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Air China Customer Service Contacts

800 8610 0999 (Europe & Asia)
1800 860 999 (Australia)
+1 800 882 8122 (Americas)
+852 39 709 000 (Hong Kong)
+86 400 610 0666 (Members Hotline)
+27 110 814 102 (South Africa)
Suite 4004, 4th Floor, № 16 Tianzhu West Road, Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone
China - 101312

Air China Complaints & Reviews

Jul 25, 2019

Air China — flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase

My name is Aida Maratova, i'm citizen of Kazakhstan. Currently studying in China. My first flight by Air...

Air China Singaporedelayed baggage (sin-pek-cdg)

First of all, let me present to you my case. I don't really expect you would understand me completely, but please try to imagine my situation.
If this unfortunate event has happened to you. What would you do/feel about it. Reading your email and saying that $60 as compensation?
I don't think you tried to understand.
I went on a long holiday, it was a long trip. I had all my things on that luggage that I didn't get for the WHOLE entire trip. I only got it back when I
was about to leave Paris. I had to cross different terminals to collect my luggage again. I had to rush and endure that stress of picking up my luggage
and catch my flight back to Singapore.
My luggage was left in Beijing during the connecting flight. I even asked your staff on the counter when I boarded the plane, I asked is my luggage inside?
She acknowledged and said yes it is. So I was trusting that from her confirmation. But when I reached Paris, I spent 2 hours waiting, and lodging for the report.
They said the luggage will be boarded on the next immediate flight. I was promised that it would even be delivered on my hostel the next day,
then I called to confirm why it was not delivered as, I had to stay for the delivery to arrive, but nothing happened.
Time wasted again. I called the hotline and promised to be delivered again the next day, but failed again. Another time wasted.
I had plans. We are talking about my clothes and necessities on my check-in luggage. Can you imagine that you don't have your things and you need it urgently.
You have no clothes and everything you planned to use. The emotional stress was terrible. It is traumatic! I was there to enjoy and set to make use of the time I have there.
This is the first time that this ever happened to me, I was not reluctant at all in taking this flight Air China. But it is really disappointing and frustrating.
You cannot bring back the time and effort I made. The burden of worrying what to wear, how will I survive my each day without my things. You don't know that.
I had to change my plans and it did ruin my whole entire trip because of that. I was not suppose to SPEND money on clothing and other necessities but I had
NO CHOICE. So I did, I spent TIME and money. I spent time going to buy clothes rather than doing my planned itinerary. I spent my money rather than
spending it on other things. You don't and you won't understand that. So $60 for everything that happened is to be honest very insulting.
I had plans, i was there for a limited time, time that will not happen again. I was suppose to wear my clothes but I don't have it, I was suppose to go
to this place but I couldn't do it because I don't have my things with me. I think you get the picture how is it to go on a holiday without anything.
So i had to adjust I only bought clothes for the time being. So please reconsider my petition and revert to me with a more humane and realistic
compensation. I am able to provide all the proofs, receipts, boarding pass, delayed baggage claim. Just do let me know what you need. I am willing to escalate this case
as I really find it unjust.

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    Air Chinaflight delayed and no help to transition



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      Air Chinaone alphabet wrong in surname

      With refrence to above said booking number that one mistake in this booking one passenger i.e.Ravi Chawla mentioned his name wrongly Ravi Chawka.

      You are requested to pls correct this mistake

      Name Ticket number

      1. RAVI CHAWKA 999-[protected]
      2. SAKSHI CHAWLA 999-[protected]
      3. PARAS CHAWLA 999-[protected]
      4. NISHTHA CHAWLA 999-[protected]

      PLS UPDATE 1st passenger name

      From Ravi chawka to RAVI CHAWLA

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        Air Chinadelayed baggage

