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Shaddy contractor was sent out, won't refund the full amount I paid for the warranty even though I cancelled before the 30 days citing incurring charges, won't refund the amount I had to pay for a window unit (had to buy a window unit cause my family and I was sitting in 90 degree heat in our house for 8 days) and won't refund the money I paid to my own independent contractor that fixed the problem in 3 hours versus their 16 days to make a decision on my claim. American Home Shield is a crock!


  • Ch
    christine Sep 29, 2008

    I have been with them for 5 years and have had TERRIFIC service - they replaced my entire AC/Heating System & ductwork - that alone exceeded what I have paid in premiums and callout fees...I recommend them heavily!!!

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  • Je
    jettster Jan 08, 2009

    I also have been with AHS since 2000. Yes, I had a heat unit to go out in the dead of winter and they finally replaced it after 2 weeks. Just wait. They will nitpick you to death over a 20 year old built in microwave or a 20 year old dishwasher. They have spent weeks searching for a replacement part for the 20 year old microwave. Now they inform me that they have located a part and it will take 1-2 weeks to receive it. I have terminal cancer and can not stand for any length of time and rely on the microwave for my physical nourishment during the day. I am so upset with this company that my husband & I have decided that we will not renew our contract. We will save that money and put it towards any service calls that we will have to have in the future. This is not a reliable service company. All anyone has to do is "google" "ahs complaints". That will show you how many dissatisfied people there are with this company.

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  • Do
    Donna Feb 01, 2009

    AHS is the largest warranty company and does have 40% of the market share. That is why you will find more complaints than any other warranty company. Common sense should understand that. More warranties...more problems. BUT...most of the complaints are not legitimate. Most of then are from homeowners that are just upset because they failed to READ their contract and understand it. Having a home warranty does not negate the fact that homeowners still should maintain their systems. If you never changed your oil and the engine froze, do you think that would be under the warranty???? The homeowner still has responsibilities. Having the highest renewal rate and the most warranties nationwide over any other company must mean that AHS isn't so bad after all, huh!

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  • Ha
    Haynes Family Mar 09, 2018

    @Donna What? You must be on their payroll! Shady business is shady business whether you are the largest or the smallest! Stop trying to defend them!

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  • Ge
    George Jun 02, 2009

    Hey Donna, Do you work for AHS or are your one of the realtors who get incentives for pushing AHS warranties? Perhaps you noticed that AHS just lost a class action suit. AHS is the bottom of the barrel. Yes, a homeowner has responsibilities to maintain their systems, but a so-called home warranty company has responsibilities to honor their contractual obligations. If consumers were better-educated, companies like AHS would go out of business very quickly.

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  • To
    Too Hot Jul 18, 2009

    I am currently dealling with 2 ac units in las vegas, nv that are not cooling my house. I had one ac company come out to do a service and they informed me the units are fine, they are just old and can't keep my home cool like they usto. They said units would need to be replaced. AHS sent out an emergency call due to extreme heat, they arrived 24 hrs aftyer the call, confirmed what the first ac company told me, everything id fine, there is nothing to fix. Now I'm waiting on AHS in a house thats 80+ degress, a sick mom and 2 kids, i've called them twice in 2 hours, and they said I have to wait for a call. Asked for a manager the first call and was hung up on, asked for a manager the second call and apparently there are no managers available. What am I paying for. It's a sad world we live in where companies can do this and there are no agencies or government officials that care about "We The People", .

    Las Vegas, NV

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  • Ea
    Earmuffs Jul 18, 2009

    I have had them since 2003 in a 12 year old house. They can never send out the same contractors because they all refuse to work for AHS. Only the minimum repairs are done because AHS will not authorize finding out what the problems really are.

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  • We
    webboodah Jul 22, 2009

    For those of you who don't like AHS, is there another company that you would recommend?

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  • Ma
    Margaret Fuller Oct 21, 2009

    This warranty was made a part of the purchase of our home. Six months into our home, we had a plumbing problem and we called them.

    They returned our call after 3 days and said they would get back with us. Five days later, a rep called and said they didn't have anyone they could send as we lived too far out. So why did we have a be a part of this sham. Perhaps you should ask the Century 21 Realtor who probably got a kickback for this.

    Never, and I repeat never, have anything to do with this scam on homeowners. I have reported them to the Attorney General's Office in WV. I hope they lock them down... forever!

