Resolved AIG Travel GuardAIG is an unprofessional, rip off company

I rented a car Online and was offered insurance for 19.99 a day through Travel Guard. 2 days. I printed off the A proof of the policy to take to the rental company, The National Rental company does not recognize insurance from them, so I had to purchase insurance again from the car rental company.

I returned the car early, the rental company only charged me for 1 day of insurance, but AIG, will NOT REFUND the money for either day, because I didn't cancel before I rented.

If someone wants car insurance, either get it from the car rental company, and if it's AIG, say NO, get insurance from a professional Reputable company, maybe even one from a place like CUBA, would be a better deal.

AIG IS A RIP OFF COMPANY, unprofessional. And if you had a claim God help you


  • Jb
    J.B. Apr 12, 2008
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    My mother booked a trip with friends to Nauvoo with a well know travel agency in UT. The Travel agent suggested she purchase AIG travel guard ins. for $250.00 just in case she wasn't able to go due to some medical conditions she has had.
    Prior to any airline tickets being issued she became ill and I immediately canceled the trip.
    After MONTHS of faxing, phone calls and their requesting medical records (that they claim they have every right to) AIG has still denied the claim.
    I am disgusted with their red tape and feel they are taking advantage of my elderly mother.
    DON'T BUY AIG TRAVEL GUARD INS. you will be out the cost of the trip anyway but you'll save $250.00.

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  • Vi
    VickeyAlberta Feb 26, 2010

    I won't burden you with my tragic story but take my heed and do not use Travel Guard, they are rip off artists, they require a library full of documentation to even qualify for a review to see if you are eligible to receive the reimbursement YOU PAID FOR. And I mean you have to have every receipt every conformation number, every doctor, every hospital, every every every. Then they take months to review and won't even talk to you unless it has been 5 weeks, ( I am serious) says so right on their form! Then no matter how much proof you have or how many doctors that verify and even write hand written notes to re-verify they will refuse to pay you. Don't bother wasting your money! And what is really sad their premiums are huge, so you pay top dollars for nothing. However a small portion of our trip I booked on Expedia and their insurance was cheap and they instantly refunded my money, no questions asked. They are cold hearted bigots and if I could figure out a way to put them out of business I would write a million of these.

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