Air India / downgrade from business to economy without any refunds

I bought round trip business class tickets with Air India from Nagpur to Newark. While coming back my domestic flight from Nagpur to Mumbai (AI 830) got delayed by 2 hours. Still I made it to connecting international flight from Mumbai to Newark (AI 191) and found a different person sitting in my seat. I was asked to sit in economy class or leave the plane and board next day. I was told that if I go in economy, I'll get a refund in airfare difference. I sat in economy but now unable to get a refund. I called customer service numbers and spent countless hours. However, there's no resolution. The customer service folks don't seem to care about any passenger whether it's business class or economy. They don't bother to call you back and every time you call customer service, you're on hold for more than one hour.

Sep 11, 2019

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