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  • Sp
    Spab Nov 30, 2009

    I have had AHS for nine years, I totally agree with all the complaints made against them . Complaint number 1: my microwave caught on fire, they sent a nonprofessional person in a unmarked white truck, nouniform and no id to look at it, the man scraped the burned place off the microwave and said it was fixed, turned it on it still smoked, he said it would stop, paid fee, he left, I put food in the microwave, turned it on and guess what another fire, I called AHS and told them about my experience, I was told they would contact him, he told them he was ordering a part, he would come back, that was several months ago, no return, So I went and purchased a new microwave and had it installed, called AHS asking for a refund of my service fee or give me the money I had to replace microwave. I never received a dime, but I continued to keep AHS. Complaint number 2: I was under the Impression that ecverything pertaining to my gagage opender and door included wires, cable, rollers, etc . I found out it only covered gagage door opener, ( gagage door openers? they are very cheep. I ended up paying 155.00 to get it working again, no need for AHS, because I am still on the loosing end. Cpmplaint number 3: My dishwasher was not washing properly and they sent a man out, he said some there had been a recall on the washer because of some malfunctions, need to replace, AHS did notwant to replace it, so he patched it up/// When I started with AHS I paid 35.00, now its 60.00 . So as of today I am CANCELLING MY CONTRACT . They really do not want to replace items and its a waste of money, so think about it before you choose them or any of the others. If you pay for a full year and only use it once a yr, think about it

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  • Fr
    Fredfredna Jan 04, 2010

    I had AHS Home Warranty in my previuos Home and the only problem requiring service was pool quipment.
    I call AHS because the heat pump suuddenly stop working that was saturday the 2 and I was old, somebody will call on monday, I personally felt that it was an emergency and of course emergency call cost more and the compnany is business to save money, I was told is not an emergency and to refer to the contract, which I did ; I failed to see what is an emergency, the answer " They should send a copy of the contract "
    The outside temperatue 30 F the inside temperature 60 F .
    The local company felt it was am emergency, but of course AHS has to declare an emergency .
    Dialed 800-858-1922 name Judd, I gave my name and he promptly transfer to an automated service, long hold, redial a nice lady cchandrell explained the problem, place on hold, finally the company scheduled for the maintanance told they will be here today between14.00 t0 17.00

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  • Fr
    Fredfredna Jan 04, 2010

    U.S. H. A. C company came to the house, they diagnosed some type of valve,
    It will take a week, plus scheduling time .
    never mind the temperature will be in the low 30 for the rest of the week .
    Their definition of emergency is what they decide

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  • Ob
    obsessed2 Mar 25, 2010

    I have had a service contract with AHS since 2002 and have received good service. I had a heat pump replaced (my old one was 20 years old) with money that would have been used to replace a compressor (sure it took a few days but things don't always happen overnight). I also had a washer replaced with the $546 they were willing to spend to fix it. Considering I paid $599 for the washer almost 5 years I can't complain. I also had a well pump replaced. I had to pay my $60 service charge along with a $60 material charge but for a $800 pump job I am not complaining. I have had repairs done to my dishwasher and dryer, as well as a pin hole leak in a hot water line repaired. Every time I have put in a service request AHS has answered the call. Each time the repairs were completed correctly. Maybe its because I live in a rural area where the repair companies aren't trying to rake AHS over the coals. The service has not always been the fastest but it has been consistent, the work always got done in one week or less, and was done right. Some people fail to realize that it can take time to get parts, especially for older equipment. My washer died and even trying to get parts from Sears (yes, Kenmore broke down in less than 5 years) was going to take over a week. Sure the contract costs me over $500 a year and some years I have not put in a single claim and kissed my $500 goodbye. I do the same with car insurance. But, there have been years when the service has been a blessing because I would have paid over $500 in repairs.

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  • An
    AnnSc Mar 27, 2011

    Realtor's aren't paid a referral fee for providing different home warranties for buyer's and seller's to consider. It's part of the job of being an agent to provide all the information available the agent knows might be available to benefit their client, for the client to consider and choose. An agent works for the client...the client is the BOSS.

    Some brokerage firms have reciprocal agreements with different companies, including title and home warranty- but they disclose that to you. The agent themselves (as a salesperson) wouldn't have that agreement. Any pay or incentive an agent receives during a transaction connected to a buyer has to be disclosed to that buyer.

    With that said, I have had many different experiences with home warranty companies myself, as an agent/owner of property that I live in and property that I rented out.

    Once I had to take a company to a small claims court to force the warranty company to perform- and I won. They had to replace the AC unit on an older property they had been collecting contract fees on from me. It was a smaller company, years & years ago, that refused to repair/replace the AC unit because it was from 1970-something & they couldn't find a repair part, didn't want to/or could easily afford to replace it... Well, neither could I- which is why I purchased the warranty!

    Each home warranty company has different guiding principles of business unique to its "way of doing business".

