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Hi Air India, I was not able to catch my flight YR0SB because of indisciplined and very rude behaviour of your Air India Staff called Prasanjeet at Kavi Nazrul Islam Airport. I requested him 100 times to on board me when i was just 1 mint late but they didnt allowed me. When asked for manager number, they denied giving the same. He also said do whatever you want to, i will not give number. Never had this much of bad experience with any flight. I need my entire refund as soon as possible before i lodge a full complaint on ITR/Social Media/MCA. Moreover the flight was suppose to take off at 2.10 but it took off at 1.50. How is this possible. Highly irresponsible people in your team. This kind of staff should be immediately fired. Kindly refund my money.

Please let me know for any further details but i wont be leaving this issue until resolved.

May 05, 2019
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  • Ni
      May 12, 2019

    I, Nilanjana Taraphder, travelled to London by AI 161 seat number 26J, on April 26th from Delhi and returned to Kolkata via Mumbai, on 28th by AI 130, seat number, 36K. I have made an observation which you should take into account or else flyers like us may not avail of your airlines. On flight AI 161, the very young north eastern girl was too badly behaved! Even worse were the ones standing in front of the self check in kiosks at 8AM on the 28th at Heathrow!!I would like to know who gives them the audacity to misbehave with passengers. I asked to be helped with self check in and they bluntly refused!! If you are keen on the welfare of your airlines, you should find out what is going on.
    Secondly, for flight delay, I missed my connecting flight on28th from Mum to Kol.I demand to know why there was no one to guide me at Mumbai airport to make a smooth onward journey to Kolkata despite the travails.

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