        My name is Annisa Tisa Ramadhany and I would like to file a complain regarding my 2 missing baggages. I was flying to air China and supposed to have direct flight from Beijing to Fukuoka with flight number CA953 . Turned out the flight is from Beijing-Dalian-fukuoka. I was confused at first about what my issues was as my flight ticket was not recognized when I scanned it and I asked the lady who work at the self check place and she did not speak any English which was strange to me. she asked me to go to Domestic and I told her that I am going to International line and she still insisted me to go to Domestic. I went to domestic and The guy standing there asked me to go to International. I went to both back and forth more than 5 times and yet no one was able to tell me what the issues were as they also speak very poor english. One officer than asked me to get a temporary visa and I asked why as I do not need to leave the airport and he also failed to give me answer. At the temporary visa section the officer also said I cannot apply for visa cause my transit is only three hours and She asked me to go to the airline counter which I did and finally knew that my flight is not direct. however, the guy at the counter rudely told me that it was my fault by saying that I should be careful when I picked the flight online. I would have noticed it if the information was there, but it was not, what was written is only direct flight from Beijing to Fukuoka so I think this is definitely a technical issue from the airline. The airline then changed my ticket and said that My baggages will not come with me which I totally understand but instead of giving me property irregularity report number to check and track my luggage, they only gave me release and discharge statement saying that they are not responsible if my baggage is missing. Moreover, they supposed to inform the officers in japan that they retain my luggage as Japanese officers in Tokyo themselves have asked me why did they retain it. They even thing it is ridiculous. Japanese officers from Ana airlines have tried to contact Beijing Airport regarding my luggage but no answer. I really want my baggages bag as there are so many valuable goods in there. And I hope further that the officers in Beijing can at least take responsibility in their jobs.
        My baggages numbers were
        1. CA212503
        2. CA202100

        Baggages color
        1. Big, red blood, Rada brand, not from plastic, has locked but unused
        2. Gym-bag type from H&m, black

        If any informations about these missing luggages please contact me through [protected]@gmail.com


        delayed baggage
        delayed baggage

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          Air Chinadenied boarding

          On the 31st of May 2019, at the Airport of Narita, Tokyo, flight number : CA930, going to Shanghai and Shanghai - Paris CA833. I, Michael Laur and Stephane Mazzoli, were supposed to board the flight with Air China, going to Shanghai and catch our connection for Paris.
          As we arrived to the gate which was at the other end of the airport, running and rushing, the women from Air China, was at the gate, getting ready to close it. We thought we were gonna get in and she looked at us straight in the eyes, telling us, "sorry, sorry " ... The plane was right there, not even moving, we could have board into this plane.
          There were no ways of us going into this plane, there were no help whatsoever, they just closed the gate on us, we never heard our name being called once, we were rushing like crazy. We were so outraged to get a "sorry sorry" and the door closing on us. From there a serie of mis app happened, as no other connection going to our destination, nobody was able to help us, I Mickael, had to contact a friend to reach out to you for any help, as she sent you an email because nobody answered the phone line, and you reached her back 3 hours later. We were thrown out of the airport, had to rush into buying an other plane ticket with all coordinating connections back to France, and all the living expenses as to stay in the hall of the airport for all night long and all extra expenses with all connections. I am a business owner and had to be in France by Saturday night and so I missed all my obligations and once more lost money because one of your employee decided not to let us in with a "sorry, sorry". We arrived to our destination more than 24 hours later.
          I'm expecting a professional gesture from you, let me know. Thank you.

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            Air Chinaunfair luggage charges

            I am very disappointed customer of airchina. I booked my ticket for first time with airchina. I am never going to come back to you guys and will never recommend anyone to book their flights with airchina.
            My Mother travelled from Delhi India to Winnipeg Canada on May-11 2019. She is an old women and have joint pain problem. We booked Wheel chair for her convenient travell because she can not walk properly and travelling to canada for the first time.

            Here the problem stared at the begenning of the journey. The ticket we booked has 2 free baggage and we booked the ticket on airchina.ca through expedia in canadian currency. When she cheked in for Luggage the Air China staff at Delhi airport charged her RS.12516/- INR (USD 170). She was Harrased by the staff and she got nervous.

            Story doesn't end here, When she reached Vancouver airport she did not get wheelchair. she did not know where to go as Vancouver international airport is so huge. She was lost at the airport and she missed her flight. She was litterly crying when she realised she missed her flight. Her mobile phone was discharged she couldn't contact us back. She can't speak english she did not know whom to meet at airport and how to explain her situtation and pain. She was crying and crying.
            Then by the grace of god some how she managd to book her next flight and reached Winnipeg next day.