    All larger home warranty companies, however, operate in pretty much the same way- they subcontract the repair work to independent contractors to carry out the terms of the contract to the homeowner. Always require the person entering your home shows you ID. Sometimes I've even required they show me they are licensed, bonded, insured prior to letting them in- give me a card & show me you're a professional. You will see their card doesn't (usually) reflect the warranty company you paid your fee to.

    Some companies do allow you to upgrade your repairs if a major appliance needs replacement, but they're required to do only the minimum the contract provides you. The negative? Most don't have the coverages for extra work & supplies for repair to the home (crane, for example) available for the buyer to purchase, some companies do. They do base their repairs, and tell their repairmen specifically- look when you go to the client's property to see if their is ANYthing the client hasn't been doing to maintain the property correctly & we will cancel the contract coverage for that part of the contract. Dirty air filter??? NO AC coverage. That's a big one.

    Overall, I still personally use a HOME WARRANTY on my personal home:
    1. I don't like financial surprises, warranty limits my financial exposure to repairs (but I also know what it won't do)
    2. I like having a contractor on a "ready" list I can call for anything that breaks without having to call everyone I know to find (for example): a microwave repairman, or AC, or Pool pump, or circuit breaker guy, or roof repair, hot water heater, or dishwasher, or water pipe foundation leak...the list seems endless as a homeowner. The pool coverage (pool pump, pipes, & heater) has actually paid me back my fees the most and most often, which I wouldn't have guessed without having been through it. The other repairs have pretty much been more of a convenience of having someone right away do a smaller repair at a set fee that I could predict.
    3. I can leave town & go on vacation owning rental properties, and if my tenants have a problem- THEY have someone to call right away! I love that part. They're happy, so am I. Win/win.

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  • Mj
    Mjverach May 26, 2011

    AHS has been attempting to repair our water heater for 4 months, finally saying it needs to be replaced. The day they came to replace it I was told they picked up the wrong unit from the warehouse and would be back in the afternoon with the correct unit. Next, we got a call from AHS stating that the repairman will need $500 to correct "code" issues or he can't do the work. I have a 6 year old house that met code 6 years ago, and has had 2 home inspections. AHS is a scam!

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  • De
    Deirdra Daniels Jun 10, 2011

    AHS sucks they are fraudulant and liers. They contract lying and fraudulant companys. The corporate office does not return phone calls as promised at all. I have a bad AC unit and 3 companys was called and only 2 showed. The second one that showed came 2 hours late with no phone call. the first one no show at all. I contacted the corporate office to no avail. No return call at all. Called their office in Memphis, TN 5 times with no call back at all. My sister had her AC unit replaced in Atlanta, My cousin had her unit replaced here in Maryland. both of them were only charged the initial $60.00 and both had their units replace. I need the same thing done, but I am being charged an additional $600.00 somthing is majorly wrong with this picture. Is AHS picking and choosing who they charge for the same exact services. UMMMMM! FRAUD'S, LIER'S, DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. You pay all of your money to them, but when it comes time for you to get things fixed they still want to charge you out the butt for ### services.

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  • Lo
    lolok Jun 12, 2011

    Honestly you people need to stop playing the victim. "Oh I got screwed by AHS but I still keep paying them" Quit your complaining and cancel the service, you got conned. All warranties are scams, its just another middleman to pay. "Piece of mind, " lol what a joke

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  • Ob
    obemamqa Sep 27, 2013

    ahs ovwr 40 yrats they suck

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  • Ob
    obemamqa Sep 27, 2013

    viva bush, , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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  • Fs
    FSki Dec 31, 2013

    Just cancel??? Apparently you have not tied to cancel service with AHS. The only thing worst than the idea of honest home warranty service is trying to cancel the service. I had been trying to cancel for over 4months now. Yes 4 months! I initially called and cancelled seemed fine, then I got a letter from their collections division asking for the balance due for the next years contract. I have been going back and forth with different customer service/ managers managers and not one of them can get my account to show closed so I stop getting letters for past due amounts. I have even been told by a manager on several occasions, my account is closed and they sent an email to the collections department (which is also AHS) but so far every couple weeks I still get a letter for the remaining balance. AHS was a terrible mistake and yes they are all a scam...

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  • Re
    Reviewer39678 Feb 04, 2016

    Repair not Completed/Complete Runaround. Terrible Service and mis-management of repair orders. They failed on four occasions to proper delivery their services and overall carelessness of the staff taking information or providing status. Don't use this company because the repairman and American Home Shield are working together to denied claims at the homeowner expense...

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  • Ro
    Ronald Hemmings Oct 17, 2017

    I purchased two agreements 223759052 and 220742982 . The later was suppose to be refunded two weeks ago . The refund amount is $455.88 . What is the hold up with my refund ? Your contract number is # 220742982 Your coverage plan will begin on 08/30/2017.

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