Air India / cancelling flights without the customer approval, long waits on calls, and hanging up while waiting on a representative to talk on the phone

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I called Air India Airlines to complain about a ticket which got cancelled without notifying us. We were kept on line waiting for a representative for 1 hour and 30 mins. When the rep got onto the phone, I couldn't hear the rep, because it sounded like she there was noise in the background. She couldn't help me with the situation. She kept saying its not the Air India's fault, but clearly it was. I said I wanted to talk to the manager, and she said she will transfer the call. I waited another 40 mins for someone else to talk to me, however, she said the manager will come on line in 10 mins. After the 40 mins, my call was disconnected by them and I never received another call from them.

This was a very rude customer service who didn't provide any help.

Mar 17, 2019
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  •   Apr 05, 2019

    Ms. Saloni Shah

    The description is the chaotic delusions with unidentified participants.

    You did not attach any relevant document in order to conclude on the exsitance of the debt:-

    - the 1st message of the Air india carrier and e-ticket or
    Air india PNR with the receipt in figures, following the payment,

    - dated Air india notification on the cancellation of the exact flight numbr, which stated in PNR / e-ticket,

    - your own complaint on the refund / compensation, addressed to Air india,

    - the reply / decision of the Air india air carrier, which has to be delivered in 7 or max 15 days,

    if you want to process further at this site.

    The passenger is entitled to demand the compensation from the offender via one of Indian authorities:-

    1. Depatment General of Civil Aviation, or

    2. Customers court (forum) in Indian state, where the passenger is residing, or

    3. District court of India in the state, where the passenger is residing.

    The procedure before DGCA is not chargable.
    The cost of the legal assistance starts from Rs 6000, plus government fees of Rs100 or Rs2000, depending upon a jurisdiction, for such type of cases before the court in india.

    It is not mandatory, but it is in the interersts of the passenger,
    to hire a lawyer or a legal professional in the civil aviation for the presentation of the case before the court (authoritiy).

    sr manger for ICAO / IATA irregulations matters
    Aryan engineers Ltd
    email < aryan (at) >

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