            Please find the attached pics for the charges for luggage. I want the compensation for the inconvenience caused to my elderly mom.

            unfair luggage charges

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              Jun 02, 2019

              Air China — cancelled flight and no response from cleartrip

              Our trip id is [protected] Two passaengers Upendra shrotri Utpala shrotri Flight booked from vancouver to...

              Air Chinainconveniences during travel from manila to london (26 may until 28 may 2019)

              To Whom This May Concern:

              We would like to make complaints regarding the services of air China:
              1. We travelled on May 26, 2019 (Sunday) from Manila to Beijing at 6:25 am (flight CA180) but it was diverted to Tianjin airport due to severe weather condition, we arrived there at 11 am and was stranded there until 4 pm. If there was severe weather condition, then why would the flight has to continue - due to ?communication problem, it was taking risks for our lives. It was really heavy turbulence on our way to Tianjin and/or Beijing, it was really scary,
              2. Finally, we arrived in Beijing at 5 pm (May 26) from Tianjin, flight CA180. Unfortunately we missed our flight to London, CA937 @ 1410H, if they could have waited for us because we were not able to get back to work for 2 days. We stayed at Beijing airport until 12 am (May 27) because we are only allowed to have temporary entry for 24 hours (sad moment), we did not have dinner - we just had the biscuits that we put in our handcarry luggage. Very few staff are working and they are not helpful and no coordination. They say that our flight to London will be Tuesday, May 28. Not all staff/crews can speak English, I don't think this will help the international passengers to travel with Air China.
              3. We were able to get temporary entry pass and a shuttle bus has brought us to Reward International Hotel around 2 am (May 27) which was 45 minutes away from the airport, we have to communicate with staff using a translation app on mobile phone (iPhone) just to understand each other. We did have breakfast but we missed our lunch, so we have to buy food at the hotel at our own expense, again lack of instructions from the hotel staff or air China crews or staff. We were able to have dinner though (packed dinner), no soda drink included or not even water given.
              4. Beijing airport has very poor, very slow internet services, we cannot communicate with our families abroad, how would they know if we are still alive, even internet services at the hotel was very poor, very slow, so depressing to let our love ones know our situation. How can Air China or Chinese people can provide good services to tourists.
              5. We woke up early at 2 am (May 28) to wait for the shuttle bus at 3:30 am, the shuttle bus did not arrive. Again, by communicating with the hotel staff via a translation app, we managed to get a taxi to Beijing airport and we paid 100 yuan at our own expense. We were to get a flight back to London at 8 am, flight CA787. There was no coordination with air China staff with hotel staff, staff with good English language could have help with out needs from air China's services.
              6. All passengers were NOT happy of air china's services including us, we are asking for claim for all the inconveniences we have experienced.

              We hope to hear from you very soon.

              Sincerely yours,
              Jason Pampolino Arindaeng &
              Rayvan Calaguas Balza

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                Air Chinacustomer service

                I have been trying to cancel a ticket on medical grounds. I had to call US customer service number 6 times, and each time received different information. I was also told they will call me back with more information and I never got a call back.

                Once I submitted the cancellation request via email, I was told a decision will be made within 5 business days. It's now been 22 business days and I have no heard from Air China. I guess I have to call the Customer Service number again and speak to Tina again!

                US Customer Service rating:

                Ability to speak English - 4/10
                Experience to handle issues - 2/10
                Need to press '1' every 2 minutes - Just Stupid
                Wait times are longer than 1 hour with no call back feature - Just Stupid

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                  Air Chinaflight delayed and ridiculous service

