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Like many of the people who have expressed their loss of Aeroplan Ponts, I am in the same situation. Substantial number of points have been removed from account. I have been an aeroplan member since the early 90's and used them regularly, but was away on holidays and just learned July 31/07 that they canceled all my points.

I will try and call them August 1/07, but after reading other complaints of people on this site, I don't hold much hope for recovery.

Perhaps, we should all get together and start sending emails to our MP's and MLA's and have the government institute a fair consumers act that requires Air lines and Banks to comply with their offerings and not be able to arbitarily removed or cancel someones account.

Least of all, I and any of my employees will never fly on Air Canada again and I will be removing any accounts that I have with the CIBC bank.

Perhaps there is a lawyer amongst this group that might be interested in starting a class action against Air Canada and any bank that was a party to Aeroplan. It would be interesting to know if the Banks are going to be receiving a refund on any credit card payment they made to Aeroplan by their customers usage of their credit card.

Little wonder WestJet will be doing so well in the future.


  • La
    Lan Pham Aug 22, 2007

    I also lost all my points (also substantial amount) and feel extremely frustrated about this. I always been looking forward to use Air Canada to travel around but if it can't recover my point I'll make sure to never fly with them anymore.

    The idea of a collective action against Air Canada seems a good one.

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  • Cl
    claude Archambault Jan 21, 2009

    I just learned this week that i have lost all the 288, 000 points which i had accumulated over the last 10 years for my retirement ...which is now.What Air CAnada and the new management of Aeroplan and their president Rupert Duchesne have put in place is a calculated and shameful scam to free themselve from this loyalty program.It must be denonce publicly.I would gladly joint any group or collective action against Air CAnada/Aeroplan.

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  • Cp
    cp!!! Aug 03, 2009

    MONTREAL -- The Quebec Superior Court has granted authorization to launch a class-action lawsuit challenging Groupe Aeroplan Inc.'s practice since October 2006 of cancelling points accumulated in its loyalty program.

    The motion, obtained by Montreal lawyer Owen Falquero of Merchant Law Group LLP, was filed on behalf of about seven plaintiffs across Canada. But the number of petitioners, if and when a class-action suit is launched, could balloon to thousands of people.

    The motion was filed formally on behalf of Noella Neale of Port Coquitlam, B.C., a single mother whose 150, 000 points were annulled by Aeroplan because she hadn't made a contribution or a redemption in her account for one year, a period during which she had fallen ill.

    Those points fell victim to Aeroplan's rules, instituted in October of 2006, under which the company erases points in an account dormant for 12 months.

    In a telephone interview, Neale said she was going to pay for her daughter's trip to New Zealand -- her graduation gift -- until she tried to pay from her account and saw that it had been emptied.

    Aeroplan spokeswoman JoAnne Hayes declined to comment on the issue because it is now before the courts.

    In a statement, Aeroplan noted that "no class action has yet been filed. This motion is the first procedural step before any such action can be instituted."

    The company noted that "petitioners (are) seek(ing) court permission to sue Aeroplan on behalf of program members in Canada to obtain reinstatement of expired miles, reimbursement of any amounts already expended by Aeroplan members to reinstate their expired miles, $50 in compensatory damages and an undetermined amount in exemplary damages on behalf of each class member, all in relation to changes made to the Aeroplan program concerning accumulation and expiry of Aeroplan Miles as announced Oct. 16th, 2006."

    But Aeroplan stressed that it "is of the view that there are good grounds for opposing the motion for authorization and will vigorously defend any class action, should one be authorized by the court."

    Neale said: "I felt like they stole from me."

    "If the bank took my money like that, it would be theft. I earned those points. They belong to me, and (Aeroplan) has no right to take them away from me."

    -- Canwest News Service

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  • Cp
    cp!!! Aug 03, 2009

    I agree, forgot to say

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  • Un
    unhappykelly Jun 28, 2010

    If you want to sign up for this class action suite you can do so online at:
    These thieves must be stopped. I lost 40, 000 points today, and only noticed when expecting to book a trip to Mexico for a family wedding, after years of saving points through business travel. Down with Areoplan!!! I will actively post everyone so you can all get involved also.

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  • Bo
    Boadicea21 Mar 17, 2016

    Really disgusted with Aeroplan deleting my miles AGAIN> tried calling and wasted hours of time trying to get through. NEVER using this again. Terrible company and terrible customer service. It seems there is a big problem with this company. They do not care about their clients.

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  • Cp
    CPiv Jun 06, 2017

    These thieves just stole 71, 808 points from my account leaving me with nothing because I haven't used my account for 12 months. When I talked to their service dept she thought it was a good idea to remind me of the fine print in my contract. Wow, if you're looking to make someone even angrier than they already are...congratulations! Mission accomplished. I will be signing up for the class action suite.

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