit and stains were it is sitting and where I have it hanging its not fair that they dont even last the 30 day as I just bought moms baking at walmart here in edmonton alberta on jan 15...

Air Wick / carolina pine scented oil

Jan 09, 2018

I purchased this product with a diffuser which on the second day of using it the diffuser fell out of the wall socket and when it hit the ground the diffuser and the scented oil bulb detached from one another my one year old grabbed up the scented oil bulb and oil was pouring all over him...

Air Wick / candle

Dec 08, 2017

Im truly disappointed with the lavender candle I purchased on 8/12/17. When lit the candle withnin seconds the candle wax cracked and turnt to liquid spitting flames and sizzling. The flames began to spit rapidly which was highly dangerous and could of caused my furniture to catch fire...

Air Wick / automatic spray refills

Dec 06, 2017

I used the freshmatic ultra automatic sprays, on 2 different occasions the can inside has started to leak the oil out of it and stain various locations within my home. This is crazy. Those refills cost about $5 each and for them to leak halfway through. I don't think I even got a full 30...

Air Wick / air wick

Oct 29, 2017

Air wick plugin in memory care where my father is. My 3rd day exposure. The first 2 days I had a sore throat, exposed 2 hours. The smell is very potent. Today I removed it and told staff because I had sore throat, headache, short of breath, dizzy. I told the medication aid, or nurse, what I...

Air Wick / scented plugin

Oct 23, 2017

Plugin was removed and placed on table in order to move furniture. Plugin leaked on table, and ate away at the finish. Brand new table has been ruined. When I contacted air wick, parent company reckitt benckiser, they told me that leaking was normal when the plugin is removed. They stated...

Airwick / airwick essential oil plugin

Sep 15, 2017 has changed its website and no longer can find the summers delights essential oil, there's a "scented" oil only. On my other computer which unfortunately is down now (determined to get it up and running now) I saved to my favorites the ingredients lists (all health hazard...

Air Wick / air wicks essence

Aug 19, 2017

This item needs to be recalled!! I hate 2 of these to burn - within an hours I required medical attention for burns to my face. I set these off to burn and when I heard a funny busy, both of these candles were on fire! Thankfully just in the containers they were in! I blew hear out...

Air Wick / air wick essential oils refills

Jul 11, 2017

Exploded oils dripped down on two separate areas of baseboards where plugged in removing the paint expect to be hundreds of dollars of damage. I have pictures I would like to send to confirm the damage. Estimate of repair $400- 500 dollars to have replaced, luckily spared the new floor and...

Air Wick / health hazard

Jun 09, 2017

We were at a hotel in madrid, spain for 4 nights in june. They were using airwick air-fresheners plugged into the electric outlet all over the place, two in our room. We started having runny nose, dry throat, dry cough problems. On the last night we finally narrowed down the problem to the...

Air Wick / liquid air freshener

Jun 02, 2017

Had unplugged liquid air freshener and set on top of dryer on a towel, not realizing some liquid had leaked out. Came back to a strong fragrance in garage then realizing the damage from the liquid. Top of dryer paint has melted and bubbled off where it leaked. Was unaware of the damage the...

Air Wick / freshomatic

May 17, 2017

I purchased 2of the airwick dispensers from walmart put one above my living room an one in my dining room ontop of a curio cabinet. After 5months my carpet is buckling an rippling only underneath the mist. Im so upset because I loves the plugins but thought these are so much nicer an they...

Air Wick / freshomatic

May 13, 2017

I am dismayed to report that the spray from my battery operated air wick dispenser has damaged my brand new carpet... According to my carpet company. The carpet stretched in a circle just under where the dispenser sprays. The carpet people came out to restretch the carpet and when they...

Air Wick / new aerosols that don't contain water

May 13, 2017

I recently bought your new automatic spray air fresher, claiming that they don't contain any water. I placed it on my staircase window and all seemed fine, however on getting up this morning there was an orange puddle on my windowsill. I'm unable to remove a circular stain from my...

Air Wick / air wick essential oil warmer and refills

Mar 18, 2017

I buy tons of air wick refills, and warmers, and lately the wicks on my refills are completely messed up, and I am unable to use them, and it is a waste of money at this time. I am very disappointed with my purchases, and I would like to know how this situation can be rectified. I have...

Air Wick / air wick freshmatic orange and cinnamon

Dec 16, 2016

I purchased two cans of this from tescos rose lane barnstaple. One can works the other doesnt. This is not the first time I have had this problem. Its not as if they are cheap. How come one can work and not the other I cannot afford to keep buying them. I would like to know what aurwick i...

Air Wick / scented plug in device

Oct 18, 2016

I have been using these devices in my kitchen. They are under my cabinets. My granddaughter was over the other day and asked me what that was under the cabinet and the air freshener had taken off all the finish under the cabinet! There is no disclaimer that the freshener can not be used...

Airwick / plugins air freshener

Nov 09, 2015

I spend quite a bit of money on these products and all of them when about a week has gone by start to fall out of the plug in unit with the wick completely ruined. And there is barely any liquid gone from the glass container in which the airfreshner fluid is kept. I've had enough of it now...

Air Wick / made me ill

Jun 18, 2015

I have been trying to post my complaint but I keep getting a message telling me I have used a forbidden word that has three letters and begins with the letter a, has the letter s in the middle and the letter s at the end. I have not used that word anywhere in my complaint so I am now unable to complain!!

Air Wick - 3 Colour Change Black Candle / exploding candle battery

Apr 17, 2013

Expoloding battery in 3 colour changing candle, ruined lounge wall and ceiling Email to Air Wick below sent 117/04/13 Just to keep Air Wick informed I was contacted by Trading Standards yesterday afternoon regarding the exploding candle, they have asked for the photographic evidence to be...