                  I Dimitar Tsonev and my friend Desislava Stratieva booked a flight on 4/12/2018 London to Manila with Air China.
                  Tickets number
                  [protected] and [protected].
                  On 24/01/2019 we have received an email that our connecting flight CA179 from Beijing to Manila was changed from 18:40 to 20:00.
                  March 2019 we started planning our holiday in the Philippines and we booked a ticket from Manila to Puerto Princesa for 3:45 AM. We supposed to arrive in Manila at 00:00 AM.
                  So we have had enough time to catch our flight Manila to Puerto Princessa Flight number 5J641.
                  Unfortunately, when we arrived in Beijing our nightmare started. Our flight had delayed with 4 more hours.
                  So we actually departure at 00:03 and we arrived at 03:53 AM.
                  There was no explanation. No one form AIR CHINA staff was speaking English.
                  They couldn't understand us.There was no explanation, no customer service, no food or water provided, no apologies.
                  Can you imagine how frustrated, how stressful we were and how horrible we started our holiday? We missed our flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa and that cost us additional £100 each. This was the worst way we could have started our holiday and we blame only Air China for this.
                  No apologies or any sort of compensation was provided.
                  Going on holiday in the Philippines need to be well planned and budgeted.
                  So this was very upsetting for us realising that we don't have enough money to enjoy our holiday.
                  I am absolutely disgusted and so upset that I've paid more than our budget and that makes a very unpleasant beginning of our holiday.
                  I would like from Air China to cover our expenses for the additional flight that we have booked on the day of arriving in Manila this is £200 for both of us.
                  Please find attached our flight tickets and all the information that you might need to investigate our case.
                  Kind regards.


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                    Air Chinabaggage delayed

                    Dear China Airlines Luggage controller,

                    With all due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the services of your airline. I complaint about our lugagge that has been delayed, We had a flight last saturday April 27, 2019 at 1125pm CA-970 SG-PEK at 8:25am connecting flight from CA-129 PEK to Busan reach Busan on April 28, 2019 at 11:45am. While waiting in the belt, our baggage didnt show up. We thought it was in information counter and we found out that our baggage was left in Beijing, because of short interval of the flight. We are ask to fill up the Property Irregularity Report (PIR) and they said they will call us for the tracking of the baggage, but they didnt! Our baggage no. CA383811 and CA953930. Unfortunately, we have not given any update either, we tried to call the hotline but no response at that time. They told us that they will arrange to deliver in our hotel, but it didnt happen agan! Yet, On the 3rd day we went to Seoul (April 30) and luckily our hotel in Busan help us to contact the operator as they can understand because they are speaking in Korean. They manage to contact and arrange to deliver to our Hotel in Myeongdong night time on April 30, 2019. In this experience, it cause a lot of trouble to us. I am very displeased with this occurrence.

                    Our flight PNR: PH8W0Z

                    Passenger Name:
                    Marienette Flotildes
                    Deanna Rose Zapanta

                    I hope you will look into it and wont let it happen again.

                    Best regards,
                    Marienette Flotildes

                    baggage delayed
                    baggage delayed
                    baggage delayed

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                      Air Chinabroken luggage

                      My luggage was broken during transport flight from YUL to Beijing the 31march/01 OF APRIL 2019 !!! the flight was CA880 -CA137 !!! I have made a report at Beijing airport the same day, and no one emailed me back or phone me back !!! the report reference is CA/MM-GH-R18 ...bagage tag number CA246087... i have ask what will happen with this and the employee told me they will refund you with the same value of your luggage !!! my email is ... [protected]@gmail.com

                      the employee took many pics of my luggage !!! and i have one two ...

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                        Air Chinaflight delay was ridiculous

                        My name is Husain Fayad Fadi Habhab and I booked a flight (booking reference: PLGNKQ) Each flight except for the first one from Nanjing to Beijing CA1820 was delayed. CA911 was a slight one hour delay which did not bother me but the others were unacceptable! CA912 was delayed from 7:10 till 23:30 and now my flight to Nanjing from Beijing CA1561 is now changed to CA1819 and I will be arriving in Nanjing at 22:20 instead of my original 16:00 arrival time. I had to wait in Stockholm a ridiculous amount of time and honestly would deeply consider never booking with Air China again.
                        Would appreciate a reply, thank you.
                        My email is [protected]@outlook.com
                        Phone number : +86 [protected]

                        flight delay was ridiculous
                        flight delay was ridiculous

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                          Air Chinachanging of timing

                          I have booked with air China for a trip to China from Houston, I have received 3 changes in total, the last one is on 24th Apr morning while my flight is at 25th April morning 1am, changing is from 1am to 3am which made my connecting flight from Beijing to chongqing does not have enough time, hence I've decided to call them. I have been on hold for one hour and 30minutes, when a lady answered my phone, i told her I have received an email saying my flight timing was changed, i hope my connecting flight is also changed so that I don't miss my connecting flight, which her answer was negative. I then ask what's the options? She said the only flight on that day she has from Beijing to chongqing is at 7 pm(my original timing was 7am ), I answered her this will not be an option for me as I have a infant, I can't stay at airport for 12 hours. She then said there's nothing else she can do, she can give me the full refund! Our conversation Until here she has not apologized once for the inconvenience the company has caused for customer and her last sentence Made me really upset. nothing she can do and refund one day before my flight sounds totally ridiculous and irresponsible . As to go for a long trip needs a lot of preparation, and giving me refund at last minute is ensentially means I have to move my trip date and pay double money to purchase another ticket! I raised my voice and told her this is not acceptable and she must give me a best solution! She Raised her voice says it's not her fault, and told me I must calm down otherwise she won't help me! At the end I have to move my trip to two days later! However I decide I have to write this review, I don't like to complaint but for this situation I was forced to do so ! I hope air China management can see this review and give me a professional solution! my flight confirmation number is NE28S6

                          changing of timing

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                            Air ChinaI am complaining about a flight delay and its consequences

                            Date of incident: 04.13.2019
                            Flight number: ca183 from beijung to tokyo

                            The plain was supposed to take off at 5.10 pm, but there was more than two hours delay. The departure was postponed to 7.30 pm, but there was even more delay around 30 minutes. So, we landed at 11.54 pm instead of 9.30 pm in tokyo local time.

                            We missed the last train to our accomodation, for which we had paid earlier.
                            We had two options, either stay at the airport or pay for the taxi.
                            At the haneda airport the air china co-worker denied that the delay was the fault of air china, she said it was because of an air traffic controller problem. But only our plane was late... How come???
                            We stayed at the airport which was a disaster after flying from budapest to beijing and then there waiting for 8 hours.

                            Many thanks in advance,
                            Dorottya bara

                            I am complaining about a flight delay and its consequences
                            I am complaining about a flight delay and its consequences

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                              Air Chinadelay with my luggage

                              Dear Sirs,
                              My name is Otilia AMorim and I travelled from Porto to Xiamen on the 18th of march 2019 - reservation number: 6BPP4A. I arrived in Xiamen without luggage, which has only arrived 30 hours after.
                              I travelled to Xiamen to participate in a Leather workshop with the other ECCO production units and I had in the luggage some materials / products to discuss during the workshop. And the first 2 days we could not analyse the materials and products, because they were in my baggage and it has not arrived at the same time as me.
                              I made a claim when I arrived at the airport: [protected] [protected].
                              Ad I have waited many hours for my luggage, I am entitled to a compensation, according to the rights of the passengers.
                              I would like you to analyze my case and give me a compensation for the time I have been without my luggage.
                              Please let me know if you need any information from my side. Please send the reply to [protected]@ecco.com
                              Thank you
                              Kind regards
                              Otilia Amorim

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                                Air Chinabad dealing even nothing

                                My name is aman inder singh and I am flying with my wife and son aviraj singh yesterday 29 january 2019 on flight air china 948 from delhi to beijing. Mu son got seizure attack after 2 hours of take off. Suddenly I shouted help help help somebody call the doctor bt no body will come. After some tome 2 airhostes came and ask what happened I tell them all dia. Bt no body can understand english even our situation. No doctor on the plane and the worst thing is they did not gave any medicine the worst thing is that that they did not have single tablet to me for mu son tell me what can I do o need a lawyer or anything else tell me please.

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                                  Jan 14, 2019

                                  Air China — refused to let on board

                                  Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Andrea Polakova, the ticket number for my flight was [protected]. The...

                                  Jan 05, 2019

                                  Air China — sats lounge terminal 1 changi airport singapore

                                  Please review your contract with SATS Permier Lounge Terminal 1. Just a disappointment overall. Food quality...

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